Rose in a Yuri Field - Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

Field Chapter 20

Early summer#

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With spring almost reaching its end and the intense season approaching, nowadays we are putting on sunscreen .
Today too, classes ended peacefully without getting called by Kanade and the day passes by without any incident .

“It is something regrettable but Sarah Yucela will be dropping out of school because of circumstances with her house”

Leiria-sensei suddenly told us this after we greeted her while everyone was preparing to return and wondering what to do after returning .
The fuzzy atmosphere that was in the dormitory crumble away and was replaced by a heavy atmosphere .
Seasonally transferring but no dropouts .
I heard that was not the case last year but there shouldn’t be much .
Several people that heard the story before were crying, letting their tears flow .
Certainly it usually those girls that are always together .
I bet he a friend too .
Although I not particularly close with her since the first time this year, a topic is a topic and I can certainly read the mood .

“The Yucela house is an old baron house but recently it looked like the management of their territory did not go well and it ended up in debt . I also heard rumors saying that she would be married off to pay the debt and drop out of school”

Kanade secretly told from behind me .
She often likes to tell me little information and detail like this .
Wife to the house of that noble… Hearing the information from the Kanapedia, please give your daughter in exchange for canceling your debt! It is that kind of development?
Well it a thing between nobility and I shouldn’t stick my hand in .
Suddenly seeing Sarah, she met with my eyes .
She looks at me with a sharp stare that doesn’t seem too friendly to me .

Eh? Did I do something to be stared at?

Even though I tried to remember, I don’t think there was anything special except for the few greeting we had in class .
I have never been look at by those kind of eyes .
Removing her gaze from me, Sarah greets everyone in the class and goes out of the classroom with the girls who were crying earlier .
Her back is like a prima donna .
I don’t know the reason for being stared at but I felt sympathy for her circumstance but it was strange to say sympathy .
Though it is a preconception, her marriage partner may not necessarily be a bad person .
Let hope that she has a good day with her friends today .

Being unable to endure the incident from earlier, I went shopping in town .
Actually, I had tried inviting Leia, Jessica and Kanade but everyone seem to have something on so I ended up being alone .
It seem that Leia had something to do with her friends today .
It might be a good trend but I am a little lonely that my sister is not giving me attention and is playing with her friend .
I had spoken with some of her friends before and they seem like obedient children and wouldn’t become a bad influence . Leia outward appearance look slightly younger than her actual age but that what make her even cuter .
Let have a tea party with just us next time .
No, let stop that, if Leia said that it annoying I might die from shock .

Jessica seem like she had to finish an assignment that was not submitted and went to her parent house in the kingdom .
Kanade errand seem quite important and she was shedding tears of blood while she walk like an Oni muttering “Great… after I was invited with great pain by Anne Rose-san” .
By the way my relationship with Kanade is still that of master and sex slave but usually we go out as friend and always have lunch together .
If you think of the play as something separate, surprisingly it is fun and a little too exciting .

Since I did not come shopping with a particular purpose, I walk around while staring at the stall .
Today clothes are easy to move in leather pant like when I was on that carriage trip .
There are some other reason like because it was troublesome to move around town while in noble clothes .

“Ojou-chan is so cute . Here have this!”

While passing by a stall, a bright red apple was thrown to me .
The old fruit seller is being chewed out by his middle age wife .

“Thank you”

As I turn around, I bit into the apple .
For a noble daughter, this is the third time today where I felt that I was being improper .
I was getting used to it .

“Hey, you . Please come take a look at my product”

The stall from the other side called .
It was a young woman despite the blunt wording that was rare for a merchant .
She looks to be in her early twenties but seems more mature than Rose .
She had dark brown skin and from that, I understood that she was a foreigner but the most remarkable thing was the rabbit ear that was growing from her head .


I didn’t see much but there are various race here since next to this country is a demi-human country .

After being called by this brown rabbit ear beauty I couldn’t possibly ignore her .

The rabbit ear woman had line up thin cloth on the pavement and her product was display on the arranged clothes .

“You are a student at that school right? I understand because you have beautiful hands that grew up without any wounds . If you are that school student you would need a magic medium right?”

A magic medium is a tool to increase the effect of your magic .
In olden time, the so-called magician uses cane and rod but in modern time ornament and weapon such as necklaces and rings carved with special marking are used although the minority still uses cane and rods .

I squat down in front of her to take a look at the goods .
They are all swords .
The assortment ranges from rugged edge to splendid one though many are not often seen in this area a lot .
I picked up a slender one-handed sword from among them .
Even though its design is simple it was beautiful and different from a rapier or saber there was magical letter engrave on the blade .

