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Searching For You - Chapter 175

Published at 3rd of September 2019 09:37:49 PM

Chapter 175

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After scheming a plot to execute when the time is right in the future, Yu Sha has no clue why a Prince who has all the servants serving him would need her for . Is she going to replace his servants? If so, why would he need her to accompany him at night? No matter how much she thought about it, she couldn't come to a conclusive answer .

A little later, Yu Sha came back from the bathroom and sat down on the couch . Feeling unsettled, "I… I can't cook and don't clean . Just so you know, anything in that department is out of the question . "

Hue Chi paused and glanced at Yu Sha, "Why would I need you to do that?" Stuff like that hasn't crossed his mind at all . He has a lot of servants and he didn't even need them to do anything . Butler Zeu took care of all his needs . He never thought he'll need a woman to do that for him .

Startled that the Perverted Man was not planning on using her to cook and clean for him, she probed for reasons why . "So, then why do I need to be here?"

"We don't always need a reason as to why we do things a certain way? Sometimes, things are just the way they are . "

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Yu Sha felt even more shocked, she has always been competitive, always achieved her goals with her own hard work, never like to lose and over times, she has this pride that doesn't allow her to back down to which sometimes her pride takes her too far, which in this case it did .

"Just sit still and do your work? I'm not asking for anything tonight . " Hue Chi responded .

"Oh…" Yu Sha complied obediently . She reached for her laptop, turned it on and started building timelines, phases and researching for contractors for Su Na's empire . When she gets in working mode and is focusing intently, she forgets her environment . It is like she's in a world of her own .

Hue Chi was also working and concentrating too, but because of his ability, he is always aware of his surroundings . Just as he was analyzing charts, he stole a glance at Yu Sha for she had been quiet for the last hour . To his surprise, he never knew how cute she can be when she's quiet and focusing intently on something . There are moments when her eyes are serious, moments where she furrowed her brows, and moments when she nodded her head as if she's having a staff meeting in her mind .

Seeing all the sides of Yu Sha working, Hue Chi can't help but smile secretly to himself . Although, he has never seen any women work intently before, somewhere in his heart knew that she's the cutest of them all, the only woman to ever elicits the same emotions in him like the one in his dreams . Are they the same person? He started to ponders on the possibility, but how do he prove that?

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Two hours passed by, Hue Chi glanced at his laptop clock to confirm the time before speaking, "It's 11PM, you can go back and sleep for the night . "

Yu Sha didn't catch anything else other than the last part . She paused and turned to face Hue Chi, "What? I can go?"

"Mm . . . "

Her eyes widened shocked that she already can go . She looked at him unable to utter a word .

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Seeing her shocked dumbfounded expression, Hue Chi creased his brows before asking, "What? Why are you so shock? I'm not as inconsiderate as you think I am . "

She shook her head in denial, "I didn't say anything . "

"Well your look says it all . "

It is then she relaxed her face and forced a smile, "Hehe… thanks, you're so kind . Th . . . Then I'll take my leave . " After excusing herself, Yu Sha dashed out the screen door carrying her laptop with her and disappeared into the night . She did not want to stay longer for he might find things to debate with her about .

Seeing her retreating form disappeared in an instant somehow caused uneasiness in his heart . A sight that he hates without knowing why . The feeling he felt when she left feels so innate like he's seen her left like that before and she never returns .

Just then, a pain throbs in his heart . Hue Chi clenched his left hand against his hearts to calm down the pain and then finally rested his head on his right hand . Why do I feel so miserable and unsettling? Hue Chi then reached for his phone and message Butler Zeu to make an appointment for him .

Bright morning the next day…

Yu Sha slept in as she got the next few days off . Her phone rings nonstop waking Yu Sha up from her slumber . She reached for her phone and then groggily replied, "Hello?" While her eyes are still closed .

"Why aren't you up yet?" Hue Chi grounded on the other side .

His voice woke her up instantly making Yu Sha jolted right up from her bed . "Wh . . . What is it?"

Hue Chi commanded, "You have 10 minutes to be here . "

When the line hung up, Yu Sha jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom . She took a shower and dressed up in record time and dashed out .

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