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Published at 28th of May 2019 08:49:06 AM

Chapter 30

15-yrs old (7)

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The next day, I took Giselle and Shibi to the forest .


Shibi is a chubby body, but he is quite usable .

First, his athletic ability is high . he is a moving fat .

His archery is good so far in the same generation of Maren tribe and his legs are surprisingly quick .

Because of my influence he also spends more time on Otem carving .


"Thank you, for helping me . "


"No, no, I'm really honored to serve Abel-san, so please use me as you want!"


Shibi is saying this, but he might never have participated without Giselle here .

Well, but that is fine .

If the purpose is clear, it is easier to handle .


If he truly admired me and follows me, I need to answer to it .

If you cannot continue to play the model the other party wants, they will be disappointed .

In that respect, Shibi is really easy to handle .

"I am sorry for my brother's trouble he causes, thank you for everything . "


Gisel bows her head to Shibi .


"No, no, that's different, I just did what I want to do, hora, but if Giselle-san told me such a thing, I will put more effort . "

Giselle noticed Shibi being happy .

However, she somehow keeps smiling .


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It is a good opportunity for Giselle .

Giselle is a bit too little in contact with outside of the family .


Shibi can talk with Giselle .

Giselle gains the opportunity to interact with other than her family thanks to Shibi .

And I also gained a valuable workforce called Shibi .

This is a win - win, everyone is happy .

Well, I'm not useful to anyone .

Yesterday, I was able to fold Yama-san which was broken by Noswell, it took me all night to collect all materials to study . [Please read this at novel44 . blogspot . com]

I mixed soil in the room, and I studied while twisting my head .

Of course, it is for improving the living Otem .

Initially, I was enthusiastic about trying to compromise as soon as I could work hard and make a failed work .

However, since the Yama-san broken, I decided .

By the time of my adult ceremony, I will make best smoky leaves beyond the quality of Calco family and mass produce it and sell it cheaply .

I will make sure to knock down Calco family's smoky leaves price down to earth same as the leaves that fallen that area .

I will prove that I was not being called as Otem madman for show .

At first I thought to manipulate all the living Otems of the Calco family and let them commit suicide in a nearby pond, but I dismissed it .

The Calco family has great influence within this settlement .

If I physically take revenge, I can imagine that my father will bow his head before them .

That's why, I should not attack recklessly .


However, if I do not do anything, I cannot face the dead Yama-san in the other world .

In that case do not do anything dark behind and give the Calco family a great deal of damage .

It's not that Calco family have the production rights to produce smoky leaves in this settlement .

Simply no one has produced best quality smoky leaves that exceed above Calco family .

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Rietta family also produces smoky leaves, it seems that they are inferior to the real Calco family .

Of the two families, it seems that small was Rietta family .

Of course, if I make them lose, some kind of retaliation may come, but as the other side attacks blatantly, it is nominated to return attack blatantly .

At that time, I have confidence to sink them down by magic match .

Although others may protest, If the value of the smoky leaves of the Calco family falls, authority falls .

Soon they will not be able to do such things .

Even without doing anything from our side, if I leave Calco family they may try to pull Giselle forcefully, I have to do something .  
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From the talk of Noswell's mouth, it is probably meant to do so .


I do not intend to give Giselle to such a kappa .

To reduce the power of the Calco family is the best way to counter it .


The Calco family, for several generations with monopoly cultivation of smoky leaves they tasted sweet juice .

I tried to examine the Calco family's smoky leaves to make them as reference for the production, I found out with the reason for a small climate change, it turned out that the production volume was narrowed frequently .

Chief said, it seems that they raise the price according to the life span of the smoky leaves .


In other words, this is a legitimate defense to prevent Giselle from being married to that Kappa, also for the village and also for Yama-san's mourning fight .

There is nothing to feel . I will crush them without holding back .


I have walked in the forest for about five minutes and I stopped my feet .

There are many young Futel trees around here . Let's make a base center here .


"Listen, Shibi . The trees around here are all Futel trees . "


"Well, are these? I can not distinguish it from others . "


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Shibi replied as if not interested .

Even if it is a lie, I want him to show me a little more motivation .


"I will change the trees around here, all around 2 meters to Otems . "


"What? are you serious?"


Shibi opened his eyes big .

Then he looked around the circumference in a panic .


"Oh, that's right, I forget to ask . Did you told Gallia-san that you will leave 3 days from today?"


"Where do we sleep!? Maybe here!?"


"Do not worry, even I do not say such a thing . "


"That's right . . . I was surprised . "


"It is decided to carve without sleeping . "


"Hahaha, no way, Abel's joke is a bit hard to understand . "


Shibi was smiling, I also laugh .

After about 2 seconds it continued, Shibi makes a serious face .




"Oh, I have no time . "


"Home! I will return home! I remembered an important business!"

"I beg you, Shibi! There is no other person I can depend on only you! I will set a barrier, it will not be cold at night as well! We are able to work hard for 24hrs! Because, I will make special potions . . . "


"I'm sorry, please forgive me!"


" . . . There is Giselle too . "


" . . . . . . Well, if it is not much, I can work hard . . . may be . . . . "


Easy . (Simple minded)


If I make an Otem living directly in the forest, I can save time and effort to carry back .

Last time, the biggest reason behind I brought it to my house is because I want only one .

And it was troublesome to go to the forest many times to give the magic power to it .
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However, if I made more than one, it's easier to work in the forest as it is .

I do not have to be troubled to spare time to visit the forest every day .


"Sorry, Giselle, I forgot to notify . Please tell Gallia-san about Shibi . "


"I understand! Please leave it to me!"


"Oh, ah . . . . . . Giselle-chan . . . is she going back . . . . Please come back as early as possible . . . "


By giving a smile towards Shibi, Giselle left with a quick pace .

Nice, Giselle . As scheduled it's a quick move .

If I let Shibi go back now, he may go and may not come back .

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