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Chapter 326: 326

Chapter 326: I Like Only You (1)

Ye Tianxin’s smile reached her eyes . She did not have to hesitate at all in answering Yan Jun’s question .

Who was handsomer?

“Elder Brother Li is the handsomest!”

Li Qingcang glanced at Yan Jun with a look of satisfaction when he heard that .

Yan Jun was overconfident; hence, he was humiliated . He was a weakling who could not even lift . If Tianxin thought that he was handsome, there was something wrong with her sense of beauty .

“My heart has suffered a thorough beating . ”

Yan Jun sat down by the side, sulking as he started to eat his breakfast .

He ate it as if the delicious breakfast was his enemy .

While eating, Li Qingcang asked Jing Zhichen, “Do you know any interior design companies? This two-story house needs to be renovated . ”

“Sure, leave it to me . I will definitely find a good renovation team and get them to use the eco-friendly materials . ”

Jing Zhichen patted his chest and assured Li Qingcang . He did not bother to ask Li Qingcang why .

He understood Ye Tianxin . Ye Tianxin did not want to owe anyone a favor, not even from her own cousin, Jing Zhichen .

“Thanks, Elder Brother Jing . ”

After breakfast, Yan Jun was booted out into the kitchen to wash the dishes . Before he started washing the dishes, Yan Jun asked reluctantly, “Why do I have to wash the dishes?”

He had never heard of guests having to wash dishes .

“Because you came here to eat without contributing . ”

Jing Zhichen pushed Yan Jun into the kitchen . Pitiful Yan Jun could only do as he was bid with a bitter expression on his face .

He consoled himself by thinking that Ye Tianxin might view him in a new light if he were to wash the dishes .

Ye Tianxin wanted to go to the graveyard .

She had thought about it but still did not know where Jin had been buried .

She wanted to buy a plot in the graveyard for Jin .

“Did Tianxin not sleep well last night?” Jing Zhichen asked Li Qingcang worriedly .

Li Qingcang nodded . “She had nightmares all night . Qie Yiyan had really caused a lot of trouble!” He was instantly annoyed when he mentioned ‘Qie Yiyan’ .

“Bro, Yiyan did indeed cause some trouble . He seemed to have become an entirely different person after that incident with Elder Sister Xingqing,” Jing Zhichen said . Li Qingcang didn’t respond, so Jing Zhichen continued, “Bro, what do you plan to do about Yan Jun? That lad has fallen in love with Tianxin as if he were possessed by the devil…”

“Tianxin does not him . ”

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Li Qingcang’s confirmed Jing Zhichen’s thoughts .

With an outstanding man like Li Qingcang standing right before Ye Tianxin, there must be a problem with her if she were to fall for Yan Jun .

“I wonder who Tianxin likes…,” Jing Zhichen said and saw the thoughtful expression in Li Qingcang’s eyes .

He continued, “It definitely isn’t me . Tianxin and I are relatives . ”

Li Qingcang’s head hurt . It was not Jing Zhichen nor Yan Jun . Then who could it be?

It couldn’t be Qie Yiyan, could it?

If Tianxin were to have fallen in love with Qie Yiyan, then how terrible would that be?

He could guarantee that Elder Sister Xingqing’s place in Qie Yiyan’s heart could not be replaced .

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He did not want Tianxin to suffer .

“It doesn’t matter who Tianxin likes . In any case, I will not let Tianxin be bullied . ”

Jing Zhichen agreed very much with what Li Qingcang had said . He and Li Qingcang did not have younger sisters . They finally found one in Ye Tianxin, and they wanted to give her all the best things in this world .

It was as if Ye Tianxin had this ability, this special power, that made them want to get closer to her and to dote on her .

Ye Tianxin returned to the bookstore . She picked up the book on the floor . On the cover of the book, she saw the title, “I don’t like this world . I like only you . ”

What a heartwarming statement…

She wanted to tell Li Qingcang loudly that she liked him .