Rose in a Yuri Field - Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

eld Chapter 5

The 2nd time for the first time #

Author note
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《Anne Perspective》
When dinner was over I return to the room with Lorna while Lorna was murmuring and shedding tears .

“Am I not allowed to accompany you to school…”
“You know the school regulation won’t allow that ?”

When answered so Lorna hung her head disappointingly .
The school is in order to urge the independence of the pupil and having a maid accompany will be no good .
I must cheer up Lorna whose face is looking down as though the end of the world is coming…

“Instead tonight will be the most intense ?”

When I think so and joke a little and say such thing the effect is outstanding like a flower bloomed in Lorna whose face was pale which didn’t have much life, the smiling face returns .

“Th, That is… !”

Lorna answer with a small voice that is full of expectation and must be horny .
Now what kind of attack is it…

Well, I am taking a bath to get ready for tomorrow, and went to bed .
But there is fun before that .

“Are you really going to do it here ?”

Lorna now poses on the bed where her chest is touching the bed with her buttocks lifted up and is using both hands to spread her butt cheeks .
The idea is that I am taking Lorna anal virginity .

When taking a bath I have already told Lorna to prepare and clean herself .
A beauty with silver hair was excited to be preparing anal sex for a childhood friend and thinking about the view I become excited .

“Auu… Waa…”

Lorna began to fidget that resulted in being stared at .
While looking her vagina is moistened a lot .
So pulling it apart from both side I inserted a tongue into the pink hole .

“Nnn Fuu! Auuuu !”

I put the tongue in and out with nupo nupo[1] and the little hole slowly relax .
But I notice something slightly strange .
Does it spread so easily?
When thinking carefully will the buttock hole open just by having both sides being pulled?
This by any chance…

“Lorna, you, do you usually play with your ass by yourself ?”

The ass hole of Lorna tightens firmly when I insert the tongue to the inner part .
And I creep my forefinger over her vagina .

“Oh, dear my Lorna is a pervert? Please tell me how you do it by yourself ?”

I usually attack with play but word attacks aren’t often used .
But in reality, that part of Lorna is quite flexible so entering with a large thing may be possible .
I hesitated for an instant but gave up after her mouth is opened .

“I… I put a finger in my ass and loosen it… And a dildo… Nhiii ! Nnn Haaa !”

But without allowing her to end I pull the buttock with both hands and insert both index finger .
And I trace it with my tongue around the hole which has expanded more than I expected .

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“It that so? This may be enough for my penis now . ”

Actually, my superb specimen is huge in comparison with the previous existence .
It exceeds over 20 cm .
Usually, it is relatively small but the God is mischievous .
No, it may really be naughty God…
When I poke her rear Lorna vagina started to overflow with lewd liquid .

“I will go quickly, Lorna . It that ok ?”
“Auuuu…… Fuuu Fuuu! Nnn… Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!”

According to that declaration, I push into Lorna in a single stroke and went into the depths .
Lorna clenches the bed sheet while enduring the impact with her mouth muddy with saliva .

“Do you like this? Ann… FUUGUU OH! He…Here ! Here you go !”

I feel the pleasure rising to it limit while pounding the ass that is clamping and feeling the last spurt I push hard .
Lorna posture is completely destroyed that only the butt is sticking out and the waist is in agony .
I inserted the meat stick deep into Lorna as if pushing into the bed .

“Cummin! He… Here it comes ! Lorna Ass! Here come the semen! AHHHHHHHHH !!”
“Hiyaaaaa !!”

I spurted into Lorna bowel and a voice squeezed out .
I convulsed and hug Lorna firmly and wait for the climax to pass .

Several minutes later, we calm down to a certain extend

“The ass, it was extremely good”
“Eeeee It was good for me too . I am good now want to do it again ?”

To tell the truth after calming down the son was rapidly growing again .

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“An♪It become big…please by all means, Please make me into Anne-sama cum bucket ♡”

While being connected with Lorna I pick her up from behind, I began to walk to the large mirror with the back of the knee .
When standing up the meat stick pierce her bowel and I hear a voice saying “Ahe” and every step takes I heard a voice “Ann” but I decided not to mind it .

“Look at it? Lorna… we are connected with such an appearance ?”

Opening both legs, it was held and her seeing her own figure where her ass was being violated, Lorna excitement was reaching a climax .

“Like this… With such an appearance with Anne-sama… But… but but but! It feels so good! It wonderfully sooooo gooood !”

I shake the body of Lorna back and forth while standing and started doing a piston motion .

“Nnnn! So goood! Ah, I pwerlss agast it! Ahhh Ahh Ahh !”

“There is no ass more vulgar! Dirty ! Try to say it . Say it !”

I greatly thrust while saying so .
It is a secret feeling that gradually came .

“Naaaa ! M… My asss! My asss issss! My asss isss feeeeeling sooo goooood! Auuuuu ! More… More More !! Ahhh My asss is cominnngggg! Ahhhhh… It coming OUT !!”
Lorna blow water with BISHAA[2] toward the mirror and the mirror become soak .
With the thrusting becoming smoother the honey began to drip down from the anus to the meat stick .
But it is physically tiring to maintain this position
But I want to continue in this position with Lorna but seeing her figure fainting in agony I went to sit down on the bed .

Because both hands are full I let Lorna leg grasped the full-length mirror with rollers while straddling her, and retreat to the bed in that state .
I hear an “Aeeeee!” with each step I took but I do not mind it .
I sat down on the bed with a BOSUN while still connected with Lorna .
With the impact that the penis struck deep into the bowel, Lorna gushes another tide .
I remove the left leg of Lorna and with her leg spread apart I shove the ring and middle finger into her .

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“Annn! Ahhhhhh ! Impossible… It impossible to endure it … !Auuuu ! Ahh Ahhh !”

When I inserted my fingers it was very warm and comfortable and felt insanely good .
Inserting and removing only a joint of a finger I scratch that spot repeatedly .
This was probably a way to attack the G spot .

“Look a the mirror? That nice face…… Your ass seems to be feeling really good…”
“Already … Nuuuu♡ Nn! Nn ! Nnn ! Iku Iku ♡ Aeee♡ Aeee ♡ Ikuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu♡”

Lorna seems to enter into heart eyes mode again .
It gonna come out already but I can still endure it for a little more .
I will have you cum for the last spurt .

Pan Pan Pan Pan[3]

Guchiyu Guchiyu Guchiyu[4]

Pusha ! Pushaaaaaaa ![5]

Lorna finally leaks and let her pee soak the full length mirror .
Various body fluid mix and the large mirror is soaked .

“I too! It growing again! It amazingly deep … . ! Ahhhhhhhhhhh ! Hiiiiiyaa !”

Because it had accumulated pleasure for so long it becomes like a prawn curve and with the Ahe face a coquettish voice was squeeze out .

“Nnn !? Oooooooooooo♡ Oooooooooooo♡ Ahhhhhhhhhh♡♡♡”

Lorna emitted a mysterious scream and collapsed .
The body tremble and the waist move with bikubiku .

And I held Lorna as she fell down behind .
I pile on top of the cum bucket while still plug in and fell asleep .