Samsara Online - Chapter 104

Published at 8th of May 2021 10:51:12 AM

Chapter 104: 104

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The same young man who sold his place in the race to Xie Feng for 90 million yuan laughed out loud: "Hahahaha man, that guy is really cool. I don't know if he's too confident or if he's a fool but he really made me laugh, damn it... pffft- Hahahahaha!".

Li Zi rolled his eyes. He also had no idea what that guy named 'Xiao Feng' was thinking.

Everyone looked at the big screen intently. While drinking alcohol, everyone made their respective comments on the process of the race and on who they thought would win first place.

Of course, the gambling for massive amounts of money never stopped.

"Who do you think will win this time?" Said a beautiful woman as she drank a glass of wine.

"Mm... It's probably Hou Zi Yang," replied an 18-year-old man. "After all, Li Zi invited him from Hong Kong. Hou Zi Yang is known as the number two in the place".

The woman who talked first thought for a moment and said, "Although Hou Zi Yang may be good, Nangong Chen has won 29 races over 40... His customized Lamborghini can reach 400 km/h easily".

The 18-year-old mocked: "Even if his car reaches 400 km / h, so what? Doesn't he have to stop at the curves? If he falls off the cliff, even if God really exists and descends into this world, he couldn't save him. No lunatic would dare to drive at such a speed on a cliff like this".

A cry of surprise interrupted the conversation between the young man and the woman:

"Ah! He's going to fall!"

The eighteen-year-old man looked quickly at another panel and almost fainted when he saw what the Ferrari that started the race in the last place was doing.

He didn't even notice the wine that stained his clothes and said in shock: "What the hell man? Are you crazy?".


Xie Feng had never participated in legal races, let alone illegal races. In fact, this was the first day that he drove a car at such a fast speed, as he is generally against driving like crazy in the middle of traffic.

However, even if this was his first time in this type of competition, he had seen television and computer videos about car racing. As a result, he was very clear about one factor that, although it couldn't be called a defect, to Xie Feng it was one.

When the drivers reach a curve, they tend to decelerate slightly before pressing the brake so as not to crash. Even experienced drift riders are no exception. At least Xie Feng had never seen a person take a curve at the same speed they drive while going straight.

Therefore, the fact that Xie Feng has never participated in this type of race or that he has never driven at high speeds did not mean that he is bad. On the contrary, he was quite good.

As long as he could familiarize himself with the control, it was easy to drive a car at high speeds. After all, his vision, reaction speed, and reflexes were far beyond that of ordinary people.

Therefore, Ferrari's engine roared as it flashed through the curtain of the night like a black and red flash.

With one hand on the steering wheel, Xie Feng's other hand manually moved the gears and pressed deeply on the accelerator pedal each time he shifted gears. Under the dim lights, the Ferrari soon topped 200 km/h. After maintaining this speed for two minutes, he started to accelerate again.

A few hundred meters away, Xie Feng noted a curve to the right. Although there were still some hundreds of meters to go, at the current Ferrari's speed, Xie Feng only needed 4 or 5 seconds to reach the curve.

Although Xie Feng had never drifted before, he had enough confidence in himself. He thought it couldn't be that hard to do.

"Drifting was kind of a driving technique. It's also known as 'skidding', 'over-steering' or 'drifting'. The driver over-steer the wheel and uses the handbrake and foot brake at the same time. It will then cause the direction of the car's steering wheel to sharply change. When you're about to drift, you must precisely judge the road ahead". He murmured to himself.

Seeing the U-turn in front of him, Xie Feng's eyes lit up like spotlights in the night. With his hand on the steering wheel, he applied his theoretical knowledge about drifting. However, he made a minor adjustment.


The Ferrari's rear tires came to a dry stop, while the car was still moving forward because of the high speed, Xie Feng quickly turned the wheel.

When the front of the Ferrari was facing the mountain just next to it, just a few inches from crashing, Xie Feng put down the handbrake and accelerated deeply again.

Xie Feng quickly moved the steering wheel to the opposite side, causing the car to shake slightly as the wheels slid across the pavement. The handrail indicating the arrival of the cliff and warning of imminent danger passed just a few millimeters away from the tail of the Ferrari.

Xie Feng stepped on the pedal deeply and the Ferrari roared loudly as it shot forward.