“That a good sword right? It made in my hometown . It also excellent as a magic medium . How about 3 gold coins?”

“Uuuu, that rather expensive…”

I currently have 10 silver coins in my purse and in my shoe sole there one gold coin .
One gold coin is equal to 10 silver coin that equal to 1000 copper coin and 1 copper coin is about 100 yen so it quite an amount in Japanese yen .

“Although it is certainly not cheap if you bought this at a decent shop it would at least be 10 times more . I don’t have a shop so I selling it at this price, quite a bargain right?”

I certainly understand that this sword is an excellent article .
And I knew I had to buy a magic medium someday but if I bought at a decent store even 10 gold piece may get me something crappy .
Now there a chance to get something great at such a low price but my wallet is not enough .

“Can’t you discount it a little more?”

I tried to negotiate the price but I doubt it would drop 1 gold coin .
Just when I thought I had to give it up .

“Then how about this? With the amount you can’t pay you pay with your body . Then that fair?”

While staring at my body, the woman licks her lips causing them to sparkle .

“Body? Would I just need to tend to this stall?

I know what the woman is requesting but let try feigning ignorance .

“Ku ku ku . Does Ojou-sama not understand? It not something so boring . It would make us both feel better . Getting a discount of 1 gold coin while feeling good . Great deal right?”

“That certainly a good deal”

I show a trouble thinking face on purpose .
The woman laughs while grinning and touches my thigh in turn .

“I am a lesbian . Oh, maybe you don’t understand the word lesbian . Well, I am accustomed to woman so look forward to feeling good while being mesmerized . Follow me, I’ll show you my house”

“Is it something that you can’t do here?”

“Oh yes, I can’t do it here . I don’t particularly care but you are going to dislike it”

The woman began to walk to the back alley after wrapping the product in a thin cloth .

She said that she was used to it right?

Oh, I wonder what will I be doing?

To tell you the truth I became somewhat expectant .

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“Take off your clothes and lie down on the bed”

After arriving home and putting the luggage on the floor she say .
Due to excitement, my face became dyed .

“Fu, are you not going to take off your clothes!?”

Since I been acting like a naïve princess today let go through with it all the way .

“Oh yeah my clothes… No, but you are wearing yours . So I thought it would be better to keep my clothes on as I lie on the bed”

Somehow it became even more erotic .
Lying down on the bed and waiting for her to take off all my clothes as she lies right beside me .
While caressing all the important part over my clothes .

“Ahh… That place…!”

“It okay, it just a massage”

Even though she said that she touches my breast and crotch more than anyone has .
And before I notice it, her hand was already concealed under my underwear .

“It quite wet now, is it not? Was is that good?”

There no helping it since I was expecting this from the start .
I was sure that it would surely feel good .

My excitement gradually rise when two finger presses against me and entered .


“Oh, I had though that you were a virgin? What kind of man was he? Your boyfriend?”

Most would think that my partner would usually be a man but I can’t possibly said that I was threatened by a girl and then trained right?

“Ahh! Nnn! Classmate! Person Ohh…… Ahhh!”

I didn’t lie .

Her finger movement gradually became bolder .

“Is that so, children of unmarried noble having illicit relationship . Was that how it is? Look good!”

“Ah Hiyaaa! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~!”

Look like that woman was aiming for this timing .
Such frightening skills .
Let learn it by all means .

Once she took her hand out from my underwear, she pull something out from the drawer and set it onto her waist .


“Are you surprise? You probably never seen anything like it . But I will make you feel better than a man would”

I think I saw it recently .
I wonder if it popular .

“Ahh! Fuuu! This is a special equipment that make the wearer feel good with you at the same time . By now you probably know what feeling good mean but I not going to let you go”

She pull my pants and underwear down to my thigh area and slowly inserted that vibrating dildo into my wet cunt .

“Auuu! H-How that! Feeling good… Oh my! ” Ahh! Wait! Useless! Kuu!”

The moment that she put it in, she scream .
Isn’t that too quick?

“W-wait a minute! Ahh! The vibration is too strong! Where the instruction… wait, adjustments… Ahii! Hiyaa! Wait! Waittt! Not again!! Hiyaaaa!”

The woman ignore me and kept coming .
Apparently it was the first time that she use that tool .
I could only shake my hip against her collapsing hip but I somehow manage to get off once lightly, but I wonder how many time did this woman come?

