Searching For You

Searching For You
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Genre: Modern Fantasy Romance, Super Natural, Multiple Lives

Seeing he has arrived, she narrowed her eyes angrily at him. "What the hell was that for?!" She demanded an explanation. How could he have a painful ugly expression on his face after seeing her naked body? No matter what angle she thought from, she felt offended. If he saw her naked body and liked it, she would still be mad. If he saw her naked body and look disgusted, any woman would be angry. Either way, he can't escape her wrath!

"Why do you walk into men's shower?" He asked unhappily.

"To look for you of course!" She shouted.

"I told you it's not appro." Before he could finish, she cuts him off.

"Don't worry, I saw your naked body and wasn't even moved. These men are just the same." She huffed irritably.
Once he laid down on the bed, he puts his hand over his eyes so he wouldn't see her worrisome face. She's reckless, hotheaded, unreasonable at times, simple-minded but she is kind and caring. She has constantly challenged him, quick to be mad at him, but quick to get happy. 
Stunned that he saw through her, she almost stumbled. He has always been able to read her like an open book, she quickened her steps trying to lose him. "I have no reasons to." Afraid the closer she is too him, the more he'll know her heart.

Hue Chi smiles, how could he not know the behaviors of the one and only woman he comes to love time and time again. "Yu Sha…"

She ignored him.

"Yu Sha…" he called again.


"Of course! I've traveled to many places, but in the end, nature and quietness suits me best." I've traveled through time and space to find you. Just when I thought I'll never see you again, you tumbled in. 

Atlas looked at Yu Sha, his expression solemner, I can be in a place filled with people, but without you, no matter where I am, I'll still be lonely. If only you knew, there is no place lonelier with the absence of your presence. 

Atlas gazes at her sad eyes, if you cried, I would owe the heavens too much. "Please don't cry. She lived a beautiful life regardless." Although it wasn't fully true, he wanted to assure Yu Sha. He can't stand seeing her sad, not then, not now or ever!

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