Samsara Online - Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: 102

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Although Changxi City and Shanghai City are identified as two different and separate cities, many people consider Changxi as part of Shanghai. This is because the distance between Shanghai and Changxi was only 1 hour driving through the Laoshan Highway.

The Laoshan Highway could be considered the paradise of street car races for those who love the sport or are looking for excitement and adrenaline.

Another positive point was that 95% of the people who participated in these street races were all people with power in society. Therefore, even if an accident happened, someone would take care of it and everything would continue as if nothing had happened.

Even the traffic authorities turned a blind eye.

The roar of a black Ferrari made many people turn their bodies to look behind them, only to see a blur. When they looked to the front again, the Ferrari had become a black spot moving at high speeds.

Dressed in a black leather jacket, black jeans, and dark shoes, Xie Feng driving his car quietly through the city.

270 KM/H.

290 KM/H.

310 KM/H.

The Ferrari's speed increased gradually, and only when it reached 330 KM/H did the vehicle keep a constant speed.

According to his contact information, Xie Feng knew that the second young master of the Nangong Family, Nangong Chen, would be in Changxi City to participate in a street race tonight at 10 pm.

When he made a trade with Gu Pojun in the past, the Gu family was not the only one he had contact with. Xie Feng was not so ingenuous in excluding the Gu family from the blame for the death of Xie Yao's parents. Therefore, he created a safeguard; a safeguard that would allow him and Xie Yao to be the absolute winners no matter who the culprit was.

Naturally, this was possible only because Xie Feng possessed enough power to talk with people at the top of the pyramid.

According to the information provided by his contact, Xie Feng knew that the car race was organized by a person named Li Zi. Apparently, the Li family was a powerful family in Changxi City, and with the family's next successor taking responsibility for street racing, there was never any major problem after so many years.


Changxi City.

Halfway up a hill on Laoshan Highway was a large and developed plaza, surrounded by dozens of searchlights, which illuminated the whole plaza.

In the square, hundreds of young men and women in loud clothes wandered around the long tables, which were temporarily set up in rows. The long table was filled with all kinds of alcoholic drinks and delicacies. The young men and women enjoyed themselves as they chatted and talked; it was very lively.

And in the surrounding square, aside from cars of various designs, there were super luxurious supercars parked a little further in some places, whereas some people were sitting on them with glasses of wine in their hands, while some others embraced hot girls as they leaned on the cars' doors.


The powerful roar of a car engine attracted the attention of many people, only to see the headlights of a black Ferrari slowly approaching.

A man who appeared to be about 28 years old was hugging a sexy girl with one arm while casually chatting with several other young men. This man was Li Zi.

A young man with a cigarette in his mouth nodded at the approaching Ferrari and said, "Hey, Li Zi. Do you recognize that car? I've never seen it around here before."

"Nah, I've never seen it". Li Zi responded as he glanced at the Ferrari, "But I don't think the driver is an acquaintance. That Ferrari wasn't even modified to run, and it's still brand new. Clearly, the person is not used to racing cars".

"I was thinking the same thing", the same young man nodded. "Probably a rich kid who heard about the races you organize and decided to go for a ride".

Li Zi chuckled and shook his head: "Well, that rich kid is bound to leave disappointed. The race starts in 40 minutes and no one else can join in anymore. Everything is set".

After saying that, Li Zi and the rest of the men and women around him ignored the Ferrari that had finally stopped a few meters away and continued chatting with each other.


Pudong Shangri-La East Shanghai, Grand Tower; Room #707.

Shen Xinya, dressed in sleeping shorts, was sitting on a comfortable couch while drinking a glass of juice. She seemed to be impatient for something.

If it weren't for the constant sound of a computer keyboard echoing rapidly, room 707 would be absolutely silent.

After a few seconds, Shen Xinya finally couldn't take it anymore and said: "Yin Yue! Why can't we go to Changxi City? It's only an hour's drive anyway!".

"I told you the reason. Those places are not for a person like you to go to". Answered Yin Yue even with her eyes fixed on the monitor screen. Her fingers continued to press the keyboard without stopping.

Shen Xinya clenched her teeth. She knew that if her father knew that she went to a street race, he would call her back to Hong Kong and she would not be able to leave her house for a long period of time.

"So when will you have access to those cameras? You've been trying for the last 10 minutes!".

"Just trust me, Xinya. Didn't I get into that handsome guy's cell phone without him knowing? I have to be very careful not to leave even a single trace. That way, no one will know that I got into the security system and we were spying on the race through the cameras located all along the hill".

Yin Yue's eyes had a slight green glow. At the same time, a lot of letters seemed to flash on the inside of her retina, as if she were a robot.

