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Second Life Ranker - Chapter 4

Published at 18th of October 2020 06:51:00 AM

Chapter 4: Chapter 4 -  Tutorial (2)

Chapter 4 . Tutorial (2)

[A fierce pain overcomes you . You have been afflicted with ‘Stun’ . ]

[Your trait ‘Cold-blooded’ has helped you maintain composure . ]

[The status effect ‘Stun’ has been removed . You have developed resistance to pain . ]

He felt as if his arm was being torn apart and he couldn’t breath .

Yeon-woo was familiar with this sensation .

He gritted his teeth and held tightly onto his consciousness .

He had suffered this kind of pain many times in Africa . Back then, he had been shot and his life was in danger . This pain was nothing compared to that .

He then quickly checked on his condition .

‘The parts where the arrows are stuck are my left shoulder, forearm and thigh . My ribs… were only grazed . The wounds look bad, but I can still move . ’

As soon as his decision was made he carried out his actions immediately . Raising his, now completely ragged, backpack up, he stepped back as fast as he could .

‘Apparently, traps were activated at the same time when I passed through a certain point . ’

That meant there was a particular area where the traps were concentrated .

He had to flee until he reached that place .

Even as he retreated, the steel arrows kept flying towards him .

At first, it was only one or two arrows, but past a certain point, four or five started to fly out at the same time .

Still, he moved while refraining from exposing himself as much as possible .

A long blood trail spread from his wound, staining the wall . In the meantime, two more steel arrows were inserted into his calf .

When he reached a certain point, steel arrows no longer poured down on him .

Yeon-woo leaned his back against the wall as he threw the backpack filled with steel arrows on the floor .

His vision was spinning round and round .

An unpleasant, stuffy smell lingered in his mouth .

[Your wounds are bleeding severely . You have been afflicted with ‘Stun’ . ]

[Your trait ‘Cold-blooded’ has helped you maintain composure . ]

[The status effect ‘Stun’ has been removed . You have developed resistance to bleeding . ]

Yeon-woo barely managed to hold onto consciousness .

It was almost by instinct that his body had brought him to this point . If he lost consciousness here, he would die instantly .

Yeon-woo plunged his hand into the torn backpack .

The stuff that once filled the backpack had spilled out and rolled around randomly, and the steel arrows took their place instead .

Fortunately, the medical kit hadn’t been lost during the action, and it was quickly caught by his hand .

Yeonwoo opened the kit and took out disinfectant, bandages, pre-connected needle and thread,  oil-fed cotton and a lighter .

Because he could hardly use his left arm, it took him long time to pick up all the items .

Once all his preparations were finished, without any delay, Yeon-woo moved his hand towards the steel arrow stuck in his left shoulder .

And he pulled it out .


As expected, a fierce pain followed . He felt as if his arm was falling off .

The hand that was holding the steel arrow was trembling . Blood gushed out from the wound .

With blood-stained eyes, Yeon-woo lit the cotton on fire and pressed it against the wound .


The smell of burnt flesh filled the air .

[Your skin has been set on fire . You have been afflicted with ‘Stun’ . ]

[Your trait ‘Cold-blooded’ has helped you maintain composure . ]

[The status effect ‘Stun’ has been removed . You have developed resistance to burning . ]

The wound healed quickly leaving behind only a scar .

In the same way, Yeon-woo pulled out the steel arrow stuck in his leg and stopped the bleeding . Then he applied disinfectant on it .

Thankfully, none of his bones were broken . It was the result of moving his body instinctively .

He could barely catch his breath after treating all of his wounds .


All the strength drained out of his body . His left arm and leg felt weak .

“Such a rough start from the very beginning . This is nuts . ”

Yeon-woo was so dumbfounded that he wanted to curse himself .

He knew it would be dangerous, but he didn’t think it would be this bad .

There was such a big difference between knowing it in your head and experiencing it for real .

‘I’m glad I have this trait”

An ability to maintain rationality in any situation, ‘Cold-blooded’ .

Yeon-woo felt grateful for the effect of his trait .

He was already mentally strong before, but now, he felt much stronger thanks to being able to make quick judgement in a terrible situation like this .

In addition, the extra “resistance” had also helped him relieve his pain little by little .

He didn’t know whether his trait was being enhanced, or his body was slowly adapting .

He didn’t know how the system worked .

The only thing that was clear to him was that it was helpful to Yeon-woo .

Then, he quickly put his thoughts in order .

Yeon-woo cast his eyes toward the passage still buried in darkness .

It felt as ferocious as the jaws of a beast, but every beast had its own weakness .

‘There’s a specific timing for each arrow being shot . There was also a signal, although very subtle . ’

Yeon-woo narrowed his eyes .

‘I have to figure out the timing . ’

Traps loaded with steel arrows were a combination of multiple devices .

Sensors captured someone approaching, cogwheels spinned to measure direction, and finally steel arrows were spewed out of the muzzle .

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‘Because of the darkness, it is impossible to spot the steel arrows with the naked eye . But before that, the cogwheels activate . I have to pick up the sound of the cogwheels spinning . That’s the only chance I have to find the location and direction of the steel arrows . ’

However, it takes only two to three seconds for the cogwheels to spin and the steel arrows to be fired . The sound is really quiet too .

In that brief moment, he had to pinpoint the origin of the small sound .

