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Second Life Ranker - Chapter 5

Published at 18th of October 2020 06:51:00 AM

Chapter 5: Chapter 5 -  Tutorial (3)

Chapter 5 .  Tutorial (3)

At some point in time, after walking for a long time, Yeon-woo noticed that there was some kind of pattern to the traps .

‘There’s a difference in how attribute points are given depending on how I deal with the arrows . ”

For example, if he struck a steel arrow, his Strength rose, if he dodged, his Dexterity rose, and if he was hit, his Health rose .

It seemed to work that way because the different ways he handled arrows stimulated different attributes . However, it wasn’t always accurate .


‘Arrowheads with different colors were sparsely mixed within the other arrows . ’

As his stats were steadily rising, he became more and more sensitive . And before he knew it, he could actually ‘see’ the arrows .

At first, he thought he was wrong .

It was very small, but various colors were painted on the tip of the arrowheads .

But the light was too dim to tell the colors apart, and it was hard to check all the arrows at once when they all flew from different directions .

And the fact that most of the arrows had only normal arrowheads also made him think against it .

However, as his vision strengthened and his ability to see dynamic objects increased, his suspicion gradually turned into certainty .

The colored arrowheads were there for certain .

‘The colors I’ve seen until now… was it red, blue and yellow?’

Yeon-woo was lost in thoughts .

‘What on earth is it? Why do they have different colors?’

Then he remembered what he had seen in the diary .

Now that I think of it, nothing in the tutorial was made for no reason, even the smallest little thing .

Everything had a certain meaning to it .

And the most curious thing was that . The colors painted on the arrowheads .

‘Jeong-woo hadn’t found out the secret behind this either . Is this some kind of hidden piece?’

His brother had barely passed Section A with his teammates, but Yeon-woo had been going at it by himself . This difference seemed to have helped him find the hidden piece that no one had found before .

Yeon-woo resumed moving, thinking he should try it out .


Just in time, out of six arrows that were fired at him, there was one with a blue arrowhead .

‘What I can check right now are my Attributes and Skills . If so . ’

Yeon-woo avoided all the other arrows and only struck the blue one .


[Your Strength has increased by 1 point]

[‘Sense Strengthening’ skill proficiency has increased . 4 . 2%]

The messages informing him about the growth of his Strength stat and skill proficiency appeared .

It wasn’t ineffective, but .

‘This isn’t it . ’

Yeon-woo shook his head .

‘There must be something else . A distinct difference that separates them from the other arrows . ’

After a long time, another colored arrow flew in . This time it was red .

Yeon-woo turned around and dodged all the arrows except for the red one, which he then parried .

He could feel a twinge in his wrist from parrying the arrow, realizing it was heavier than the rest .

[You have blocked a red arrow]

[Your Strength has increased by 3 points]

‘This is it!’

Yeon-woo felt himself sobering .

A drastic increase in Strength .

It was a big difference from the usual slow growth .

‘Status window . ’

[Player: Yeon-woo Cha]

Trait: Cold-blooded

Strength: 19   Dexterity: 19   Health: 14   Magic Power: 21

Skills: Draconic Eyes(0 . 0%), Sense Strengthening(4 . 3%), Foresight(0 . 0%)

Yeon-woo faintly smiled .

As time went by, the growth speed of his attributes had been slowing down little by little .

Now, he found a way to increase his attributes once again .

‘Each color must be related to a different attribute . Red was Strength . Then, what about the other ones?’

When he blocked the blue arrow, nothing happened . This meant that different actions are required depending on the color .

As soon as Yeon-woo came to a rough understanding, he proceeded much faster .


The blue arrow was faster than others .

This time, he didn’t strike it but narrowly avoided it .

[You have dodged a blue arrow]

[Your Dexterity has increased by 2 points]

The yellow arrow was sharper .

Because striking and dodging actions were already assigned to different colors, he put out his left arm just to see if it worked .


[You have been hit by a yellow arrow]

[Your Health has increased by 2 points]

“This is crazy . ”

Yeon-woo barely managed to pull out a portion of the arrow before his expression turned into a frown due to the pain . Feeling as if his arm was falling off .

He inhibited the nerves in charge of transmiting pain as much as possible, and had only exposed the parts where the bones and joints wouldn’t get damaged, but it was clearly a something a normal person wouldn’t do .

He started feeling dizzy again because of the loss of blood .

He was barely holding himself together thanks to his increased Health . But without it he would have already fallen .

And then,


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Yeon-woo coughed a mouthful of blood . The blood dripped down from the palm that was covering his mouth .

Inhibiting his nerves didn’t make the symptoms go away .

The pain was spreading along the nerves in his left arm throughout his whole body .

He kept retching .

He was on the verge of fainting .

His body was warning him that he couldn’t endure it anymore . That it was already crazy that he had endured so far, and that if he didn’t have some rest right away, he would actually collapse .

Yeon-woo, however, gritted his teeth again .

‘This pain is nothing compared to what Jeong-woo went through . ’

Even though Yeon-woo had not experienced it himself, he was well aware of the pain his brother had suffered, because he had watched the recorded images in the diary over and over .

If he couldn’t stand even this, there was nothing he could do for his brother in the future .

Yeon-woo forcefully pulled out the yellow arrow from his left arm .

His body had already reached its limit, but in the process, he had achieved what he desired .

Red is Strength, blue is Dexterity, yellow is Health .

Then, all he needed to do was to act according to each color .

There was still a long way to go before reaching the end of the passage .

Through his senses, he could feel that there were still lots of traps . Which also meant that there were lots of attribute points he could still raise .

Once again, blood gathered in the bottom of his jaw .

