Second Life Ranker - Chapter 333

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Chapter 333: 333

Chapter 333 – Descendants of the Monkey King (8)

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Kahn stepped back when something flashed by him .

At first, he thought it was an attack from enemies and moved his hand to his sword .


It was a Legendary Bird of red and black that looked like it was going to blaze up any second—a Mythical Beast you could only see on the 11th floor .

However, unlike its appearance, the tone it spoke in was young .

『I’m Nike . Nice to meet you! Master… . . no no, Yeon, I mean . I have a message from Cain, wanna listen?』

Kahn’s eyes widened at the unexpected name .

* * *

“He says his closed training will last a bit longer . ”

“Is that so?”

Creutz nodded in understanding at the reply from the first squad . He knew the Regiment Leader was going through an important time in his life .

A wall .

Countless players cried tears of joy or felt despair and hopelessness from that difference . Some people climbed it easily while others died without ever being able to overcome it .

That was what a wall was . Creutz had tried to jump over his many times, but he hadn’t been able to in the end .

But the great “Nine Kings” jumped over it once, or three to four times .

That was what it meant to be “supernatural . ”

The Regiment Leader took back what he said about his closed training being short and sent word that it would be a while .

It seemed he had finished refining the ends but not the actual body .

“Instead, he sent this . ”

“Thank you . ”

“I’ll be off, sir . ”

The player from the first squad delivered the letter to Creutz and disappeared with a bow .

Creutz carefully opened the letter and read the paper inside of it .

As you wish .

It was too short of an answer, considering the time it took for him to receive it .

Creutz found himself laughing .

“He’s the same as ever . ”

Thankfully, he was able to clear up his complicated mind .

The question Creutz had asked the Regiment Leader was this:

-Do I have to continue following the Hoarder?

From what Creutz saw, Yeon-woo was too dangerous a person .

He could understand his fight with Benteke . It was a battle of wits among the new rising players . Benteke and Triton had picked the fight first .

However, the real problem followed .

He had cleared the 30th hidden stage for some mysterious reason and reached Tartarus to meet Hades .

He had also met the Gluttony Emperor to promise to fight with them against White Dragon .

The same was going on now .

While he was absent for a while, Yeon-woo was causing commotion on the 20th floor .

They said the Hoarder was always to the action . It seemed the rumors were true .

Of course, he could understand up to that point .

New rising players would be threatened by forces around them, and players who wanted to become strong didn’t stay still and clashed with others .

The problem, though… . .

‘The power he has . ’

Creutz was able to observe a small part of Yeon-woo’s power while following him .

He used strange shadows and showed the potential of a Lord while moving his souls .

The potential of a supernaturalist with the sword technique he had learned from the Martial King’s Mugong .

Furthermore, the possibility of being an apostle from several gods .

Lord, supernaturalist, apostle . Out of the three conditions that had to be met to reach the “supernatural” state, he had all three at the same time .

Among those, there was the power of death that Creutz had never seen before . A power that wasn’t something a mortal player should be able to use .

He was too dangerous .

‘To keep him close… . . ’

Creutz’s eyes turned darker .

‘And even I haven’t seen all of it . The Hoarder is dangerous . ’

The Regiment Leader said the Hoarder was his close friend and savior, so Creutz wanted to support what Yeon-woo did . He thought Yeon-woo would join the Fantasy Regiment or become their firm ally .

But from what he saw until now, if they began to work with Yeon-woo, the damage and pressure the Fantasy Regiment would receive would be detrimental .

That was the reason they hadn’t moved onto the higher floors and remained on the lower floors .

It was to avoid the attention of the Eight Large Clans and secretly grow their power . They couldn’t break their rule because of one person .

However .

This was the reply that came back . As he wished .

It meant that the Regiment Leader wouldn’t impose his will on Creutz . In a way, it looked like he was respecting his comrades, and at the same time, it seemed irresponsible, like he was giving his duties to someone else . The Regiment Leader was the same as ever .

Creutz fell deep into contemplation while holding the letter .

If he did what he wanted, he would no longer support Yeon-woo .

