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Second Life Ranker - Chapter 10

Published at 18th of October 2020 06:50:58 AM

Chapter 10: Chapter 10 - Tutorial (8)

Chapter 10 . Tutorial (8)

“Yul . ”

A man stepped forward .

The man appeared to be their leader .

A handsome figure with a strong physique . He was a swordsman carrying a big sword on his waist .

Yul looked at them with a curl on his lips .

“What is it? Do we still have things to talk about?”

“How did you… . ”

“I don’t need to tell you how I got out from there now, do I?”

“… . ”

The man couldn’t say anything .

His eyes were filled with confusion .

The teammate who had only been a burden and therefore was left behind in the middle of the boss room, had now come back alive .

He didn’t know what to make of this situation .

Yul didn’t hide his hostility towards them . Yet, he wasn’t stupid enough to reveal his murderous intent .

Even though he was seething with anger, he knew that in this world power dictates everything . And Yul did not have the power to take revenge on them for now .

Ignoring them was the right answer .

“I don’t know what you’re going to say, but please, fuck off . I know you don’t even want to see me, ‘cause just looking at you also makes me sick . So let’s just pretend we don’t know each other until the tutorial is over . As you know, I don’t have any power to do anything to you guys anyway, do I?”

But despite his rambling, the four of them just stood there hesitating .

They showed no sign of leaving Yul alone . Rather, they were busy looking at each other .

“What the hell are you guys waiting for?”

Yul scowled at them as his patience ran out .

At last, prompted by the glares of the other three, the leader bit his lower lip and suddenly bent his waist .

“By any means possible, we want to apologize for what happened before . ”

Yul’s expression became completely distorted .

“What is this bullshit?”

“And also, I have a favor to ask you . ”

“A favor?”

“What happened at that time, would you keep it a secret?”


“We’re going to… sorry, I can’t tell you the details, but what happened between us, please don’t talk about it with anyone else . We’re begging you . ”

The other three also bowed down .

“Please do us this favor . ”

“Yul, please . ”

“For old time’s sake, think of what we used to be . ”

Yul kept his mouth shut .

Watching them bowing down, Yul could still remember the incident playing like a video in his head .

In the boss room, where their team had struggled several days to pass through, Yul was told that he was useless and was cast as a bait .

He begged them, asking how could they do this to him and cried out for help, but they didn’t even think of looking back and ruthlessly went on their way .

When he first met them in the waiting room of Section A, he thought he had met some really nice teammates .

They were all polite, and they were quite skilled .

And although he had been repeatedly warned by the elders of his family that The Tower was a dangerous world, they were people who had made him think otherwise .

But such expectations were shattered .

“I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, but get the hell out of here . I don’t want to see your faces anymore . ”

Then Yul quickly turned his back .

The leader was vexed and bit his lower lip .

‘This won’t do . If I leave things go like this, the opportunity might vanish into thin air . ”

Their leader, Kaen, had some complicated feelings inside .

Just as they got out of Section A, he had thought his hellish life was finally over .

Although the fact that they had thrown Yul as a bait to divert the copper doll’s attention troubled him, he thought of it as an inevitable sacrifice in order to save more lives .

Most importantly, Yul’s ability simply allowed him to read the flow of mana .

He wasn’t playing a big part in the raid, so even if he dropped out, it wouldn’t have much of an impact on the team’s strength .

In fact, he believed that things were fine as long as he could save more people at the expense of Yul’s sacrifice .

So Kaen led his teammates forward and went directly to find the man in the waiting room of Section B .

Bild .

It was the name of the player who had tried to recruit them before the tutorial had started .

“We’re called Arangdan . You guys, I like the look in your eyes . Usually, people with that kind of look show great prospects . Come with us . I’ll be at the waiting room of Section B, come find me anytime if you want to join us . ”

At first, they thought he was some kind of freak and didn’t think much of him .

But they found out much later, that Arangdan was a big name in the tutorial .

It was the top clan that had been practically dominating the tutorial for a long time .

Apparently, Arangdan had some connections in The Tower, or that’s what he had heard .

Arangdan was like a vigilante group, formed to prevent chaos within the tutorial .

They tried to prevent all kinds of tricks and cheats, and create a stage where players could play fair and square .

As a result, the selection of their members was strictly managed .

Everything was carefully and meticulously examined, whether the volunteer had done any bad deed, whether they had attempted to threaten or rob an ordinary person, and so on .

As such, for Kaen and his party the sudden return of Yul was like a bolt out of the blue .

‘Damn it, if Yul spills the secret somewhere…!’

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He was supposed to meet with Bild this evening .

Kaen’s group had already mentioned that Yul “voluntarily” sacrificed himself in order to save them .

But what if he spoiled their plan?

Everything would be over .

‘There’s a rumor that Arangdan is under direct control of a giant guild in The Tower . If we lose their favor now, we’ll be in real trouble . ’

Rumors said that Arangdan was specifically created by a clan in The Tower in order to find potential recruits for their clan .

Kaen didn’t want to miss this opportunity .