It might be easy to say, but it was impossible to execute without very fine senses and reflexes .

But luckily, Yeon-woo had a new weapon with him .

‘Skills… I have Sense Strengthening . ’

With this skill that allows him to handle his five senses freely, there should be a way .

The reason why all players are given basic skills that fit them, is because they should be able to use them to break through their challenges .

The key is how well they could use their skills .

Yeon-woo quietly closed his eyes and focused on the sounds around him .

It wasn’t too hard to concentrate .

He was used to this kind of thing anyway .

[‘Sense Strengthening’ has been activated . Your auditory sense has been enhanced . ]

[‘Sense Strengthening’ skill proficiency has risen . 0 . 8%]

Yeon-woo tried to concentrate on everything he could hear amidst the silence .

But it was extremely difficult . It wasn’t easy to differentiate the sounds he need from between dozens of small noises .



He heard some droplets of water dripping somewhere from the ceiling .

*Rattle* *Clink*

He also heard the slight sound of steel arrows being reloaded into the traps .

Other than those, he also caught a lot of other noises throughout the passage .

Still, he tried to pick out the sounds he wanted, one by one .

Long time passed since .


‘This is it!’

Something let out a squeaky sound due to its rust . It was definitely a cogwheel .

Yeon-woo opened his eyes and threw one of his dagger to one side .



The dagger struck deep into one side of the ceiling, and soon a broken mechanical device and steel arrows fell down .

‘Yes! I can find them . ’

Yeon-woo’s eyes sparkled .

Of course, there were downsides of getting rid of his other senses and only focusing on hearing, but the important thing was that he found a way to go through the passage .

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Yeon-woo forced his creaking body up . His body still screamed in pain .

He could barely move his left arm, and he was limping as he walked . It was crazy to move such state .

Even if his footsteps were slow, Yeon-woo managed to get to the place where the next trap was installed .


Steel arrows were shot once again .

‘Right shoulder!’

Yeon-woo had already heard the sound of a cogwheel, and turned his body sideways, measuring the direction from where the steel arrow flew in .


The steel arrow that narrowly missed his shoulder, was stuck deep into the wall .


Yeon-woo clenched his fists .

[‘Sense Strengthening’ skill proficiency has increased . 1 . 5%]

After feeling certain that it would work, Yeon-woo did not delay any longer and moved on to the next spot .

*Swish* *Swish* *Swish* *Swish*

‘Four . ’

In order from top to bottom, each one aimed for his temple, heart, abdomen and knee .

Yeon-woo dodged by turning his head sideway and taking a step forward at the same time .

The arrow that was aiming for his thigh flew right past his leg and struck the floor . At the same time he used the flat of his dagger to block the arrow that was coming towards his abdomen .


The dagger trembled, producing a pleasant sound .

His hand was hurting from the impact, but the thrill of it filled him with adrenaline .

[‘Sense Strengthening’ skill proficiency has increased . 2 . 1%]

[Your Strength has increased by 1 point]

[Your Dexterty has increased by 1 point]

The messages notifying him of the increase of his skill level and attribute points filled his retina .

‘If my Strength and Dexterty increased… Status window . ’

[Player: Yeon-woo Cha]

Trait: Cold-blooded

Strength: 11   Dexterity: 16   Health: 12   Magic Power: 21

Skills: Draconic Eyes(0 . 0%), Sense Strengthening(2 . 1%), Foresight(0 . 0%)

‘As I thought . ’

Yeon-woo had a satisfied smile .

In the real world, it takes a considerable amount of time and training to boost one’s ability, but  here it’s different .

‘I can gain achievements as long as I exert myself . There can’t be any other place like this . ’

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It was all thanks to this interface system that had enabled his brother’s fast growth . Yeon-woo closed the status window and calmly judged the situation .

‘Now, it’s somewhat possible to dodge the arrows . But my reflexes are still slow . ’

His dagger was half a beat too slow after spotting the arrows . Even if he noticed the arrows, it was meaningless if he was too slow to react .

Yeon-woo divided his consciousness that was previously solely focused on hearing into his right hand .

[‘Sense Strengthening’ has been activated . Your haptic sense has been enhanced . ]

[‘Sense Strengthening’ skill proficiency has increased . 2 . 3%]

Yeon-woo took another step forward .


An arrow aiming at his forehead .

He quickly struck the arrow aside .

It was a speed neither slow nor fast .

‘It’s only my hearing and right arm that I have to focus on, but it’s hard to split my senses in two at the same time . ’

His eyes swept past the darkness .

‘Slowly, but not too much . ”

Yeon-woo began to proceed slowly once again .

*Swish* *Swish* *Swish*

With each step, steel arrows poured down on him .

Yeon-woo avoided the arrows with minimal movements, or cut off their routes with his daggers if avoiding was too difficult . Next, he refined his blocking technique a little more . He deflected arrows with the flat side of his dagger, or lowered his head to avoid them . He also twisted his body sideway, or walked forward to clash with it .


There was a case in where he missed an arrow and was struck on his back .

But Yeon-woo indifferently pulled out the arrow without giving out a single moan .

After stopping the blood, he went straight ahead with limp steps .

Yeon-woo silently kept on walking just like a machine .

[‘Sense Strengthening’ skill proficiency has increased . 3 . 1%]

[Your Strength has increased by 1 point]

[Your Health has increased by 1 point]


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