‘But still . ’

The times he had spent with him flashed before his eyes while he tried to make a decision . From the River of Souls to Tartarus . The journey was dangerous but made his heart beat faster .

More than anything, there was something about Yeon-woo that drew people towards him . Like a “king . ”

Still, seeing how he desperately pleaded for Kynee in front of Hades, it seemed as if he had a long backstory .

It was natural to want to follow such a person and see how he ended up, like a moth drawn to a flame .

He was too fearsome to be kept close but too interesting to watch from far away .

‘He’s like the Regiment Leader in this way . ’

No, these thoughts might’ve been what the Regiment Leader was aiming for .

Making a decision, Creutz folded the letter into his breast pocket and called for a subordinate outside .


“Yes, sir . Did you call for me?”

A subordinate waiting outside came in and bowed his head .

“Is the Hoarder still on the 20th floor?”

“Yes, sir . ”

“Call the knightage . We’re going to the 20th floor . ”

“Yes, sir!”

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And like that, the Fantasy Regiment began to make its move .

* * *

On the bloodied mountain .

Corpses lying all over the ground indicated there had been a rough battle .

“… . . What a monster . ”

The person the players were looking at didn’t seem like a human .

Everyone nodded in agreement that he seemed like a monster . There was fear in their eyes .

Haa .

Haa .

Yeon-woo panted, drenched in blood . His health and magic power were nearly drained because he had fought against so many players .

But the aura around him was still fierce .

It felt as if one would immediately die if one went into his attack range . And because the players knew that really would happen, none of them could easily approach Yeon-woo .

No, even with that aside, the martial arts Yeon-woo had shown them was replaying in their heads .

How many clans had suffered losses, and how many people had fallen?

Horrifying monsters came from the shadows and led them deep into despair .

The rumors that the Hoarder might already be a “Lord” were proving to be true .

A Lord who created a one-man army and easily defeated most clans .

Moreover, the Hoarder was showing potential as a “supernaturalist” as the Martial King’s disciple .

Whether they tried to fight one-on one or work with each other against Yeon-woo, he couldn’t be defeated .

Furthermore .

‘There’s still something left… . . !’

They could feel it in their bones . Yeon-woo wasn’t using his full strength .

If he had hidden 30% of his power despite the fight becoming this rough, it would only be disadvantageous to them .

Additionally, the people who were helping Yeon-woo were Red Deodara and Ice King, famous, skilled players . There wasn’t a way to get past them .

They stayed in that condition, not able to attack or fall back .

“If you don’t come . ”

Yeon-woo’s eyes shined violently .

“I’ll go . ”

He was breathing in a more comfortable voice after having rested enough .

The players who were creating a net around him stepped back instinctively .

Smirk .

Seeing them, the Ice King laughed lightly . It was a laughter closer to pity than amusement .

The players standing in the front turned red . They were about to shout, wanting to redeem themselves .

Suddenly .

Pew, pew—

Fireworks exploded in the sky . Red fireworks . The players’ faces turned stiff . It was the command to retreat .

The leaders had hesitant faces, wondering whether to leave or not, but they gave the order to fall back upon deeming that they couldn’t continue to fight like this .

“Everyone, retreat!”

While the players stepped back, they moved quickly in case Yeon-woo and the others attacked them as they ran .

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After the Ice King confirmed that everyone was gone, he tilted his head in confusion .

“Mm? Why is everyone going back? Well, whatever, I can rest now . ”

The Ice King looked down at his bloody, shaking hand . He couldn’t remember the last time he had fought this roughly .

He smiled bitterly . He had joined Yeon-woo’s side because there wasn’t anything he could do, but he felt refreshed . It seemed a martial artist was still a martial artist even if one was old .

But it was true that he was tired more easily . If the fight continued from here, he might’ve fallen first .

Victoria’s face didn’t look too good either .

Using the Adamantine Nova with an injured body wasn’t easy on her .

She was also relieved that they retreated, but she felt curious as to why they did . If the fight went on longer, Yeon-woo’s party would’ve been the ones in danger .

Victoria and the Ice King turned to Yeon-woo .

