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Chapter 50

50 the melancholy of the Earl


Earl Bozes is a little bit in a bad mood .

I thought about Mitsuha like my own daughter, and there was also the expectation that it might become a real daughter, possibly my son’s wife . And apart from the pearl necklace, which is a substitute for the store purchase cost, there was a thought that it was only myself that got a free gift from Mitsuha .


⌈Nevertheless, that ring earlier . That is obviously far more expensive and valuable than the army knife I got . ⌋


Despite being the result I instructed, my frustration does not go away … .
Although I have a special relationship with Mitsuha, when I bought the guardianship of Mitsuha, a young girl, an emerging aristocrat from a young age, who is new to the matters of aristocracy, various other nobles from various aristocrats I do not mind eating it .


something like “the Bozes territory, it is only a place where the Young Lady Yamano landed when it came to this country” . And “If my territory is next to hers, my territory is better, because when going to the kingdom, she will pass through my territory”! You guys just want to approach Mitsuha and use it!

Of course, the king and the prime minister who did not know about the circumstances to a certain extent never cared for them, and my Bozes family became a guardian in accordance with the preliminary basis…

In the first place, there are varieties and the loan in mitsuha .

The first time Mitsuha came to this country and stayed, is in my territory, the Earl of Bozes . And the people helped Mitsuha .


…Instead, I took the daughter of the people as my own .

After that, I comforted the crying Mitsuha and said I would take the place of his father .


…Instead, she took my daughter’s place, and told me a lot of useful things about the territory .

I financed the purchase of the store .


… Instead, the Pearl is worth much more valuable than what she receives .


My eldest son Alexis became a shield to save her life .


…Instead, she saved a life that could never be saved, and Alexis told me that he will take the title of Viscount .


Besides, it is a natural act as a noble that serves as a shield to protect the Supreme Commander, if you think about it .

We take care of her in various ways, and doing it with my guidance .


…Instead, she was able to increase her influence as the “Princess Shrine Maiden of Thunder” in various ways, and her relationship with other nobles was greatly improved .

What, you don’t owe more than me?


No, I’ll leave that for now .


As for mitsuha, although the person herself does not make a clear statement, as a conclusion that summarizes various information, it is presumed as follows .

She is the elder sister of a young king in a distant country that separated by the sea . Her Sister-Brother relationship is good .


Many of the people wanted Mitsuha to become a queen .


The country has a very good technical power, and it is a country that has everything from daily necessities to a mysterious weapon called “divine tool” and a magical power called “cross”, and it is just as if it is a country of God .


Seems that the origin of mitsuha’s name,”The Princess Shrine Maiden of Thunder” in our country, have probably begun by simply using the divine tools .


Her Friends using small high-speed boat carrying your products and dubious equipment, but is it true, or is it “cross” that was used…… .


And the value of mitsuha for the royal family and the aristocracy of our country .


In response to the concern about the invasion of mitsuha from the country, Mitsuha herself said, “it is impossible to go back and forth because it is too far away, except for special small high-speed ships that are expensive to build and operate . There is no reason to carry a large number of soldiers and military supplies . ”

Regarding the trade, she also said, ” My friend sent me at an unprofitable rate, so I’m just selling it at a price that doesn’t compete with each other . If you think that you are going to make a profit as a business, it is not enough even by tens of times of the current price”, she said that there is no choice but to give up .



Most of the products sold at the store are about daily necessities, and there are no items that influence the country, and it is not enough to study imitation products without spending a lot of gold .



Although there are some things that can be used without fire, such as a portable lamp, there are cases where the construction is too detailed and the mechanism is not understood at all, and there is no way to imitate . Order by bulk is better, but it is too expensive for the military to do large purchase…… .

Even if you think that you can establish diplomatic relations and exchange technology, there is no technology that can be provided to their country from here, the word “exchange” does not hold true in the first place . And, it is pathetic state that there is no choice but to rely on them for the transportation .


It is a bad idea to pay a large amount of money and precious stones, etc . , in one way or another from Japan, due to the difference in the technical gap and the value of money .
And if the crisis comes to our country again, Can you help us with that “cross”?


