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Published at 10th of January 2019 06:05:31 PM

Chapter 9

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Angelize face was blank . It didn't show a tinge of fear while Sarah face was ashen . Her body was trembling slightly and she tightly clutched Angelize arm .

Angelizee didn't care much for Zayden but now there was also Sarah standing by her side . If he had any intentions of hurting her then she wouldn't hold back .

Angelize had started to like Sarah . She was not very clever but she still had the innocence and a pure mind . That reminded Angelize of her childhood . She was a straightforward person . That was the thing Angelize liked about her the most .

Even if Angelize said that she liked being alone, the presence of a chattering, enthusiastic person by her side felt good in a strange way . So Sarah was successful in earning a warm spot in Angelize heart .

"Zayden, your feud is with me . Why don't you let Sarah go and we settle it like civilized people"

"No I won't leave you!", Sarah cried as she firmly clasped Angelize hand and her eyes lit with determination .

What a fool! Angelize couldn't help but exclaim inwardly .

Prior to this Angelize never had given face to Zayden . She wouldn't even talk to him . But for Sarah sake, she actually requested to him without her voice rich with disdain . Zayden recognized Angelize weakness in Sarah .

He smirked .

Very well . It can be used as an advantage to use Sarah to blackmail Angelize . Zayden had never used violence against Angelize because he had gentler feelings towards her . And how could someone bear to hurt such a beautiful woman?

Only if she was not so stubborn, he would treat her so well .

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And now he can use Sarah to threaten Angelize .

With his notion, his minions grabbed Sarah and pulled her away . She screamed then started kicking and cursing . However, Angelize was not rash . She stood calmly at her spot .

There were still a few students in the corridor . Once they witnessed the show, they stopped in mid-track to have some fun-time but no one actually tried to interfere . Even if someone wanted to help, Zayden notorious tyrannical reputation stopped them . Angelize had thought that Zayden wouldn't put such a show in front of everyone . He wouldn't resort to broad daylight bullying . But perhaps she miscalculated .

"Now Angelize why don't you quietly come with me if you wish for the good health of your friend?", Zayden said with an eerie smile .

A cold contemptuous laugh resonated in the corridor . "Zayden I've to admit you never fail to amaze me . When I assume that you've finally reached the bottom pit of shamelessness, you discovered new levels further down"

Zayden was thoroughly enraged "Only because I've not raised a hand on you till now doesn't mean I can't . Angelize don't test my patience . ", his voice was hypocritical like he was always in the right and Angelize was always in the wrong .

Angelize eyes turned dark as she took a step towards him .

"Dare to raise a hand on me or my friend and you wouldn't even know what caused your death"

A murderous aura erupted from within Angelize as she fixed her fierce glare at Zayden . Though what she said was true but hearing such fierce words from the mouth of such delicate looking girl only caused bystanders to break into hysteric laughters .

Of course Zayden also laughed haughtily .

"You're just a trash! A trash with good face and body . What is there within you to harbor such arrogance . In front of me you're nothing but an ant . Yet you dare to spout such words!"

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"Angeize . . . ", Sarah, who was still grabbed by his minion, whimpered weakly . She wanted to stop Angelize from spouting nonsense .

They shouldn't infuriate Zayden because he didn't have a very good temper . After all they were only two little punny girls . What could they do in front of his gang of strong boys?

But Zayden was already angry . Still he didn't want to hit Angelize . He only wanted to threaten her to submission . So in his fury he stared at his minion with blank eyes

"Do it"

Sarah was thrown towards the iron locker . Before Angelize could react, her head hit the locker and a loud bang dominated the corridor .

His sudden action took Angelize off guard . Her eyes widened as she rushed towards Sarah . A bump appeared on her head . She lost her balanced and slumped on ground . Her hand clutched her head as she cried loudly .

"Sarah!", Angelize voice trembled a little as she quickly sat beside her, "Are you-are you alright?" . Sarah sat feebly on the ground crying out of pain .

Suddenly guilt rose within her . If not for her why would Sarah be hurt? Next anger consumed her thoughts . She felt her blood boil .

"Angelize I-I'm alright . R-Run away . . . ", her voice whispered as she quietly closed her eyes .

Angelize breathing became laborious due to anger and her face turned red .

"You!", Angelize looked up at Zayden and his group of minions .

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"If you had come with me without arguing, it wouldn't have happened", Zayden said with condescending manner "Come with me or else next it would be you"

Fiery rage invaded Angelize thoughts . She left Sarah as she slowly rose to her feet . Her bloodthirsty eyes glared at Zayden as an appalling aura surrounded her . An eerie atmosphere covered her as her crazy eyes met that daindy person in front of her,

"You'll regret it!", her grim voice reverberated in the corridor .

At her warning, Zayden actually felt an unease creeping his spine but he shrugged it off .

There was nothing she could do, Zayden reminded himself .

Although Sarah was hurt, none of the bystander stepped forward to help . They had no sense of righteousness .

Angelize took two steps towards Zayden . He felt no need to retreat .

He thought if she was to raise her hand on her, he could easily tackle her . He was a man and she was only a frail girl . He had to be more powerful than her .

Just within the reach, Angelize kicked him with a dazzling speed at a spot and sent him flying back . His back hit the wall with a loud bang . He hissed as he slid down and ended up sprawling on the floor adjacent to the wall . He laid limp, dazed and seemingly semi-conscious .

He himself didn't know what took him .

Everyone was stunned . Gasps were heard from the surrounding people .

Did this girl actually cause Zayden such miserable state or is it some sort of stunt? Two of his minions looked at Zayden startled .

Did this girl do it?

But when they looked at girl, she looked so fragile and feeble .

How could she have such a startling strength?

Reassuring themselves, they charged towards the girl with reluctance . However, she was faster and kicked them at their vitals . The two of them fell to ground, seemingly deprived of their chance to inherit their genes as their screams invaded the spacious corridor .

But it looked like her anger was far from being dissipated .

She walked towards the dazed Zayden and placed her feet on his face .

"You piece of sh*t", she looked down scornfully as she squashed his face, "How dare you hurt my friend"

Her hand reached for a dagger hidden thoroughly in the inner layers of her coat . But just then she saw one of the bystanders was holding the smartphone and secretly making a video .

Angelize took deep breaths to let go of her anger . She couldn't inflict more damage like that . If the video leaked out, it would create a huge sensation and her opportunity to study in this college would be lost . When she was in dilemma, she caught a glimpse of several of Zayden minions charging towards them out of the corner .

With a quick decision, she pulled up Sarah and rushed out through corridor .

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