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Second Life Ranker - Chapter 18

Published at 18th of October 2020 06:50:56 AM

Chapter 18: Chapter 18 - Black Route (7)

Chapter 18 . Black Route (7)

Yeon-woo’s body was experiencing extreme changes . Mana was stimulating every corner of his body, causing his internal balance to collapse and restoring it at the same time .

*Crunch* *Crackle*

A long time passed .

[‘Flame Heart and Frost Crest’ has been completed . You have acquired a new body, Reinforced Physique(强化骨) .

[Affinity towards fire element has increased by 30% . ]

[Affinity towards water element has increased by 30% . ]

As always, mana scattered throughout his entire body, leaving behind only traces of it .

Contrary to his initial expectations, It seemed like it would take him a little longer to get accustomed to mana . But everything else had been successfully achieved .

“Hoo . ”

Yeon-woo breathed out a long breath . Then all the fatigue he had piled up seemed to vanish, making him feel alive once again .

‘Status window . ’

[Player: Yeon-woo Cha]

Traits: Cold-blooded, Reinforced Physique

Strength: 81   Dexterity: 83   Health: 89   Magic Power: 21

Skills: Draconic Eyes(5 . 2%), Sense Strengthening(25 . 9%), Foresight(0 . 0%), Physical Resistance(10 . 2%), Combat Will(7 . 1%), Bathory’s Vampiric Sword(3 . 2%)

Yeon-woo was very pleased with his improved stats .

Thanks to the energy of the monsters he had drained via Bathory’s Vampiric Sword, his stats had gone through an incomparably steep increase . But there was something else that made Yeon-woo content the most . It was his new trait .

‘Reinforced Physique’ .

[Trait: Reinforced Physique]

Description: Heart of flame and flesh of frost . The fire and frost element fused together granting great immunity and resistance . Fatigue does not build up easily .

* Flame Heart: A heart embracing fire energy . Increases cardiorespiratory endurance and healing power . Stamina is greatly increased .

* Frost Crest: Makes the body tougher . Increases resistance against physical impact and curses .

Reinforced Physique toughened up the body and made it tireless .

In particular, the self-healing ability gave him the advantage of reducing his chances of suffering a serious injury during critical situations . However, there was another reason why Yeon-woo needed this trait .

[Body improvement has been confirmed . The vessel is strong enough . The halted succession process will resume . 6%… 7%… 12%… . ]

[Current progress: 21 . 3%]

[Your current status will be changed from ‘Incomplete Dragon Body’ to ‘Immature Dragon Body’]

‘I made it . ’

Yeon-woo clenched his fists .

There were a couple of reasons why he needed this strengthened body . One reason was to gain an upper hand in the strenuous competitions that occurred throughout The Tower, but the biggest reason was to resume the succession process of Dragon Body .

The completion of the succession process required a strong vessel . Reinforced Physique was the essential element for making such vessel .

‘But this is just the beginning . I have to keep refining my vessel . ’

Even so, the framework was already in place so he only had to keep advancing steadily as he had originally planned .

As he enjoyed the feeling of his changed body, Yeon-woo recalled the system message that was left pending . It was the quest he had received when he first entered this dungeon . It was now time to claim his rewards .

[You have acquired 1,500 Karma . ]

[You have made an achievement that is not easily accomplished . Additional Karma will be provided . ]

[You have acquired 500 additional Karma . ]

[Additional rewards will be provided . Please select your reward . ]

[Rewards List]

* Artifacts

1 . Blood-Magic Blade

2 . Pearl Sabre of the Deep

3 . The Brave


* Skills

1 . Kanusha’s Unbreakable Spirit

2 . Swift Strike

3 . Snake Eyes


Yeon-woo grinned as he scanned through the ‘Rewards List’ .

It was the first time he could choose his reward from a list, instead of just being given a random reward . He recognized some great items that he had previously seen in the mysterious merchant’s catalog .

It was a bit disappointing to have to choose only one out of the whole list, but Yeon-woo didn’t fuss over it for long before scrolling down to the bottom of the list . There, he found what he wanted .

98 . 2000 additional Karma

He got everything he could get from Section B, ranging from Bathory’s Vampiric Sword to Reinforced Physique .

He presumed there were many more rewards to gain from this point onwards, so nothing else in the list could grab Yeon-woo’s attention .

Anyhow, what Yeon-woo lacked the most right now was Karma points . Of course, even when adding this, he would still need a lot of Karma to achieve the top score he wanted .

Yeonwoo tapped on reward number 98 right away .

[2000 additional Karma has been selected as your reward . ]

[You have acquired 2,000 Karma . ]

Additional messages popped up after he received his reward .

[Your ranking in the tutorial has been updated . ]

[Do you want to register your name on the ranking list?]

‘I’m finally in the rankings . ’

The tutorial provided real-time rankings of players within the top 300 spots .

Big announcements were made especially when there were significant changes within the rankings in order to encourage the players .

Getting a message to register his name on the ranking list also meant he had made it to the top 300 . However, Yeon-woo only put significance on the fact that he was in the ranking, and he didn’t want to put his name on the list .

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There was no advantage in registering . It was only going to provoke hostility from other top rankers towards Yeon-woo . So he shook his head .

‘Deny . ’

[Registration denied . You will be shown as ‘unknown’ in the ranking . You can change this setting at any time . ]

[Tutorial Ranking]

1 . Edora (57,111 Points)

2 . Phante (55,982 Points)

3 . Kahn (50,473 Points)


281 . Unknown (6,700 Points) (You)


‘I’m at 281st place . ’

He had had a late start, but he was finally starting to catch up to the leading group to some extent .

The total Karma he had accumulated so far was 6,700 points . Anybody would hardly believe that he had gathered all that before passing Section B .

But his joy did not last long .

