Second Life Ranker - Chapter 125

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Chapter 125: Chapter 125 - Mission (5)

Chapter 125: Mission (5)

As if they had been waiting, a group of soldiers attacked him . They were soldiers the Saber God placed there to protect his son .

But Yeon-woo already realized their presence and lightly used Shunpo to escape them, and simultaneously used Heaven Wing Mana Control to input magic power into Vigrid .

He swung it around lighting up Holy Fire along the knife’s edge .

A series of soft explosions split the air and their head exploded .

It was a neat strike . The mercenaries who had been looking on widened their eyes .

They knew what type of soldiers the Saber God would have placed there . And so they couldn’t believe it when Yeon-woo took care of them so easily . He looked stronger than an average semi ranker .

But in a way, that was to be expected . He had absorbed the power of Four Legendary Beasts at once, and he had almost finished his Draconic Body .

With his Eight Extreme Fists and Heaven Wing Mana Control improved, it would be weirder if he wasn’t that powerful .

Yeon-woo carelessly looked away and entered the 13th room . Beyond the burnt black corpses, there was another door inside . He flung it open . And at that moment, a scent entered his nose .

Yeon-woo frowned .



“Hmmmhmmm . ”

Laplace hummed a song and entered through a portal .

The gazes of multiple Guardians turned towards him, but they just turned back towards their jobs thinking he was being himself again .

The Laplace they knew was always in that state of excitement, and his subordinates struggled because of it often .

When he was excited, it was better to just avoid his eyes .

Laplace walked past the Guardians into his own office . But as soon as he did, he stopped humming .

Instead, he narrowed his eyes at the person who was sitting in his chair .

“Yvlke . What are you doing here?”

If Lapalace had to pick the one person in the world he struggled with most, that would be Yvlke .

Yvlke pushed his glasses up and lightly chuckled .

“Ohyohyo . I was passing by . Our Laplace’s office was here . So I came . And I heard a fun rumor . ”

Laplace internally tsked . That old geezer . He would never skip over things .

There were rumors he didn’t interfere with business outside of the tutorial and the beginner’s sections . But it seemed like Yvlke had eyes everywhere .

The old man that didn’t take interest in anything . The old man who didn’t blink an eye when something big happened . Why was he interested in this?

Laplace had to hide his emotions and calmly fix his face .

So that monocle wouldn’t catch anything suspicious .

And then Yvlke slowly opened his mouth .

“I heard some demon was interested in the lower floors, and our fellow Laplace was involved . Can I ask what you think of this?”


It was a familiar scent to Yeon-woo .

Many of the people he had dealt with in Africa were a part of an opium ring .

And he had caught several of his subordinates getting drugs and kicked them out .

Then, with the sound of a door sliding open, a teenage boy stuck his head out holding his chest .

“Hm? Who are you mister? I’ve never seen you before . Hehehe . Well, it doesn’t matter . What about girls? Did you bring some? These are too boring now . Change them for me . ”

The room was a mess . Like there had been some sex party, there were one naked man and multiple naked women . And the women didn’t look like they were completely in their right minds yet, looking groggily around .

The heavy white smoke in the room was an indicator of how much drugs they had taken .

A skinny figure . Dark circles . And a loose expression . His features were well-defined . It was familiar to Yeon-woo . Because he looked exactly like Saber God .

‘Hanbin . ’

The only child of the Saber God .

“Huh? Fuck . Mister, do you not hear me? Why don’t I see any girls? What’s this? You didn’t bring any?”

Hanbin looked Yeon-woo up and down like he didn’t like him .

Yeon-woo ignored him and slowly entered the room . And he crouched to observe the condition of the girl .

The girl that would’ve been quite pretty was drooling with her eyes not focused . There were multiple signs of struggle on her body .

“You tied her up and forced her into it . And you made her take the drugs too . Did you kidnap her or something?”

Yeon-woo’s cold gaze turned towards the door . The frantic priests and apostles had come running .

Their faces were pale .

“W, Wait, there’s an explanation… . . !”

“Block the door so no one can enter . ”

“Just a chance!”

The mercenaries kicked the apostles that were trying to enter . They growled like they were going to cut them with their swords any moment .

Before, they didn’t strike, because they probably didn’t feel too comfortable attacking the temple . But now, they didn’t hold back . They didn’t feel the need too .

Unless you were a fool, you could easily tell what had happened here .

There were torturing devices and signs of intercourse everywhere, and looking at the marks left on the girls, it was easy to see what had happened .

Even if they were mercenaries who stopped at nothing to get what they wanted . There was still a line they didn’t cross .

“Hey! The fuck are you! Why are you touching my stuff? Do you wanna die? Huh?”

Despite the situations, Hanbin just shouted at Yeon-woo, not realizing what was happening .

“Bring him here . ”

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The senior officers of Team 2, Dylan, and June forcefully Hanbin out .

His face fell .

“ACkkk! Let go! Let me go! Do you know who I am… . !”

Hanbin continued to scream and fainted when a hand hit the back of his head .

Yeon-woo lightly shook his hand in the middle of the air .

Holy Fire burned up all the white smoke in the room and sucked up the effects of the drugs in the girls’ bodies .

‘Saber God . His love for his son made him blind . ’

He could somewhat guess what happened here .

Hanbin had to struggle throughout his entire life because of his disability . And the easiest way to escape from that was drugs .

Obviously, as his resistance to the drugs increased, he had to keep on increasing his intake .

And after that, he had probably turned to sex to feel high . Kidnapping or human trafficking had most likely followed .

