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Chapter 2

"I am your eldest daughter, then why are you doing this to me? " Li Xiaolu asked as she looked at her parents .

Then she looked at the man who she was in love with, "Chen Yufan today is our wedding, why are you doing this to me? You love me then why? "

Chen Yufan looked at her coldly without any emotion as if he was looking at a stranger . Suddenly she heard a laugh, Li Xiaolu turned and looked at her younger sister Li Roulan and Xuimin .

Li Roulan smiled as she walked towards Chen Yufan and hugged him, "Brother Yufan do you love her or me? "

On hearing Li Roulan, Chen Yufan smiled as he kissed her forehead, "Today is our wedding . . . what nonscense are you talking about? "

Looking at everyone, Li Xiaolu didn't know what to do . Li Roulan glanced at Li Xiaolu victoriously and signalled the guard .

Feeling a pain in her arm, Li Xiaolu looked at the guard who was injecting her with something . She gave up struggling as she felt her eyes heavy, head dizzy and then everything went black .

Opening her eyes, Li Xiaolu scanned her surrounding . She was all alone tied to chair in a dark cold place .

Remembering the events, tears fell from her eyes . Why? Why did her family betray her? A family is supposed to love and protect each other . . . . then why did they stab her in the back like that?

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Li Xiaolu is the eldest young miss of the Li family . She was not only exceptionally beautiful but also had a very talented brains . From a very young age, Li Xiaolu was told to kept her beauty and her identity hidden .

As an obedient child, she listened to whatever her parents told her . She had two younger siblings Li Roulan her younger sister and Li Yifeng her younger brother .

Her parents had bought her a different apartment to live in as she was told to stay away from the family . The people never knew about her as her parents only introduced Li Roulan and Li Yifeng .

She loved and believed her parents so she never asked them the reason why . Their love, that was enough for her . Being the eldest, she had many responsibilities and ruled to follow . while her younger siblings were pampered and spoiled the most .

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Li Xiaolu was very good at handling business so she helped her dad behind the scenes to make Li Corporations one of the top five companies in the business world . As she was not interested in business, all the credit of her hardwork was taken by her younger brother Li Yifeng .

She never felt wronged as it was her own brother . The Li family and the Chen family were old friends so at one family dinner, Li Xiaolu accidentally met Chen Yufan .

She fell in love with him at first sight but she never acted upon it . She kept her distance from him while admiring him from afar . Chen Yufan was handsome and a young man . He was the only heir of the Chen family .

He possessed a certain charm around woman and it was inevitable that Li Xiaolu fell for him . Li Xiaolu was on cloud nine when she knew he also felt the same . They grew closer and began dating each other .

Li Xiaolu wanted to be an actress as acting was her passion but was rejected by her parents so she decided to be a fashion designer instead . She opened her own studio and became the famous mysterious designer,LX .

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Her younger sister also wanted to pursue acting and her parents encouraged her . Li Xiaolu felt happy for her sister and never objected to her parent's words . Listening to her sister and Chen Yufan, many a times Li Xiaolu acted as her substitute .

Fame never mattered to Li Xiaolu, she was happy that even if she had to wear the face of Li Roulan she could at least act and fulfill her heart's wish . She made the 'Goddess Li' that Li Roulan is known as today .

Similarly, for her best friend Meng Xuimin she gave her composed songs for her to sing . When Chen Yufan proposed her, Li Xiaolu was happy that when their wedding would be down, the world would finally know about her .

She no longer have to hide . She could be free and live with the love of her life with her identity . But who knew the people whom she loved and cared about the most, the people for whom she sacrificed and did everything would be the ones to snatch her everything .

Li Xiaolu laughter bitterly remembering everything when she heard a voice . Raising her head, she saw a TV broadcasting a live wedding .

Li Xiaolu clenched her hands in tight fist as she glarred at the couple on the TV as she heard the person speak, "Today I am happy to be a part of one of the most awaited wedding of the year . Guys . . . . you are right today our Goddess Li is going to get married to her childhood sweetheart Young Master Chen Yufan . . . . "