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I was being bullied so much at first but now she was lying on her bed and panting with hii hii .
This is terribly frustrating .

Then let carefully observe this girl once .
A girl with rabbit ear and brown skin .
Moreover acting like a bully but is actually weak .
Even now her body is trembling a ton .

I felt something rising in between my crotch .
Recently I been on the receiving end so this time it my turn .

“What Wait! What that… Wait, Waittttt! What are you doing! I not ready yet…”

The rabbit ear girl is starting to panic from understanding after looking at my crotch .

“It will feel good for both of us”

Ojou-sama terminator mode
Projecting Kanade mode

When the rabbit ear girl was the one doing it, she usually had a more manly tone but when she is receiving it her tone became just like a girl .
Every time I thrust it in from behind the gasping rabbit ear girl, she would call out hiii, hiii .
Thank to that I gotten a little too enthusiastic that I completely forgot about the time and the day was gone .

“Please come again… I usually do business here . If not…I will die from being too lonely…sniffle…”

While only showing her face from behind the door, there nothing resembling her like when I first met her .
That manly tone was probably use mostly for business .
And when you get right into it, it become pretty bare .
Before saying goodbye I ask what I had been thinking for a while .

“My name is Anne Rose . Please call me Anne . What is your name?”


That a cute name .

As I said goodbye to Mimi, I left her place with the sword wrapped in cloth .

Let come here again if I need another magic medium .

Since the sun had completely set, the town had a 180 change compare to daytime .
As I came out, the road that I though was empty became full of woman dress in exposing clothes standing under the pink streetlights .

“Hey Jou-chan, how much for a night?”

The people who walking around and talking have also change a lot .
This is what the guy would call a red light district .

“10 gold coins”

Since I don’t know how to properly reject them, let set a price that they definitely can’t pay .

“Aa~I certainty cant afford it, please wait for the future since I can afford it then!”

The man stare at my body and face before waving his hand and went away .
Well with that I won’t feel as bad .

And that man was not the only person to call out to me .

“Hey hey you there let play for a while! Hey! I can teach you how to please your boyfriend~!”

I being called out like this .
There a possibility that woman working in the red light district may have a relatively serious『Setting Mistake』 .
This girl was enthusiastically inviting me .
She look like she just a little older than me .
The atmosphere she give off feel just like an older sister .

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“Hey hey you there! Just 50 copper…never mind how about 20 copper?”

“Sorry but I am in a hurry”

Refusing I try to get away but she suddenly stand in front of me .

“10 then… no forget that, for free! How about that, nee?”

“No… I really…”

“I will give you 1 silver! How about 2 silver!?”

She look like she a little too desperate .
Why is she so desperate?

“Cause you are my favourite! Every single day it always middle age man that coming and doing it and I keep pretending and I hate it because they smell… I really like girls . So, nee? Please help me!”

It hard to say no now after telling me so much .
In the first place, I don’t dislike it .
It a mission that God gave me to have sex .

“I understand”

“Really!? YEAHHHH!”

My first impression that she gave off was cool but she rather daring? Or maybe she just very happy .

“Wow there so much bubble! Did you do it before coming here?”

As expected of a professional .
This is indeed embarrassing .
Also her name seem to be Krull .
She use Choco in the store but that seem to be her real name .
Well Krull say that she doesn’t want encounter past client .
Being told that I can understand the embarrassment .

“Was your partner your boyfriend? Even so girls can make you feel just as good!”

Krull is truly enthusiastic .
We started kissing each other at first then went to 69 while licking each other special place .

“Wow Anne-chan big brother… Hamu!!”

“Ahh! Revenge desu!” Amuuu!”

“Nnnn! Wait~Anne-chan you are fierce… ahhhh! Really, really so violent! Anne-chan is too good ahhhhhhhhh~~~!!!”

And the night grow late .

“Jan Jan Eat up! Everything is all my treat!”

After finishing up with Krull, we went to eat at a restaurant that look expensive .
When I said that I was going she suddenly request “Please let me treat you!”
I though that it strange since it was consensual but eventually I accepted it .
In addition, I was asked “Is there anything else you want?” “Where do you want to go?” “If it money I fine!”
Krull is that, self-proclaimed caring woman .
She have the ability .

When the meal ended a little early, she look truly sad .
She the dependent type .
Being born in Japan, I would offer some money to the host .
And I will also be sure to make a pinky promise .
Still since Krull still look lonely I kiss her on her forehead .

In the end, she wave me goodbye with a smile while weakly holding her forehead .

That dependent child is also cute .