Yeon-woo swallowed it back and moved along . His eyes blazing like flames .

One step at a time .

Yeon-woo rushed with tottering steps .

*  *  *

“Ohyohyohyo . He is truly an amazing participant . I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a character . ”

Thousands of screens were floating in several rows in front of the guardian Yvlke, Showing all players currently participating in the tutorial . They all had different looks .

However, Yvlke’s eyes were fixed only on one screen located in a corner .

In there was Yeon-woo, who was trudging down a passage as if he was about to fall any moment soon .

‘Originally, he shouldn’t be such an eye-catching individual . ’

In fact, this tutorial round had a lot to see .

Not only the siblings from the Cheong-lam family, the most anticipated ones among the One-horned tribes, but also the dumbass duo who are aiming to become rankers, and a swordsman of Marcusian descent . ”

Each one of them was strong enough that even if they started climbing The Tower straight away, they wouldn’t fall behind .

They had already entered Section E early on and had been carrying out missions . Some of them were already in Section F .

It was unknown who would be the one to achieve the highest score in this tutorial .

However, Yvlke’s eyes were strangely fixed on Yeonwoo, who had been stranded in Section A for days, rather than those in Section E .

He thought Yeon-woo was going to die after a few steps when he first showed up .

And that this little fucker without any ability would get above himself and get fucked .

But Yeon-woo completely exceeded his expectations .

Others would struggle to pass through or even be annihilated in Section A, even if they formed parties, but Yeon-woo gradually made progress by himself and even found the hidden piece hidden in the arrowheads .

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And with an iron will, he was steadily raising his stats by taking advantage of the hidden piece .

Even though Yeon-woo’s body was clearly in a state where it wouldn’t be strange for him to fall down at any minute .

‘This guy, he’s the real deal . ’

After being a guardian for such a long time, he could feel it intuitively .

Other frontrunners were also great, but this was the guy who was going to turn the whole tutorial on its head .

“There will still be a lot of dangers waiting ahead even if he manages to break through this section, but if he can pass the other sections as wisely as he is right now… . ”

Yvlke adjusted his monocle .

Yeon-woo was already reaching the last part of Section A .

“I think this round of the tutorial will be a lot of fun . Ohyohyohyo . ”

*  *  *

[Player: Yeon-woo Cha]

Trait: Cold-blooded

Strength: 29   Dexterity: 33   Health: 30   Magic Power: 21

Skills: Draconic Eyes(0 . 0%), Sense Strengthening(8 . 3%), Foresight(0 . 0%)

While he was walking down the passage, Yeon-woo check his status window and clenched his fists .

‘All the attributes except for Magic Power have risen sharply . ’

Compared to when he first arrived, he had earned a total sum of 55 attribute points . .

‘In order to raise their attribute points, one has to train regularly or push themselves over the limit . Even though I’ve been tackling it as a solo player, the amount of achievements I’ve made so far in one day should count as decent . ’

No, actually it was not just decent .

It was a great accomplishment .

None of the other players were able to improve their attribute points by this much in such a short term .

‘It’s not just this . My muscle strength, mobility, endurance, explosive power, and power in general has increased . ’

It might have been physically difficult, but the result made him satisfied .

he was a little disappointed that he couldn’t raise his Magic Power, but he erased the idea from his head because he didn’t feel the need for it right now .


Yeon-woo pushed the iron gate in front of him with a slight smile on his mouth .


[You have arrived at the arrival point . ]

[Your wounds will be healed . ]

It was the moment when he reached the iron gate that what seemed like an endless passage ended .

Yeon-woo was already as exhausted as he could be .

His body was riddled with traces of blood, and there were a couple of arrows that hadn’t been pulled out yet .

His head was burning from continuously focusing too much on his senses .

He didn’t know what other traps were waiting beyond the iron gate . Still, Yeon-woo opened it and stepped past .

Then, what appeared in front of him was a room of around 10 pyeong[1] of space .

At the same time,

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A swarm of white lights rose along the wounds where bloody pus was forming .

The wounds started to slowly heal and the pus subsided . His worn out body was also being filled up with energy .

The base was designed to allow players who were hurt and tired from passing through Section A to recuperate .

Yeon-woo felt both relieved that he could catch his breath, and satisfied that he had grown to this point .


And he fell asleep without realizing it .

*  *  *

‘Did I fall asleep?’

Yeon-woo’s body felt stiff .

As he saw in the diary, it was possible to recover one’s physical condition at the arrival point .

When he noticed his wounds were being treated, he felt a sense of relief and only wanted to take a nap for a while .

But he slept more than intended .

And when he opened his eyes to check the time .


Suddenly, a man whose face was covered under a robe waved his hand towards Yeon-woo .

Yeon-woo was so surprised that he quickly stood up and jumped backwards . He quickly brought his hand to his waist .

Cold sweat ran down his back .

‘This man, what is he?’

How come he never noticed a person being right next to him?

His Sense Strengthening skill was clearly active .

The skill was scanning the entire room, but this guy was the only one to avoid it .

As if he was isolated from the world .

In that moment, a description from the diary rushed upon his mind .

Occasionally, merchants would pop up at the arrival point, and they sold items that players needed for a price . Ranging from ordinary food to potions, skill books, and all kinds of different artifacts, the merchants sold everything there was .

“The mysterious merchant?”


The man in the robe let out a chuckle and clapped his two hands .


Then, the space behind the man distorted, revealing shelves stocked with miscellaneous items .

“I’m glad you know who I am . Salutations, my gullible, I mean, lovable customer! I am A, a passing merchant . ”

[1] 10 Pyeong(평) = 33m2

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