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Chapter 65

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All the cast members, producer, inverstors and all the friends and family were gathered in the banquet hall, eating and drinking and getting to know one another . The atmosphere was very relaxed and lively .

When Li Xiaolu and Yang Mi arrived, Director Ye immediately called them and introduced them to various people . Li Xiaolu's politely greeted everyone and started getting to know everyone .

Watching this scene, Li Roulan and Ying Yue sneered from the sides . Today, she had called Chen Yufan to be present with her in the banquet but due to some work he couldn't come .

As they were speaking, the producer and the director suddenly stood up and went towards the door . One of the biggest shareholders Mr . Li Youbin had arrived . He was also the father of the two lead actress of his flim .

"Thank you so much, Mr . Li for coming to my birthday banquet . . " Director Ye exclaimed .

"Happy Birthday Director Ye" Li Youbin laughed . Seeing her father, Li Roulan smiled and walked towards them . "Roulan and Xiaolu are under your care Direcor Ye . . . I had to come"

"Of course, Ofcourse . . " Director Ye laughed . "But they both are so talented that they don't require my care Mr . Li . . . "

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"Come, Mr . Li sit here" Producer Su pointed towards a seat so that Mr . Li could seat next to his two daughters . Li Youbin nodded taking a seat between both his daughters .

"Mr . Li your two daughters are beautiful and very talented . . " Producer Su praised .

"And, Xiaolu's . . . your eldest daughter she is a gem . " Director Ye praised . Li Youbin's eyes were filled with fatherly love when he looked at his daughters .

"Your right Director Ye . Xiaolu and Roulan both are my precious gems . . . " Li Youbin smiled .

"Dad . . . " Li Roulan cutely held her father's arm smiling at everyone while Li Xiaolu's nodded her head smiling politely .

"You all have seen me acting, but my elder sister can do even better than me . I have learned everything for her . . " Li Roulan smiled looking at Li Xiaolu .

Yang Mi snorted inwardly rolling her eyes . This fake family . . .

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Soon a waiteress came and served them drinks . Li Roulan stood up from her place, taking a glass of wine, "I would like to toast a glass of wine to Director Ye on his birthday . Happy Birthday Director Ye and may you have a long and joyful life . . "

Everybody raised there glasses and drank their glass of wine . Li Xiaolu's also held a glass of wine but due to her low alcohol intolerance she didn't drink it .

"Li Xiaolu's what happened? " Producer Su asked when he saw Li Xiaolu's confused face .

Yang Mi laughed, " Actually, Xiaolu's has a low alcohol tolerance so she can't drink . . . "

Everybody nodded their head, while Director Ye laughed, " It's okay . Xiaolu's you don't have to drink . . . "

Li Xiaolu was arguing inside her mind whether she should drink the glass of wine or not . Because if she doesn't, then it would be very rude of her .

So, when she heard Director Ye's world's she felt relieved . At the same time, she saw a waitress passing by with a glass of juice . Stopping the waitress, she took the glass of juice .

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"I'm sorry, I have low alcohol intolerance so I can't drink wine . But I would like to toast with this glass of juice . Happy Birthday Director Ye and may you have a very successful life . . . "

Everybody smiled as Li Xiaolu's drank the juice . "Thank you everyone . . . " Director Ye laughed .

Some time passed when suddenly Li Xiaolu felt weird . Her eyes were getting dizzy while her hands were sweating . She felt as if her whole body was on fire and it was paining everywhere .

She was feeling difficulty in breathing and the dress was suffocating her .

What is happening to me?

Maybe I should get some fresh air . . . Li Xiaolu thought . "Sister Yang Mi . . . . " Li Xiaolu called .

"Hmm? "

"Umm . . . I'll just come . . . " Li Xiaolu's said in a hushed whisper panting a little .

"Are you okay? " Yang Mi asked worried seeing Li Xiaolu's pale face .

"I'm fine . . . " Li Xiaolu's nodded and stood up abruptly . "E-excuse me " she said and hurriedly went towards the door .

Watching Li Xiaolu's walking away, Yang Mi suddenly felt something bad was going to happen . Her sixth sense was telling her to follow Li Xiaolu's and she was about to leave when the producer stopped her .

Xiaolu I hope you'll be alright and please come back soon, Yang Mi prayed in heart and continued her conversation with the producer .

At the same time nobody saw, Xifeng smile watching Li Xiaolu leave . Li Xiaolu, you should have never gone against me . This role was mine then how could you think that I would let you take it?

Now you will know, what happens to the people who dares to mess with me! She smirked walking behind Li Xiaolu .