Yeon-woo was also tired, so he plopped down on the floor and caught his breath . His overheated Philosopher’s Stone supplied him with magic power . What he said after surprised the other two greatly .

“They’re probably stepping back because they found Kahn . ”

“They found Kahn?!”

Victoria burst up in surprise . Thump . Thump . Her heart started to beat faster . The face that she had seen for a short while . The hope that she could see that face again grew in her heart .

“Yes . For now . ”

“Where is he?”

“You know it well . ”

“I do?”

Victoria tilted his head . The mountains were indeed familiar to her . But for Yeon-woo to pick it out?

“Could it be?”

Her face slightly became pale .

Yeon-woo nodded heavily .

“Yes . It’s the Monkey King’s palace . ”


Victoria’s grip tightened on the Adamantine Nova .

Memories of back then suddenly popped into her head .

The dangerous movements of the stone statue . Rebecca’s death . Yeon-woo’s sacrifice . The escape with Kahn . And running away, alone .

It was the place that gave her nightmares .

But .

She was still scared to go there, but if she could save Kahn, she had to go .

Yeon-woo nodded in relief .

Actually, if he saw her trembling, he had planned to take the Adamantine Nova from her and force her to go back .

But she had done everything she needed to while they were in battle .

The Ice King tilted his head, not following .

“The Monkey King’s Palace? What’s that?”

Yeon-woo began to explain the Monkey King’s Palace . The Ice King’s eyes deepened after hearing everything .

“Where the 72 Bian are from?”

“Yes . It’s where I got my Ruyi Bang piece . ”

“So it’s similar to the Monkey King’s Temple . ”

Monkey King’s Temple . Yeon-woo became curious at the Ice King’s muttering .

“There’s a place . It’s outside of the Tower . To be exact, it’s the temple of the Seven Demon Kings, but it’s called the Monkey King’s Temple among the apostles . It’s surrounded with barriers to prevent outsiders from entering . ”

Yeon-woo thought of the place where he had first looked for traces of Kahn .

“Are you talking about where the statues of the Seven Demon Kings are?”

“Yes . Do you know it?”

“Yes . But I couldn’t feel anything… . . ”

“That place is already looted . It’s well-known, too . There’s probably almost nothing left . ”

Yeon-woo thought the Ice King seemed a bit sad . It was probably from the shame of being only a “half” descendant .

And also, a thought occurred to him .

‘So the Monkey King didn’t leave his traces in just one or two places . ’

He had thought the same thing when he had left the Monkey King’s Palace .

The shedding had also said that the Monkey King had left several places for his descendants . Yeon-woo made a note to go back to the temple and look around closely . When he first went, he had pretty much been chased out, so he might’ve missed something .

“Anyways . Why would the Blood Sword go there?”

“The reason is simple . ”


“It’ll be the base of the Devil Army, the people behind all this . ”

There was one reason why Kahn had shown himself . Because it was his final destination .

And . In that place .

‘Doyle . ’

Yeon-woo’s eyes flashed .

* * *

After their short break, they headed towards the fifth mountain immediately .

It was to prevent the alliance from getting there first . Thankfully, it seemed there was no trap set up when they got there . People probably couldn’t set a trap because it was hard for rankers to approach here in the first place .

All senses were closed, and only Consciousness could be opened .

Yeon-woo unleashed all his Consciousness and began to search for the entrance to the Monkey King’s Palace .

Yeon-woo had destroyed the entrance when he left with the inheritance so others couldn’t approach it, so he had to find a new entrance .

「Your temper led to this . Yup, what a shame . 」

‘Shut up . ’

While he was scolding the mocking Shanon, Yeon-woo was able to find the entrance with Nike’s help . Nike had been following Kahn all this time .

[You have entered the hidden stage, the ‘Monkey King’s Palace . ’]

A hidden stage, not a dungeon .

Yeon-woo’s eyes became bigger at the changed name .

As if they were expected, someone quietly walked out from the entrance and greeted Yeon-woo’s party .


『Long time no see, Cain . 』

Kahn greeted them happily .

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