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Second Life Ranker - Chapter 34

Published at 18th of October 2020 06:50:50 AM

Chapter 34: Chapter 34 - Akasha’s Snake (2)

Chapter 34 . Akasha’s Snake (2)

Yeon-woo looked for Galliard as he killed the Orcs he encountered throughout his journey northeastward .

The ‘Baotri’ that the Orc mentioned meant rugged rocky mountain . It was not easy to find a specific spot in the eastern desert area where everything around were rocky mountains .

Moreover, Orcs were not fools either . After noticing that their scouts weren’t coming back, they started sending groups consisting of more than a dozen Orcs and others even started to search for Yeon-woo on their own accord .

Fortunately, he managed to find Galliard’s cottage by then .

“Is this it?”

Yeon-woo muttered in a low voice as he stood in front of one of the mountains . It was the highest and steepest rocky mountain in the vicinity . The height of it made the other mountains around look small in comparison .

Yeon-woo narrowed his eyes and strengthened his eyesight .

Then, as if he had zoomed in with a camera, he found something barely peeking out from the tip of the mountain . It was a small cottage roughly supported by a few thick wooden pillars on a sloping cliff . It looked like it could collapse in any moment, but Yeon-woo shouted with joy because it was the same cottage he had seen in the diary .

Later I figured out, Galliard changes the location of his cottage with each round of the tutorial .

It’s so annoying to have to search every corner of eastern desert every time I visit .

His brother also did not know why Galliard kept moving around . He could only guess that it had something to do with chasing Akasha’s Snake .

‘Let’s get in there first . ’

Yeon-woo started to climb up the rocky mountain, lightly hitting the ground .

The slope was too steep and rugged to climb without a single piece of safety equipment, but thanks to his high stats and skills, it wasn’t too difficult for Yeon-woo . All he had to do was to pinpoint the safe places to step on with his strengthened vision, and leap up with his strong leg muscles . Yeon-woo climbed so fast that before he knew it he had already landed on a small yard in front of the cottage .

And he knocked on the door .

“Excuse me . ”

But no sound was heard from the inside .

He expanded the scope of his senses and scanned inside the cottage, but he couldn’t sense anything .

“Is anyone here?”

He couldn’t just open the door and enter without the owner’s permission .

In fact, Galliard was a character who seldom stayed at home and most of the time could be found outside walking around . So Yeon-woo sat on a bench in the yard, and began to wait for Galliard .

*   *   *

“Who are you?”

The sunset was spreading across the sky when Gilliard returned home . When he arrived, Yeon-woo was in the middle of his meditation . He immediately opened his eyes and greeted Gilliard .

“I’m Cain . ”

“I don’t care about your name . I’m asking you what are you doing in front of my house?”

Galliard eyed at Yeon-woo up and down with a look full of suspicion .

But to Yeon-woo, Galliard was a very intriguing existence .

‘Demi-humans… They actually exist . ’

A tall stature reaching about 190 centimeters, a sturdy but sleek body frame, brown skin tone, well-defined, handsome features… And then, the long, pointed ears . Galliard was not a human .

An Elf, one of the most prominent members of the demi-humans . Among them, he was a Dark Elf that was classified as a natural born warrior .

“I’ve been introduced by teammates . I’d like to buy something . Are you the Galliard?”

With a stiff expression, Galliard threw a freshly caught beast on the floor, and lowered his bow from his shoulder . He was getting ready for a fight .

Dark Elves were often treated as freaks even among the Elves . While most of the Elves loved peace and cared for nature, the Dark Elves were more cruel and sometimes cold-blooded hunters . In some cases, they would abandon their teammates without any hesitation if it was for a greater good .

Maybe that’s the reason .

When I first met Galliard, he was very doubtful and would always be on guard against others .

“I’d like to get ‘Undine’s Goblet . ”

Galliard slightly creased his brows .

“Who told you that?”

“Braham . ”

“That asshole . I told him not to go babbling about this anymore . ”

Braham was the name of an old friend of Galliard . He was the person who had been originally trying to climb The Tower with him .

‘And he was also one of the people that Jeong-woo called his masters . ’

Yeon-woo was complete stranger to Braham, but he didn’t care at all . He was going to leave Galliard as soon as he got the item he needed .

‘There’s no need to befriend him just because he was close to Jeong-woo . ’

Galliard had nothing to do with the betrayal his brother had suffered . He had never entered The Tower, and had no will to intervene in any other business .

But still, it wouldn’t do him any good to reveal who he was . Even if he did, it would just make things awkward for both of them . For Yeon-woo, it was enough to know what kind of people his brother had connections with .

“Okay . ”

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Galliard let out a deep sigh . Then he slung his bow back on his shoulder and picked up the beast he had dropped before .

“Come in . ”

Yeon-woo followed Galliard into the cottage . The inside was not much different from where ordinary hunters lived . Along the wall were stuffed heads of all kinds of beasts and various hunting weapons were placed on the floor . Some scraps of leather were scattered on the table .

“You can sit anywhere you want . Just give me some time to finish this . ”

Galliard pointed to a chair with his chin as he pushed the pieces of leather to the side and placed the beast on the table .

