Rose in a Yuri Field - Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

 Chapter 8

Woman knight feelings

Author Note: I like heroine viewpoints, don’t you?

《Rose Perspective》

For generations, my house was a family of poor knights .
If it was only that, it wouldn’t be much different from other house but it seems that only woman of this house became knights .

My mother and my grandmother were both knights .

My grandfather was a knight but my father was a merchant .

We were poor but as a family of knights we had out pride and were confident in our swords skills .

I graduated from Knight school when I was 18 .
I as a woman could be proud that I was the next seat .

While there only 1 problem in my life, it that it wasn’t possible for me to love a man because I could only see women as potential targets .

The first person that I came to like for the first time was a childhood friend that lived in the village .
We play together every day, stay over at each other’s house, took a bath together and even slept in the same bed .

Before entering Knight school, I tried to convey my feeling to her but as expected .

“I am going to become a mistress to the village head son”

She told me that when I arrived at her house .


If I had to express it into words .
She was a poor farmer daughter, but she was beautiful .
The village head son is 15 year old and he already has a wife but he wanted to make her his mistress .

It not unusual to marry at the age of 15 .
Usually, many people would decide their life when they reach 15 years of age, be it marrying someone, enter a knight school and become a soldier or becoming a pupil under some craftsmen or merchants .
It wasn’t unusual for a woman to be independent and try to support herself but as expected I was a minority .

Without being able to say anything to her, I left that place .

Then it was time for entering Knight school and I went to the royal capital .
I have never met her since .

And I wasn’t able to come to like someone else .
Thinking that I would become sad again if I told my feeling again, I hid them .
My grandmother told me that when I went to knight school, men would approach me .
It seems that my grandmother met my grandfather while in knight school .
But I was totally not interested in man at all .
Being called out to the back of the school building, I thought that I may like men if I was proposed to .

But my taste didn’t change .
I have been embraced by someone, but my first experience was the worst and it only felt painful .

At first, when I graduated from knight school, I looked for a job .
My family was a family of knights, but it was not some noble vassal but free-lance knights .

So I made use of being a woman and offered to be a personal guard for noble who have young daughters . I thought that even if a viscount didn’t accept it would be good if it was a baron or a quasi-baron .

If it was below that then I didn’t think that there would be enough financial leeway to employ a knight .
Though I didn’t say it, at first I thought it was impossible .
Then unexpectedly someone called out .
It was Earl Ainkfalts .
Earl Ainkfalts who was an investor at knight school said that he wanted to employ me by all means .
Both me and my family were delighted by the unexpected job .

Of course, I heard the story too .

Then I was trained for 2 years and would serve Anne Rose Ojou-sama .

The first time that I saw Ojou-sama was about 2 months after I began to serve her .

It may have been love at first sight .

Beautiful silver hair that almost transparent, skin as white as whitebait, a face that well-proportioned with a stiff atmosphere that like her father .
A complete strike .

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Furthermore not only being a beauty but having a gentle heart that greets us from the bottom of her heart .

Couldn’t she be called the reincarnation of a goddess?

I though so seriously .
And I became convinced of it .

It seems that Ojou-sama has both sexual organs .
Surely Oujo-sama that have the same characteristic as God must be the reincarnation of the goddess .
If it is under the guidance of the goddess I will give my all to serving this family .
I will serve by this person side for my whole life .

And that Ojou-sama lower body is bare and is being pushed out toward me .
A fat clitoris and a thinly opened slit with thin silver pubic hair growing .
And drops are dripping there .

When I told Ojou-sama that I would lick that place, I almost cried .
Overflowing with excitement I said a terrible thing .
Is she not drawing away? After all, even if it was such a kind girl, she would look down on this behavior .

“……Then please” (Anne)

But it was different .
Ojou-sama accepted such a me .
It may seem a little rude but it seems natural for Ojou-sama .

I became excited when she suddenly embrace the arm of the coachmen and put her chest on the coachman’s shoulder .
Even if Ojou-sama didn’t notice, but between every man thigh, it became erect .
On the night where my feeling was all fuzzy, I heard muffled chucking and cackling from the carriage .
Ojou-sama seems to be at that age but it was a problem that she forgot to close the window, though I’m interested in such things .

I also understood that the men go to the bush and relieve themselves .
When a peerless beauty is doing such vulgar thing, it is natural .
That why I did it .

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And during the next day after dinner, I was asked to wipe her body .
I was confused at the beginning, but I made a guts pose in my mind .
Everyone look over my way enviously but even if I die, I won’t hand it over .
The naked Ojou-sama as expected was outrageously beautiful .
I couldn’t stop my excitement thinking that Ojou-sama was comforting herself yesterday in this carriage .

I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep last night knowing that the beautiful Ojou-sama had a male thing .
How did she do it yesterday?
With her female hole? O-O-Or with her penis…

I only felt pain when a man embraced me if I was embraced by Ojou-sama surely my heart and body would be satisfied by her .
As I was wiping her back I was not able to endure my urges and sneakily touch her back with the edge of the cloth .

I would be all right even if I was found out because Ojou-sama would forgive this much .

It was a time of supreme bliss .
But it was over when I finished wiping her back .

“W-Well then! Excuse me for my impoliteness!” (Rose)

Although it is regrettable and even if I would be hated, I could not separate my eyes from her body .
I tried to escape the carriage hurriedly .

“Please wait” (Anne)

A voice called out from behind .
There only one person behind me right now .

“I would like to pick some flowers before sleeping” (Anne)

My crotch becomes wet with those words .
I should change my underwear later .

Ojou-sama would usually wear a skirt but now she was wearing pants so that it will be easier to move in .
Her pants were taken off, her panty lowered .
By the way, underwear that been rolled into a ball is the best .
Just pulling only a single leg out and leaving it to the side .

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It looks so beautiful but lewd when Ojou-sama did that .
Also Ojou-sama scent smell so good .
The fragrance was faintly sweet like an elegant rose .
At first, I thought it was perfume but now it seems different .
It provokes my lust passionately .
No, surely it not only me .
You could tell from the other knights, the coachman, servant in the mansion and Ojou-sama maid in particular .
Ojou-sama who’s crouching down had a sweet fragrance was clenching my hand .

“Nnn…… Fuaaa…… . ” (Anne)

Ojou-sama pee splashes and leaks out a cute voice .
I thought that one having a high social status would have a more elegant feeling about it but it was more normal than expected when she peed .
But that gap made my excitement achieve its climax .
Ojou-sama face became red with embarrassment when it was more than she thought .
I nothing something strange here .
There was two streams of Ojou-sama pee .
Pee was flowing out from her below her clitoris and forming a parabola .

That is Ojou-sama penis…

As soon as I saw that, my uterus and vagina were pulsing .
Furthermore, Ojou-sama pee was spreading in the surrounding and it had a heavier smell than usual, also since it was cold outside it was becoming steamy .
At the same time, honey gushes out of my secret place .
An awfully pleasant feeling ran down my back at the same time .

Is it because of the smell?

I can’t believe such a thing happen even my trousers are soaked, but I am unable to change it now .

“There is nothing wipe with…” (Anne)

I heard Ojou-sama impatience voice .
Apparently, after doing her business, she didn’t bring a cloth to wipe herself .
Ojou-sama is too carelessly cute .

And I who kept watching have said something terrible there .