But despite their apology, Yul seemed to be not listening at all .

He turned his back on them as if he didn’t want to see them .

‘If I just… . ’

Then Kaen gritted his teeth . His eyes were full of malice .

It was only hard to betray for the first time . It wasn’t hard for the second time .

Kaen signaled his teammates with his eyes .

It meant to cover him from outside exposure .

Fortunately for him, no one was looking at this corner of the room .

‘It’s easy to get rid of the corpse . Bild doesn’t know Yul’s face anyway . Attributing the cause of death to the damage suffered in the boss room will be enough . ’

His teammates were puzzled and worried about whether they should go this far, but they had no choice but to take action, as Kaen continued to signal them .

And then, Kaen carefully moved his hand towards the handle of his sword .

He was going to finish this quickly .


“It is said that there is a clan in the tutorial that directly belongs to Cheonghwado(靑花島), named Arangdan, and that Cheonghwado tends to recruit newbies from Arangdan . But they’re so particular about recruiting that they only want spotless people . Even if they themselves aren’t . ”

“What… Kuaak!”

The sudden voice that came from behind startled Kaen . He tried to pull his sword out, but instead, let out a scream .

A terrible pain reverberated across his arm .

His right hand fell down on the floor, dripping with blood .

“My hand! My haaand!”

Kaen screamed as he held onto his right wrist .

Only then did Yul notice something strange and quickly looked back .

With eyes filled with confusion, the other teammates also drew their swords and pointed them towards their back .

There stood Yeon-woo, shaking off the blood from his dagger .

“If you have the malice to go after someone else’s back, of course you should be prepared to lose one of your hands . ”

*   *   *

Underneath the mask, Yeon-woo was slightly frowning .

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‘Why did I get myself involved in this shit . I feel like crap now . ’

Originally, he should have ignored it and moved straight on to Section B .

But for some reason, his feet didn’t move from the spot .

It was because the image of Yul was kept appearing in his head .

To be precise, it was the image of Yul being betrayed by his teammates .

‘Betrayal… . ’

Yul’s face kept overlapping with someone he knew .

It was his brother who had been backstabbed by his teammates .

Yul was in the same box . And the ones who had betrayed him once, even went out of their way to find Yul again .

What did this mean?

Usually in cases like this, people were afraid of leaving behind a weakness that could be exploited .

Yeon-woo knew this too well .

That’s why he stayed behind just to see what they were doing, and ended up witnessing such a filthy and dirty sight .

In his mind, he wanted to rinse his eyes with running water .

“My hand! My haaand! You son of a bitch! How dare you!”

Kaen cried out as he grabbed his severed right hand and his face contorted . He stared at Yeon-woo with a menacing look .

“I’m going to kill you!”

His other teammates were also pointing their swords at Yeonwoo .

But they couldn’t think of rushing in .

No one had noticed what happened until they saw Kaen’s hand flying .

‘He’s an expert!’

Cold sweat streamed down their backs .

They knew that Yeon-woo was the one who saved Yul, but they thought he only happened to help him on his way .

And even if he helped Yul fight them, they thought they could easily take him down with numbers .

But they were wrong .

Yeon-woo gave an indifferent smile .

“Try as hard as you can . ”

“You bastard!”

Kaen bolted forward with eyes filled with madness . He drew his sword with his left hand and swung it towards Yeon-woo’s neck .


His teammates called out his name in surprise .

They weren’t sure how skilled Yeon-woo was, and if he clashed with Yeon-woo right now, their admission to Arangdan could end up being sabotaged .

But none of their words reached Kaen’s ears . He was lost in revenge .

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Yeon-woo strode forward .

He was thinking of how to deal with these guys .

They were the kind who had no qualms when putting a knife on someone else’s back, but can’t stand when they’re the one being stabbed .

He was definitely feeling shitty .


Yeon-woo dodged the sword coming for his head and moved to Kaen’s back . He stretched out his arm and wrapped it around Kaen’s arm . All in a split second .

Then he lightly twisted Kaen’s arm in a backward direction .


Kaen’s left arm bent in a strange angle .


Not caring about his cries, Yeon-woo did a flip with his arm still wrapped around him and climbed onto Kaen’s shoulder .

It was a shrewd move just like a cat’s .

Then, with a hard motion of his foot, he broke Kaen’s shoulder .


“Aak! AAAAAK!”


“Y, you son of a bitch!”

“Let him go!”


The sword fell down helplessly to the floor .

Kaen couldn’t withstand the pain and knelt down on the ground .

In the meantime, his teammates still couldn’t approach him .

Yeon-woo was too nimble, and he was riding on Kaen’s shoulders .

Yeon-woo twisted Kaen’s bizarrely bent arm behind his back, placed one foot over his spine and put his weight on it .

He was threatening to destroy Kaen’s back if they approached any closer .


Karen’s eyes were bloodshot as if they were going to pop out at any moment .

“Come at me now . I’ll make sure he will never be able to walk again . ”

Underneath the mask, Yeon-woo’s eyes shimmered with a cold glow .

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