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Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Chapter 82


Ann was taking out a napkin and started to show Elise how to fold it in the Claymore style while Rubica watched them . More accurately, she eagerly watched Elise .

“But why do we fold napkins this way?”

“A long time ago, one of the ancestors of Claymore went on a trip to the north . He met a goblin there and it showed him how to fold napkins like this . So, after that, we follow that style to honor their friendship…”

Rubica was not really paying attention to Ann’s explanation, but then she was suddenly surprised .

“Wait, Ann!”


“Then, that ancestor knew how to speak the goblin language?”

Ann was confused at hearing the question . That story was like a fairytale, so no one knew who that ancestor exactly was . Even Ann had heard it from her predecessor .

“Yes, or the goblin spoke the human language . ”

“Is it possible to learn the goblin language?”


Ann was now truly confused . The kingdom of goblins was far away, and learning their language wasn’t going to be useful, especially so because goblins who wanted to sell goods would learn basic human language . However, Rubica looked serious .

‘Goblin language is going to be very important after the war breaks out . ’

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Goblins knew the desert routes better than anyone else, and they had an underground kingdom that was as big as the one on the surface . Thanks to that, they were going to survive Stella’s bombing . Moreover, soon afterward, supplies and money that were left would be gathered at the stable kingdom of the goblins . So, speaking their language fluently was going to be very useful in the early stages of the war .

“I don’t know, but maybe we can ask Lord Unda, he’s a linguist… . ”

“Let’s learn it together . ”

“We should learn the goblin language?”

Goblin language wasn’t one of the things a noble lady should know . Even ambassadors didn’t have any need to learn it . The language was that useless . Therefore, Ann couldn’t even guess what Rubica was thinking .

She sometimes made such shocking decisions .

‘Now that I think about it, she has saved her entire dowry in the Jackal Bank . ’

The goblin’s bank wasn’t that trustworthy as it didn’t have a high interest rate . It was just old and stable . Ann couldn’t find any connection between her mistress and goblins . She just thought Rubica probably knew something she was not aware of as she was from a merchant family .

“It is going to be useful in time . ”

Rubica knew she sounded very unconvincing, and no one was going to believe her if she just said that . However, to her surprise, Elise smiled shyly .

“Will we be able to learn it well?”

“If that is what you want…”

Ann looked slightly doubtful, but she was agreeing for now . Rubica blinked at seeing them agree so easily . She thought they would, of course, object to it . Normally convincing people to learn such a useless language together should have taken some time, but it was proceeding way too easily .

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She had forgotten something: the two were her ladies-in-waiting . Of course, they had to say yes if she wanted to do something .

‘Have I made a mistake?’

Rubica wanted to befriend them . However, even if they seemed close to each other, the relationship between the mistress and her ladies-in-waiting was more about power . She had to pay a lot of attention in order to become their friend .

‘But I wouldn’t have been able to convince them on this one just with words . Goblin language is practically useless at this point . ’

However, it was going to prove to be useful in the future . Rubica wanted the two to be safe and happy . They might not like it for now, but one day they would think it had been the right decision .

‘Knock, knock . ’

Then, someone knocked on the door even if the door of the room was already wide open . So, who was meaninglessly knocking on the door? Before Rubica could look, Latte, the dog she had been patting, jumped to its feet and ran . Then, it wagged its tail when seeing Edgar leaning against the door . Edgar didn’t even give it a look and went straight to Rubica .

He didn’t even take a look at the dog that was wagging its tail ready to be patted . Rubica once again thought he was a cold man .

‘But he did knock on the door . ’

Last time he had come in without permission, and Rubica had warned him to knock properly . Although he wasn’t happy at all to hear that, he promised he would, and now he knocked even though the door was open . He did keep his words .

‘That’s how he is managing such a huge family without problems at a young age…’

To be honest, he was a little, no, very great . His sarcastic attitude and coldness were understandable considering the burden he was carrying .

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‘And he also asked my opinion first when Stephen asked him to punish me instead of deciding on my fate right away . ’

There were many nobles who were kind and gentle to fellow aristocrats but were merciless to commoners .

However, although Edgar’s way of talking was annoying, he always accepted the right and just opinions of others . So, he was a little, just a little better .

“Rubica . ”

Edgar had come to Rubica as soon as the sun went down . She looked so picturesque in that cozy room with the fireplace and the dogs near her feet . He was disappointed that she wasn’t wearing that salmon-colored dress he had seen through the window earlier, but she did look good in that pale-yellow housedress . The magnolia embroidery around her neck and chest fit her well . Was it also a new dress? Edgar couldn’t wait to tell her she could spend money without worrying about the budget .

“Edgar . ”

Then, Rubica lifted her beautiful face to call his name, and it made ripples appear in his heart . He wanted to bend down and kiss the lips that had just called his name . It would have been better if he hadn’t known it, but he had tasted the pleasure those pretty red lips gave way too early . He now felt so thirsty .

“Just pat Latte a little . ”

Edgar looked down, and there was a white, huge dog waving its tail quickly . The moment their eyes met, it raised its front legs to jump into his arms . He had to grab it with both hands to not fall back, but it excited the dog even more .

“It’s been looking at you all along . ”

Rubica pointed at the dog . She was pitying it as that bothering dog had always liked Edgar . On the other hand, the other dogs had already decided to move on to Rubica . They only glanced at Edgar, who they had loyally served, and cuddled near Rubica even more . One of them even had its head buried in her dress .

‘How dare you!’

Edgar immediately dragged that dog out . It had been sleeping pleasantly, so it yelped when being suddenly disturbed . However, Edgar was mad at the dog who was seeing where he couldn’t even dare to see . Latte, instead, was mad at seeing him pay attention to another dog, and it started barking . In the end, after a long moment of deep rage, Edgar made the decision to get rid of this chaotic situation .

“I want to speak to my wife in private . Everyone, please go out . ”

It made Ann and Elise immediately stand up, and the smart dogs also followed Ann . Then the maids left as well, but only Latte pretended to be ignorant and smiled at Edgar, panting .

“You, out . ”

However, that everyone included all animals as well . Eventually, it had no choice but to go out with a sad look on its face . It repeatedly looked back as it went out and stared at Edgar until a maid closed the door .

“Poor dog . ”

Rubica added in pity for the dog . It seemed like Edgar had just lost more points again .

‘She’s so difficult to understand . ’

Edgar thought so as he looked down on Rubica . She was always disappointed at him no matter what he did . Others were so easily making her laugh, but he couldn’t . He didn’t like it . So, he stopped for a moment and glared down at her .

‘… her head is cute . ’

He was tall, and all he could see by glaring down at her was the top of her head . It was nothing important, everyone had it, but he had to stop himself from laughing .

It was so unfair . She frowned every time she saw him, but he laughed when seeing the top of her head . It wouldn’t have been that unfair if he had been objectively ugly, but he was the most handsome man in the kingdom .

‘What on earth did that… Arman do to win this difficult woman’s heart?’

He had tried to erase that name from his memory, but now it was in his head again . Arman . That name was so common . It was even among Edgar’s long formal name . His grandfather had been called that . Who was that Arman and how did he win Rubica’s heart? Edgar wished he could find him and lock him up until he confessed .