Even the Skuld temple wouldn’t have been able to interfere .

It was the Saber God’s son they were talking about . They didn’t know what might happen to them if they refused to listen to his orders, so they probably had to keep on hiding this atrocity .

But where did these girls come from? If they got them from outside, there would’ve been rumors, so they had probably used believers of the goddesses .

‘A temple that uses its followers as sex slaves . Crazy bastards . ’

They were colluding with Hanbin . They might’ve used the fact that the Three Norns couldn’t physically interfere to do this .

“Mm . ”

“W…here…is… . this… . ?”

He made sure the girls woke up, and he left with the mercenaries in tow . Hanbin followed, bouncing up and down on Dylan’s back .

The priests and apostles trembled looking at the situation .

He could see believers of the religion shouting at them like the news about what happened in that room had already spread .

The High Priest was glaring at Yeon-woo .

Since he fell from a high position all the way to the bottom . Word of what happened here was definitely going to spread to the rest of the Tower now .

The reputation of the Three Norns would also fall .

But Yeon-woo knew that the reputation of Saber God and Cheonghwado would fall along with them, so he smiled .

The High Priest glowered, thinking Yeon-woo was laughing at him .

Yeon-woo ignored him and ripped the ticket .

Soon, as he passed through the red portal with the rest of the mercenaries, the familiar 11th floor base of Red Dragon came to view .

“Oraboni . ”

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“Hyungnim, you’re here? I can tell you’ve made a big mess again!”

Edora and Phante, who had been waiting for him, stood up .

Bahal, who had also been waiting in a corner, slowly stood up .

With an amused face, he came towards Yeon-woo . His gaze was fixed on the Hanbin, who was on the senior soldier’s back .

“Is it this guy?”

Yeon-woo nodded .

“Yes . ”

“Clearly . He looks exactly like the Saber God . If he gets some wrinkles, he could pass for the Saber God! Haha!”

Bahal laughed .

If you knew the Saber God, you would immediately think of him upon seeing Hanbin’s face .

To get this card without lifting a finger . He felt refreshed .

‘Meeting Cain this year was my greatest luck . I was doubting it, but to think this trump card would come my way . ’

The Summer Queen was looking for a replacement because her Dragon Heart was broken . To lure Leonte, no, the stone out, he had to do things meticulously . And so actually, he had a plan . He reported it to the Summer Queen, and barely got her approval .

‘If I’m right, Leonte’s stone was incomplete . If there was a way to complete it, even that suspicious bastard would come running . ’

And he had already secretly prepared the materials to finish the stone .

He was going to “accidentally” let the information slip, and lure Leonte out . Since his obsession with the stone wasn’t normal .

But there was a flaw in his plan . Leonte suspected the Red Dragon and Bahal, so before he checked the materials for himself, he wouldn’t do anything drastic .

So he was trying to find something to move him . And the Saber God’s son fell in his lap .

The Saber God was enough to push Leonte to pull the stone out .

Since he had his son, the Saber God would be Bahal’s marionette .

Of course, he could throw his son away and choose Cheonghwado .

But Bahal knew that wasn’t going to happen . If the single-minded Saber God was willing to share his magic to protect his son, his obsession for his son definitely surpassed his obsession with his clan and martial arts .

“Let’s wake him up first . ”

The senior soldier who had been waiting for his command slapped Hanbin’s face twice .

Red markings were left on his face .

Hanbin shot his eyes open and came to attention .

He wasn’t able to judge the situation with a bunch of strangers, and he began to shout,

“I’m gonna tell my dad and he’s gonna kill… . !”

But Hanbin wasn’t able to finish .

The moment his eyes met Bahal’s, his consciousness that wasn’t completely woken up yet because of the drugs snapped back to normalcy .

And the first emotion he felt was fear . He instinctively knew . The person in front of him was someone who could kill him like he was an ant . Even his father, who was among the strongest in the Tower, wouldn’t be able to deal with him easily .

Then he opened his eyes to his surroundings . The flag they had above their heads . It was the symbol of the Red Dragon .

He was in the middle of enemy territory .

“So you’re a little similar to your dad in that you can read people . You’re not completely retarded . ”

Bahal saw Hanbin’s fear-stricken face and laughed . So he really was that beast’s kid .

“Since you’re pretty quick to understand, you probably know what I’m about to do . Right?”

Bahal had a violent smile on his face .

“First, let’s go with your pinky finger on your left hand . How’s that?”


Yeon-woo just silently looked at Bahal . With this, the oil was poured . Now . It was time for the fire to spread .


“O, Oh my! H, Hanbin!”

When the Saber God heard the news that Red Dragon had destroyed Skuld’s temple, he thought the sky was falling on him .

The woman that had approached him when he thought he wasn’t going to have any women in his entire lifetime . His son was the only remnant of her he had .

And that son was taken . And by his enemy, Red Dragon .

He wanted to find his son, but because he didn’t know where he was, he had to twiddle his thumbs .

He was planning on going wherever, taking his iron box with him . He was even ready to give his life up .

But . The moment he went to get his iron box . Inside the tent he was staying, there was a tiny box . Along with an anonymous letter .

If you want to find your son . Bring the ‘stone . ’

A letter with just one sentence .

He didn’t know what it meant, but Saber God’s head went blank .

With a shaking hand, he opened the box . And inside, there was something he never could’ve imagined to be there .

A pinky finger that looked like it was his son’s .

For the first time in his life, the Saber God shrieked in horror .

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