‘I’m glad I’m in the rankings, but why is the gap so big?’

Yeon-woo narrowed his brows as he scrolled up the list again .

“Maybe it’s just that the leading players are better than I predicted . ’

He was told that normally, the players with the most amount of Karma could gather around 50,000 points at most .

His brother had collected about 52,000 Karma, and he had placed second at the end of the tutorial .

However, even though there was still plenty of time left before the tutorial ended, there were already three people with more than 50,000 Karma,

‘Edora, Phante, Kahn . Who are they?’

If they had joined the tutorial at different times, each one of them would have easily achieved first place .

But Yeon-woo had to compete with all of them in the same round .

Yeon-woo closed the ranking list as he burned their names into his mind .

‘At this rate, it won’t do . I’ll have to speed up a lot . ’

There was a gap of 50,000 Karma points between him and the leading group . Considering they were also proceeding fast, he needed to advance a lot faster .

‘First things first, I have to reach Section E as soon as possible . ’

The next hidden piece Yeon-woo was targeting was in Section E . It was where ‘that guy’ who he was looking for was living .

There was nothing interesting to see in Section C and D . He was planning on skipping through those sections as quickly as possible .

As he arranged his thoughts, Yeon-woo put his dagger back to his waist .

He started moving on towards the exit .

*   *   *

As he ventured down the passage to leave the dungeon,

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Yeon-woo narrowed his eyes and looked at the direction of the exit . Then he pulled the dagger back out and held it tightly in his right hand .

Beyond his range of sight, he sensed two unfamiliar figures .


The sound that monsters and players made were quite different, so he wouldn’t mistake them .

‘But I’ve never seen any other players while I’ve been here . ’

He was wondering whether someone else had found this place .

Yeon-woo hoped to not run into anybody if possible, but there was only one exit, so he moved with caution .

What made Yeon-woo nervous were their skills .

‘They might be tough . ’

Judging by his senses, he could tell their levels weren’t any lower than his . Even with Bathory’s Vampiric Sword and Reinforced Physique, he wasn’t sure if he could win .

‘Maybe they are after me . ’

Yeon-woo clasped his dagger .

He pondered about how experts like them could still be at Section B . It made more sense to him to think that it wasn’t just luck that brought them here, but instead revenge . They might be players from Arangdan wanting to avenge the players he had knocked down when he was helping Yul .

Although it was unclear as to why such powerful men were working as lackeys in Arandan, Yeon-woo couldn’t let them have their way, so he kept his presence hidden .

And the moment when the two figures turned around the corner and showed their faces,


Yeon-woo swung his dagger aiming for the head of the innermost one . He was a boy with disheveled hair, sleepy eyes, and a baby-faced look .

The boy noticed the attack, and opened his eyes wide . He tried to turn himself aside instinctively, but it seemed like it was too late .


Just then, the young man who was walking next to him swung his sword as he pulled the boy to his side .


Yeon-woo’s dagger was blocked midway through its attack, and seemed to bounce off . However, the dagger was in fact snapped in half . It seemed that the sword the young man was wielding was of higher quality .

Yeon-woo realized that his ambush had failed, and he jumped back, far from the two players . Then he took out two more daggers and held them in both hands .

Doyle, the boy who got ambushed by Yeon-woo, collapsed on the floor roughly gasping for air with his face pale .

Kahn, the young man who had managed to save his brother, flipped out and screamed at him .

“What the hell are you doing?!”

Yeon-woo squinched his eyes underneath his white mask .

“Arangdan, aren’t you?”

“What do you mean by Arangdan?”

Yeon-woo intuitively realized that the two in front of him were not related to Arangdan . If they were here to harm him, they wouldn’t be talking with him instead of attacking him . Besides, the reflexes that saved Doyle and blocked his dagger were that of an expert .

Of course, it could very well be just an act to throw him off guard . But with his expert level of skills, there was no need for him to lie .

“Then why were you following after me?”

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Kahn was a little surprised at the fact that Yeon-woo had noticed them tailing him, but frowned soon after .

“Still, that doesn’t mean you should attack people without asking them why . ”

“What if you were being stalked by someone whose intentions were unknown? Of course, you would assume that they are up to no good . Am I wrong?”

Every single word he said was perfectly correct . Kahn was struck dumb by his logic .

‘The fuck? How is he so good at speaking?’

He had thought that Yeon-woo would be the blunt and silent type because of his eerie white mask .

But he couldn’t just chicken out of here .

In the meantime, Doyle got over his shock and managed to stand up . Even though it happened because he was caught off guard, he was so shocked when he saw Yeon-woo’s eyes emitting a savage aura incomparable to the atmosphere he had felt from him in the waiting room .

For a second, Kahn glared at Yeon-woo, but soon he gave out a big sigh .

Even though they were the ones who were ambushed, they were also the cause of the problem . He owed Yeon-woo an apology at least for that . Plus, he couldn’t make a bad impression of himself when he was here to recruit him .


Kahn stuck his sword he was holding into the ground and said,

“I’m sorry . I didn’t think that through . ”

Kahn made a clear apology . Doyle also bowed his head .

Yeon-woo’s eyes gave out a brilliant shine below his mask . He thought players in general had great affection towards themselves, that they were full of pride .

Even if they were caught in the wrong, most of them tended to act innocent . But these two were innocently admitting their mistakes .

Yeon-woo then realized they didn’t have any bad intentions, so he let his guard down .

He asked as he put his dagger back next to his waist .

“Okay . State your business . ”

Just then, Kahn gave a mischievous smile and shouted confidently .

“You should join my crew!”

“… . ”


A short straight speech without any reasoning or logic .

Doyle standing right next to him turned away his head in shame .

Yeon-woo unwittingly narrowed his brows .

‘Who the hell is this moron?’

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