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Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Trainee Editing Mihari Otosuna

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"It turns out that you are Mr . Li Yalin! It is rude!"

This beautiful optical lens girl is not dressed like a student, but we can see the taste of the light grey over the whole body . With the appearance of Li Yalin, her reaction to him is very interesting, as if she had been frightened by something . She bows in a hurry .

"I am not an old man, do you know it?"

It's hard not to be . . . What kind of fanatical female fan is this?

Looking carefully at the girl opposite, Li Yalin kept thinking that there must be some origins for the other party to know his real identity . If not, she would not be able to investigate his real address .

Rich and powerful lady?

Not very much like that, if she is really a high lady, will wear such an optical lens outfit?

Even if Li Yalin's eyesight is not good, it can be sure that the eyeglasses frame on the other side is definitely not a too expensive brand, which is just the eyeglasses of the ordinary working class .

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what is happening?

"That . . . I am a trainee editor of Elite Publishing House . I also asked Mr . Li Yalin to give me more advice . "

Li Yalin is pondering over it, and then looking at the opposite girl, she finally responded, and she seems to have not introduced herself yet .

Although it was a little late, she quickly recovered, just to see the state of . . . It's really a panic .

"It turned out I am Mihari Otosuna the Editor, I am very glad to meet you . "

The opposite girl was the editor of the publishing house of Weekly Youth GONGON . This was somewhat unexpected to Li Yalin . Although it was long known that the upload of the Cat's Eye would attract the attention of the magazine, the editor could find something directly, but it was not in his expectation .

In his opinion, if the Cat's Eye is further fermented, he should first receive a phone call from the magazine, which is the usual routine .

Unfortunately, now people's editors come to our house on their own initiative, and it is worth noting that the other side claims to be the editor of Elite Publishing House, rather than the editor of Youth Fiery of Weekly magazine .

Elite Publishing House is affiliated with Youth Fiery of Weekly magazine, but they do not interfere with each other . In this case, the editors of the publishing house come to the door, which is somewhat unpredictable .

Is it difficult for a publishing house to take a fancy to the potential of this book, and prepare to publish a single edition directly? If this is the case, then Li Yalin really feels that he has made a big profit and making a lot of money .

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However, she is only a trainee editor, even if she is optimistic about the Cat's Eye, she is absolutely limited . After all, if she really values this book, they should be a senior editor in front of himself at this time, not a trainee editor .

But to go one step further, if they don't pay attention to Cat's Eye, why do publishers have to go to great lengths to find their address? Wouldn't it be good to make a phone call?

It's always easier to call his own phone than to investigate a person who only leaves his name card, isn't it?

Along with the girl opposite, that is, the trainee editor of Elite Publishing House, Mihari, Li Yalin's mind is also alive, although he is not very good at dealing with beautiful girls, even if she is this tight tension trainee editor, he estimates that he can still make up .

What is the specific situation? You will know when you try it out?

"Mihari Editor visits especially to me . Is there anything to discuss with me?"

Perhaps because of Mihari too nervous, Li Yalin is very calm at the moment . First, the girl was invited to sit at the table, let Chino Kafu help brew a cup of coffee, then Mihari continued with a smile .

"Thank you very much . Actually, this is the case . . . "

As Li Yalin saw, Mihari was very nervous . This is her first job after entering the publishing house . It is also her first task . The most important thing is that this is her first time with the mangaka is in contact .

Although Li Yalin just uploaded two chapters .

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However, it has already caused considerable a lot of waves . It is not only popular with readers, but also touches the industry . After all, such delicate painting styles and novel plots have never appeared in the manga industry . The appearance of Cat's Eye may represent an innovation in the manga industry . A revolution in the world is also uncertain .

Before her arrival, Mihari received many instructions from the editor-in-chief . On her way, she also repeatedly thought about the language and thought about how to talk when she sees Li Yalin .

Unfortunately, when she really faced Li Yalin, her brain was almost blank, and all her thoughts that had been thought of before were useless .

If it weren't for Li Yalin's steady nature, she is afraid that it will be very embarrassing .

Mr . Yalin is not only very young but also a very gentle person .

Holding a hot coffee cup in his hand, Mihari can't help but produce this idea, she was able to calm down, really thanks to Mr . Yalin .

Look at this, she should be able to complete the task of editor-in-chief .

Thinking about it in her mind, Mihari was also opening her mouth to explain her intentions . However, at this critical moment, a very embarrassing incident appeared .

"Grunt . . . "

This is the voice of her stomach . And it is a very loud sound . As for the source of this sound . . . Li Yalin and Chino immediately looked at each other and quickly fixed their eyes to Mihari’s belly .

Yes, that's right . This is definitely the sound of Mihari's belly calling, such a loud noise, even if he wants to ignore it that was impossible to ignore .


For Mihari this is the task that she received when she was about to get off work in the afternoon . She was flustered and hurried along the way . She was exhausted and hungry . She didn’t feel it when she was nervous . With the relaxes in the coffee shop her body naturally follows . Relaxation caused the stomach to scream .

It's normal, but at such an awkward moment, when the voice Mihari says half of what she wants says, is it going on or not?

Suddenly, Mihari show a beautiful red face thoroughly, the voice of the speaker suddenly stopped, her whole body seems to have been petrified generally solidified in the chair .

"This is what we are going to do now . Since Rize is ready . Mihari, let's go to the rotisserie first to eat barbeque . I don't think that you had dinner . Let's eat and talk together . "

The emergence of rationality more or less alleviated the embarrassing atmosphere . Li Yalin also saw that if he did not say anything, this embarrassment is afraid will be larger .

After shaking his head and briefly introducing it, he immediately locked his eyes on Mihari .

In this case, it is better to rely on the table to solve the embarrassment, after all, that is the best choice to close the relationship .


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