Even if it is a country where King’s sister lives, will they help other countries without anything in return? We aware that it depletes the life of the priests, by the power of the divine altar… .


No matter how much the King was her brother, he could not be allowed to use the National expense for his sister who left their country to a strange country and let the people die in vain .


Then again, privately by Mitsuha’s friends?


No, considering the last time, the second time will be difficult . Perhaps, when that time comes, she will choose to escape…… .


In other words, to use mitsuha as an elder sister of a great country, will be difficult .


Far from using her, if she was harmed and it is exposed to Mitsuha’s country, if “Retaliation by danger and professionalism by friends” is done, the country may be destroyed . is done, the country may perish .


Probably, there must be several people from the same country who are watching from afar without contacting Mitsuha . In case of emergency in order to report it to the country .


Then, what is the value of Mitsuha for our country?


Yes, it’s her charisma . And the superior wisdom and knowledge .
Charisma .


Lovely appearance, cute, cheerful and gentle personality . And the strength when she became dignified and serious when she was in a crisis .


The people who saw that had a strong sense of reverence for mitsuha .


I believe that when the kingdom is in danger, she will summon that god’s soldiers .


If you take in Mitsuha and let her speak at her convenience, what you get will be great .


…But don’t think that Mitsuha can be manipulated that easily .
However, there is a real value for Mizuha .

The real value of that child is her wisdom and knowledge .

Various ideas for the development of the territory, which sometimes slips from my mouth . I always keep my mouth at a good place and she says “For a price” and it is sounds misleading, but if you can hear everything up to the end . And if you can do it .

According to a report of those who are investigating the state of the Yamano Valley territory, recently seems to have done various reform and construction of the system variously, the influence and the villagers’ faces looks bright .


The results of the reforms and construction work will be reflected in the profits of the territory as numbers in the future, but if the effect is large, the details are still examined in order to copy them immediately . However, it was a pity that she refused to loan the vassal …… .

Furthermore, it seems that the flow of people into the Yamano territory is beginning .


The flow of people is indispensable for the development of the territory . It’s also good to have more exchanges with our territory .


… But C’mon development by asking from siphoning off profits from our bozes territory .
When I looked at Mitsuha suddenly, she was out of the children’s group . Apparently, it seems to have started greeting around to each household .


In order to appeal the intimacy with Mitsuha to other house and to meet with Mitsuha for the meeting with Lansen and Pasteur my two colleagues, it is thought that they take in Mitsuha and monopolize Mitsuha if done too much Buy repulsion . Whether you let him or her do it freely …… .


Although mitsuha’s personality is good, and she is quite adamant, she is a little annoyed by the fact that she is likely needed to be friendly to the other people .


⌈Guys, it is out!⌋


⌈Alexis, don’t hold back!!⌋


On the other hand, mitsuha followed advice from Alexis and talked with the Lords of each house . The Lords were also very welcome because they wanted to talk with mitsuha, and they came to mitsuha one after another .


Although Alexis is also with her, he is a viscount, unlike the noble aristocrat who is influential even if it is a son, and at the same time, he is a person who became a viscount, and the territory is adjacent to each other, and he saved her life . There is no one to complain about even if you stay with Mitsuha for a long time .

At first, although they doubted the relationship between the two of them, the noses of nobles with single sons who judged that they had no love feelings toward Mitsuha because Mitsuha was completely like ‘a good friend,’ or ‘brother and sister,’ despite Alexis being the first to suspect the relationship .


Even though Alexis tries desperately to suppress it, it is only the sight of pity to be poured into Alexis who is judged not to be seen as a man of love in Mitsuha . He was just seen as a simple obstacle .


And Mitsuha, who is trying to advertise a new product that is to be sold out of the Yamano territory, was completely not aware of the intense battle that’s going on .
And the time has passed for a long, unjustified feeling of the melancholy Earl of Bozes and Alexis, whose stomach was about to open .

Very slowly…… .

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