Rose in a Yuri Field - Chapter 9.1

Published at 10th of April 2017 03:55:33 PM

Chapter 9.1

Creaking carriage#

《Rose Perspective》
The moment I received her permission, I cling onto Ojou-sama wet area .
Every time the salty and bitter taste spread through my mouth and my nose breathe in her fragrance, my crotch discharges honey .

But I didn’t mind such a thing either .
Because I was able to taste Ojou-sama secret place .
I’d like to drink as much as Ojou-sama piss as possible and suck it from her urethra while licking it .

But once I couldn’t taste the piss anymore, I lick over her slit .
There is a slippery part that has a heavier smell than piss .
I understood that it is the vagina opening immediately and force my face between her crotch as much as possible and insert my tongue .

“Rose-san…deeper… Ahhh! There…!” (Anne)

Ojou-sama is praising me and I became happy, I stirred her pussy with my tongue while making guchagucha noise .
It had began to leak in huge amount again .

Ahh, It delicious! Ojou-sama pussy is really delicious!

“Nnn! Rose-san, pee doesn’t only come out of there? Look, please clean this too” (Anne)

There! It there! I completely forgot about it while cleaning her beautiful and naughty pussy .

Feeling reluctant to part my mouth from Ojou-sama pussy, I raised my gaze a little and  there was her clitoris, and at the tip, there was a golden drop .
This time Ojou-sama pressed it into my face .
Even if I think I am twisted, I am truly glad .
With Ojou-sama asking me to quickly lick it, it was impossible for me not to be happy .
I inserted my tongue behind the clitoris skin and began to lick around it many times .
I clean the dirt that should have been gathering since yesterday because Ojou-sama didn’t take a bath with my tongue .
Even now this spice increases my excitement .
As I was licking it the clitoris started to expand and before long it was no longer a size possible to fit in my mouth .
Ojou-sama clitoris transforms into a penis and fills up my mouth .
The smell coming from the liquid from Ojou-sama is really thick .
I tried hard to pleasure Ojou-sama, but it was difficult with my poor technique .

It not my first time doing oral pleasure .
When I had sex for the first time, we had licked each other’s as foreplay, but that time was unpleasant, and it “ended early”, I was shaking my head .
I should have practiced properly at that time .
Well, that guy also ejaculated prematurely so it ended quickly .

Look like Ojou-sama wasn’t satisfied at all as expected and grab my head with her beautiful hand and shook her waist .

Painful .

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But that sense was paralyzed by a greater feeling of euphoria and happiness .
The usual Ojou-sama who was kind and modest, she is now shaking her waist with her erected penis into my mouth and throat .
Her figure is so erotic that it beyond imagination .
If someone doesn’t get wet from this, they are strange .
Ojou-sama is clearly excited too, clear liquid is overflowing from her vagina and running along her thigh .
Wanting to feel more comfortable, I inserted my middle and third finger of my left hand into the twitching pink slit .
Feeling Ojou-sama entrance, it was extremely hot .
I understand that she was completely flustered .
However as my finger was entering deeper, it bumped into something .
Surely it was the hymen .
I can’t break it with my finger so I stirred it while making gucha gucha sounds .
With Ojou-sama being considerably wet, I was scattering the honey from her crotch to her feet .
Before long she reaches her limit and her vagina began to firm up while her penis began to pulsate .

“Coming…! Ahh Ahh! My penis and vagina at the same time! COMMING!!” (Anne)

Ojou-sama then inserted her penis deep into my throat while standing up and bending slightly backward-looking up to the sky .
From her vagina, a flood was gushing out and falling to the floor while she was cumming, my neck and lower face were grandly dirtied .
Sperm was also poured into my throat and entering my stomach directly with her penis .

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Ojou-sama marked me and I stink of Ojou-sama erotic smell .
But my pussy hasn’t been touch yet and while my throat was being violated, I became intoxicated .
I couldn’t ask Ojou-sama to touch it and to do it publicly would leave a bad reputation for Ojou-sama .
Maybe with female bonding, still I console myself afterward…

“Umm Rose-san? It looks like it became somewhat dirtier than before . My penis is slimy with semen and saliva, while my vagina was being stirred up . Don’t you think that it will be better to clean up after everything is done? …Together…”

Ahhh No matter what happens ♪

“Nnn Ahh! …Nnn…… Ojou-samaa! So good… C… Cumming! Auuu!” (Rose)

Ojou-sama is burying her face between my thigh .
As expected to do something like this, other people would notice it too .
Therefore I proposed to do it in the carriage .
When I had entered the carriage, I took off my clothes that had became heavy from being drenched and became stark-naked .

“Please sit on the bed, display it well?” (Anne)

I sat on the bed as Ojou-sama said and spread my leg apart .
I covered my face with both hands in embarrassment .
Because I was asked to show my pussy I couldn’t disobey but I felt strange that I hiding my face while showing my pussy .

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Ojou-sama kneels down beside the bed and lifted my thigh up to my waist, creating an M-shaped then pushing her face into my pussy and licks it .
At first, I was flustered when she was kneeling but after being intoxicated I couldn’t propose for her to stop .
My breathing became rougher seeing the silver hair beauty burying her face into my crotch while creating splashing sound .

“The smell is very thick . ……Is this the smell of an adult woman?…” (Anne)

My face became bright red but after comprehending it became so hot it could melt iron .

I didn’t take a bath for 2 days! Ojou-sama smelt particularly good but mine is completely different, it absolutely stinks!

“W…Well, Iya…ah……this smelly ah…” (Rose)

Ojou-sama shook her head without hearing my desperate pleas and doesn’t stop .
Rather she inserted her tongue into my pussy and starting rubbing against the vaginal wall .

“Fuuuun! Ahaaa! Ahh, Ikuu! Iii……that?” (Rose)

Ojou-sama separates her face from my vagina just before I came and stood up, and astonishingly what was before me was a large penis .

“It became like this because of your smell . Please take responsibility?” (Anne)

Without saying anything, using two fingers, I spread my vagina apart .