The beast he carried home had a slight resemblance to a deer, but it looked very different from what he had seen on Earth . The size was twice as big, and its legs were full of muscles . On its head, two sets of goat-like horns were tangled together .

Galliard took apart the beast at a rapid pace . He drained the blood, removed the flesh, and took out the guts .

Yeon-woo looked at his skills with admiration .

“You into this kind of stuff?”

Galliard peeked at Yeon-woo .

Yeon-woo nodded .

“So we were in the same boat . ”

Galliard smiled as he noticed the backpack Yeon-woo had brought . Some materials were poking out of the backpack .

Looking at Galliard’s smile, Yeon-woo noticed that he had lowered his guard considerably .

Then after he was done, Galliard looked at Yeon-woo as he slammed the table with his blood-stained knife .

“All right . Let’s talk about business . You want Undine’s Goblet?”

“Yes . ”

Undine’s Goblet .

It was a one time use artifact that could draw Akasha’s Snake to the surface .

‘To be exact, it’s more like its favorite food . ’

The reason why Akasha’s Snake appeared on the surface was to fill its hungry stomach . In order to satiate its massive body, his food had to fulfill one of two conditions . Either it had to be present in large quantities, or…

‘It had to be nutritious . ’

The ‘Akasha’ in the name of Akasha’s Snake indicated the smallest unit of matter in the spiritual world . Others called it Ether, or Spirit Element(靈子) .

Akasha’s Snake fed off of this spiritual energy . It wandered around the earth, absorbing energy from the ground, and often ambushed monster’s settlements to rob them of their vitality . As a result, wherever Akasha’s Snake passed by, it would turn into a wasteland where not a single blade of grass could grow . That’s why the eastern part of Section E was filled with barren deserts and rocky mountains .

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And now, it was around the time when the last remaining bit of Akasha would disappear from the eastern region . This was the time when Akasha’s Snake would suffer from hunger and thirst .

So considering the situation, Undine’s Goblet was a very useful bait to lure out Akasha’s Snake .

Undine’s Goblet is an artifact that contains a great amount of Akasha . Of course, it is also the favorite food of Akasha’s Snake . But the only problem was that,

‘Galliard is the only one who knows how to make Undine’s Goblet . ’

Therefore, he was often visited by players who needed Undine’s Goblet even for other reasons . But Galliard hid himself most of the time out of annoyance .

“You know what the condition is, right?”

He was talking about a condition, not a price .

Yeon-woo nodded his head .

“I do, roughly . ”

“Okay . Then let’s start right away . ”

At that moment .

[The Dark Elf, Galliard, wants to test you . Your reward will be given only after passing this test . ]

[Will you accept the test?]

Galliard’s sharp gaze seemed to pierce through Yeon-woo’s mask .

‘So this is it, Galliard’s test . ’

The condition for Galliard to give Undine’s Goblet was very simple . It was to pass the test he gave .

He never accepted anything else in exchange for the item . Only those who passed the test would receive Undine’s Goblet as a reward .

The reason was unclear . It seemed like he was expecting something from those who passed the test, but no one had ever fulfilled his expectations, and the same test has being repeated for decades .

It was such a ‘weird thing’ for a player to do, but it was now considered as a matter of course, and that was why the system in The Tower accepted his test as a Hidden Quest .

Yeon-woo then nodded .

Then the message disappeared and a new window appeared .

[Hidden Quest / Galliard’s Test]

Content: The Dark Elf, Galliard, has been testing many players for a long time in order to find someone ‘qualified’ .

Being blessed by the wind, his feet are known to be as quick as the wind itself . Your task is to catch Galliard on the run . To pass the test, you must tag him at least five out of ten times .

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Rewards: Rewards will be given according to the number of successes .

– 3 or more: Undine’s Goblet

– 5 or more: Undine’s Goblet + ??

Yeon-woo’s eyes glittered .

‘More than half, is it?’

It was a game of tag . Galliard required players to catch him, and players could use any way possible . He allowed them to set up traps, use their artifacts, or collaborate with teammates .

The players had to ‘touch’ Galliard within a set amount of time for it to be considered as a success .

However, for decades, no more than five people had succeeded in tagging Galliard more than five times .

‘But if I can make it, I can get a skill from him . ’

Yeon-woo knew what was hidden behind the question marks in the quest window . It was a skill that Galliard had .


It was a special skill that had been passed down within the Dark Elves .

‘Shunpo hastens ones movement and eliminates the sound produced by it . It’ll be of great help in combat . ’

Yeon-woo’s primary weapon was his stealth and speed based on his strengthened senses . No other skill fit his combat style as good as Shunpo . That’s why had Yeon-woo included acquiring it in his plans .

But there was one more reason why Yeon-woo needed Shunpo the most .

Missing a numbering on it, Shunpo might be seen as a mediocre skill .

But I realized its true value only after seeing my teammate . The advantage of Shunpo lies not in its speed, but somewhere else .

··· It was a key element of another skill, ‘Shukuchi(縮地)’

Rank No . 1 .

The key to unlocking one of the best skills that symbolizes ‘AllForOne’ .

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