If Xie Feng were present, he would certainly be surprised and two words would appear in his mind;Esper Digital!

Shen Xinya made a nice pout but didn't say anything else. Since she and Yin Yue left the campus of Shanghai University this afternoon, she couldn't stop thinking about that person's face. That man who looks 20 years old just like her.

When she arrived at her apartment, Shen Xinya had asked Yin Yue to find out Xie Feng's cell phone number. What they didn't expect was to find a text message with an address and the name of Nangong Chen inside Xie Feng's cell phone.

Shen Xinya's father is a man with a lot of economic power not only in Hong Kong, but in all of Asia. Therefore, even the 5 Great Families had to give her father a certain degree of respect.

Due to several business meetings in the past that Shen Xinya attended with her father, she learned many things about distributed power in China.

The most powerful family in China was undoubtedly the Gu family, followed closely by the Yao family. In third place was the Nangong Family.

However, the only reason the Nangong Family was in third place was because the number of Espers in their family was less than the other four families. But, although few, the Nangong Family was so powerful that even the Gu and Yao Families had to be careful.

Because the Nangong Family was a family that controlled the power of lightning! Lightning was the rarest power among all the Espers and was known to be the most powerful element.

While the wind was known as a simple power that, at its peak, only allowed its user to become "invisible", lightning was known not only for its attack power and speed. Lightning had a peculiarity that no other element possessed... By attacking the nervous system with lightning, the enemy's movements would become slower and more predictable. For this reason, the Nangong family was highly respected and feared.

"Big bad wolf, don't do anything crazy... You must be safe no matter what". Shen Xinya murmured. Her worried gaze looked out of the window as she stared at the slightly starry sky.


Xie Feng got out of the car and while playing with the keys in his hands, he went directly to the center of the square.

"You are Li Zi, right?". Xie Feng asked with a friendly smile. His gaze was focused on a man slowly approaching his thirties.

The man let go of the girl in his arms and scanned Xie Feng for a moment. He asked, "Do you know me?".

"Well, I've heard a lot about you. Not every man before the age of 30 has a number of accomplishments so remarkable as to be heard even in the center of Shanghai". Xie Feng answered as an admiring expression appeared on his face.

Li Zi looked surprised for a moment. Soon, he smiled and for some reason felt that he liked this young man.

"Let's stop playing games, tell me what you want from me".

Xie Feng smiled and said, "As expected from a talented man. All right, I'll be honest. My name is Xiao Feng and my family has a small business, but my old man has been a little noisy recently so I need some adrenaline to get rid of the stress. That's when I heard about the race you organize every week at this place.

A flash of realization appeared on Li Zi's face. But he shook his head and sighed: "If you had arrived two hours earlier it would still be possible. But right now all the participants are arranged. I'm sorry, man".

Xie Feng frowned slightly. However, he soon smiled again: "So, what if I pay you three times what one of the participants paid to take part in the race? Xie Feng looked at the surprised Li Zi and continued: "I heard that to enter the race you have to pay 30 million yuan, I will pay 90 million yuan for a place. How about it?

Not only was Li Zi astonished, but the women and men with him were also no different. The winner of the race, in other words, the first place, wins a sum of 200 million yuan. But the young man in front of them was willing to pay almost half of that, just for the race? They couldn't help but think that Xie Feng had money fever.

Still, Li Zi shook his head: "I'm sorry but-".

"Wait, Li Zi". A young man next to him interrupted him.

Li Zi looked at him confused, to which the young man replied with laughter: "Since this friend here wants to run, I will give him my place in exchange for those 90 million".

Li Zi thought for a moment and then simply shrugged her shoulders. He's just here for fun and business, who runs is not his problem.

A charming woman with an electronic device in her hands approached Xie Feng with a smile, "May I have your bank card for a moment?".

Xie Feng wasted no time and handed the woman a dark colored bank card. This bank card was from a Swiss bank, so Xie Feng's data would be protected. Very quickly, the transaction of nearly 100 million yuan between Xie Feng and the young man was successfully completed.

Li Zi smiled and said: "Okay, now you just have to wait 40 minutes. The race will start soon".

"All right, I'll wait in my car in the meantime". Xie Feng waved and walked away.

When he sat down in the Ferrari again, the polite smile disappeared and a sneer appeared on his face: "The human being is really simple. Just a few empty, unfounded compliments, a few lies, and money are enough to make anyone turn into a dog".

Admiration? Hear about him? Xie Feng simply played with Li Zi as if he were a little kid. The funniest thing for him was that this Li Zi even believed everything, word for word.

"The world is a big stage. Human beings are only actors", Xie Feng murmured to himself as he watched everyone having fun with smiles on their faces, men and women flirting with each other.