Everyone who was watching the race through the cameras set up along the road was amazed. It was probably the first time and maybe the last time in their lives that they saw a person change gear at 200 km / h.

Xie Feng soon saw the lights of different cars in front of him and a small smile formed on his lips. He changed gear once more and the Ferrari responded, increasing its speed again with no intention of stopping.

The car was lightning fast!

Seeing the small space in between, Xie Feng knew he could not pass through the cars. Therefore, he released a gust of wind in search of a place to pass.

Soon, he found a way to overcome more than one car 'easily'.

While accelerating, the speed of the Ferrari soon reached 260 km / h. Xie Feng inclined toward the railing and created a small wind ramp, so small that only the front and rear wheels on the left side of the car were raised.

Immediately after that, the left front and rear wheel of the Ferrari fell on the rail. The Ferrari was moving at over 250 km / h on two wheels!

The driver of the car closest to the railing looked with his eyes wide open as the black Ferrari passed him at an alarming speed. Unconsciously, the man got scared and stuck on the brakes!

After overcoming two or three cars, Xie Feng returned the car to the road and accelerated again. Since the beginning of the race, he had only used the brakes once and for only a fraction of a second!


In the Laoshan Highway square, halfway up the hill.

"Don't fuck with me!"


"That guy is really crazy!"

"Fuck! Amazing!!"

Everyone was agitated. It didn't matter if it was a man or a woman, they had all put aside their drinks, and unconsciously moved closer to the screen for fear of missing something important.

"I can't believe there is one person who has enough balls to do something crazy like that". Li Zi murmured as he remembered the jet-black Ferrari rolling over the rail.

"He's like the God of Racing. Why would he come to a place like this?", asked a young man next to Li Zi. However, upon realizing his words, he added: "Ah, no offense, I'm not demeaning your work or anything like that".

Li Zi waved his hand saying not to worry. He frowned and thought deeply.

'Why would someone with such terrifying driving skills come here? Money?', Li Zi shook his head, that should not be the reason.

Soon, he remembered his conversation with Nangong Chen a few minutes ago.

'That idiot named Nangong was beaten up by a guy with a pretty face... The Ferrari's driver was a really handsome young man...' The more he thought, the more Li Zi's eyes were opened.

'That guy... Xiao Feng never got out of his car after that he obtained a place to run... It was like he was hiding, or like he didn't want someone to see him'.

Li Zi was a really smart man, and soon a terrifying thought crossed his mind. Although it was crazy, Li Zi felt all his hair stand up, and unconsciously he shouted: "SHIT!".

People around him looked at him in confusion. Li Zi ignored them all and said to a boy next to him, "Hey, Xiao Meng, I'm leaving you in charge of this place. All the money for tonight, you keep it, I don't want anything. Suddenly I remembered something that the old gentleman of my family had ordered me to do and if I don't do it now he will kill me".

The young man named Xiao Meng was surprised for a second before nodding quickly as he said, "Don't worry Li Zi, leave it to me! I will certainly not let your fame fall!",

Li Zi did not hear any of this, he quickly approached a girl who was approximately 19 years old. The girl was drinking fruit juice alone in a corner.

"Li Na, we're out of here, now!". Li Zi said to his younger sister.

Li Na looked at him with her eyes wide open, surprised. She knows her older brother well and he is a person who always finishes what he started. But when she saw the look in his eyes, she nodded without saying anything and stood up.

Li Zi walked quickly to a blue Buggati and got into it, sitting in the driver's seat.

Li Na sat in the passenger seat and as she locked her seat belt, she asked, "Big brother, what happened?".

"That idiot Nangong Chen, is dead". Li Zi started the engine of the car and shot out on the opposite road.

"What?". Li Na didn't understand anything Li Zi was saying. She had seen Nangong Chen's Lamborghini in the first place only a few moments ago, how could he be dead?

"That asshole always causes trouble, he always thinks the whole world is scared by his Nangong family". A scornful smile appeared on Li Zi's face: "But, it seems that this asshole finally provoked someone who has great balls. That guy in the black Ferrari, he's going to kill him".

Li Na's eyes opened wide and her face turned pale. She unconsciously held on to her seat, as if for fear of falling suddenly.

Suddenly, a drop of sweat slipped down Li Zi's face and he said in a trembling voice: "The problem is that when that happens, the Nangong family will go crazy... So the further away from the scene tonight, the better for me, the better for you, and the better for our Li family".