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Chapter 627: 627

Qin Yun returned to Mt . Lightning Roar with his granddaughter .

"Grandfather, I need to cultivate in seclusion . Do not let anyone come to East Jade Yard from this day forth," said Qin Yuluo .

"Alright . " Qin Yun nodded slightly . "No one will disturb your cultivation . "

The Qin Manor occupied an extensive piece of land .

East Jade Yard was where Qin Yuluo typically lived and cultivated . Now, she had barred entry to prevent herself from being disturbed .

"I was such a joke . " Qin Yuluo sat on a granite platform by the side of the corridor . She fell into a daze while hugging her knees . This lasted for three months .

"You pulled Yuluo along to meet Meng Fu?" Yi Xiao was alarmed .

"Having cultivated for thousands of years, why even cultivate if she can't handle something as trivial as this?" Qin Yun thought nothing of it . He had experienced and seen a lot . From his point of view, his granddaughter's simple crush was nothing .

Yi Xiao could not help but say, "But love is something that hurts the most . "

"I will not separate true lovers but our Yuluo was just infatuated! That Meng Fu's mind and heart is all on his wife from his mortal days . It has even turned into an obsession," retorted Qin Yuluo . "It's better to sever any infatuation that has no hope early . "

"You should do it slow, but you were so direct," said Yi Xiao . "Yuluo is now in seclusive cultivation and who knows how she is . "

"Don't underestimate her . I think she resembles me in many ways . " Qin Yun smiled . "She just lacks setbacks . "

Qin Yun suffered many setbacks in his childhood .

Even his embarking of the sword immortal path was through a legacy he obtained . He honed himself in cultivation without any master to guide him . He had to create his own Sword Immortal Essence Soul Dharmic formulation before he became a disciple of the Numinous Treasure Dao Ancestor . The experiences of his cultivation to date… were indeed much more arduous than what Qin Yuluo had experienced . Every sword's blade was produced from tempering . Qin Yuluo had very high talent, in no way inferior to his . However, the setbacks she experienced were too few . As such, her achievements were far inferior to Qin Yun's .


In the cosmos .

God King Zhurong and the Fiend Ancestor's female form met each other from afar . Behind Zhurong was a massive Great World and he stood at the boundary of that Great World . The Fiend Ancestor's true body was unable to step into a Great World, so all she could do was stand beyond the boundary .

"Zhurong, this is the Torch Flame Kindling you want . " The Fiend Ancestor smiled as she threw out a wooden box .

Zhurong's eyes lit up as he caught it and opened it .

The wooden box contained the Torch Flame Kindling which emitted a warm glow . Zhurong was somewhat mesmerized by it . It was a flame much different from his own . "This flame is not domineering at all, and even does not have terrifying heat, but a different power . It makes this flame even more tricky than Negative Karma Fire…"

Zhurong was a Chaos Godfiend who was able to control flames since birth . The Torch Flame Kindling had indeed shocked him .

"Zhurong, you have plenty of time to study it . Now, it's time to do what you need to do," said the Fiend Ancestor . "The Torch Flame Kindling is now with you . Where's the lotus seed I want?"

"Haha, don't worry . I will not go back on my word," said Zhurong with a laugh . He was determined to achieve the Heavenly Dao realm, so how could he owe such huge karma?

"Here's the lotus seed you want . "

Zhurong took out a jade bottle and pulled off its stopper . A green lotus seed filled with immense vibrancy flew out . Just seeing it with the naked eye made one feel the inconceivable strength it contained . Even the Three Realms' Heavenly Dao would recede in the face of it . It was as though it was the most precious item in the universe .

The Fiend Ancestor could not hide her look of excitement . She extended her hand and grabbed the green lotus seed .

"Lotus Seed of Fate," the Fiend Ancestor muttered . "I've finally obtained it . "

"You made a killing using a Torch Flame Kindling refined by Suirenshi to exchange for the Lotus Seed of Fate," said Zhurong with a laugh . "If I were to offer the seed to Suirenshi directly, he would even be willing to refine three Torch Flame Kindlings for the exchange . "

"Haha, the karma between us has been severed," said the Ancestral Fiend with a smile .

Zhurong nodded slightly .

The trade that seemingly disadvantaged him was meant to sever the karma .


"In the eyes of many experts in the Three Realms, the Lotus Seed of Fate is a lot more valuable than the Inextinguishable Torch Flame, but to me, this is the most important thing in all of the Three Realms . " Zhurong looked at the Torch Flame Kindling in the wooden box . "If I can figure out the Inextinguishable Torch Flame and fuse it with my flame, perhaps I can break through . From a single Dao, I'll advance to the myriad Dao and achieve the Heavenly Dao realm . "

The Fiend Ancestor and Zhurong were both filled with excited anticipation .

And in Mt . Lightning Roar's Qin Manor in the Heavenly realm .

Qin Yuluo was alone in East Jade Yard without anyone disturbing her .

First she sat in a daze for three months .

"He has a love in his heart to begin with, so why am I holding hope for him? From this day forth, we shall go our separate ways . " Qin Yuluo got up and began practicing her swordplay, venting all her emotions into her sword arts .

She practiced day and night .

No one disturbed her . In the beginning, she was only venting with her swordplay, but as years passed, she finally calmed her heart .

It was as though the world only had her and the sword in her hand .

About fifty years after her seclusive cultivation .


Qin Yun, who was chatting with Yi Xiao over tea, suddenly stood up and looked toward East Jade Yard .

"What happened?" Yi Xiao was puzzled .

"Good . Good . Good," Qin Yun said happily .

"What are you so happy?" inquired Yi Xiao .

Qin Yun smiled and said, "It's Yuluo . She has been cultivating all this while . Just moments ago, the sword array she conjured had strength equivalent of that of a mighty figure's!"

"Equivalent to a mighty figure's?" Yi Xiao was astonished . "Yuluo has broken through?"

"There might still be some obstructions in her attaining of a Great Dao, but her strength does match a mighty figure at the moment," said Qin Yun with a sigh . "Although I have painstakingly taught her, just like how Jade Void Palace teaches its disciples, there are few in the Three Realms that have the strength of mighty figures . This is the same for ancient existences at the perfected Great Dao . I never expected to see Yuluo break through so early before my final tribulation . "

Qin Yun was very pleased .

He was happy that his lineage would not end with him and that Qin Manor would have someone to support it after him .

"Severing her emotional ties and cultivating for decades in seclusion before a breakthrough . Even if all the time is counted, it has only taken her a few millennia . " Qin Yun roared with laughter . "To match that of a mighty figure in a few millennia, Yuluo's talents are indeed high . I believe she will be able to become a mighty figure if she continues accumulating her insights! She might even be able to become a pinnacle mighty figure . "

"It's no wonder Yuluo caught the fancy of Perfected Jade Tripod from Jade Void Palace . His keen eye is truly impeccable . " Qin Yun was rather pleased with himself .

He also believed that Yuluo was very talented .

However, she had exceeded his expectations to match a mighty figure that quickly .

"Look at how happy you are," said Yi Xiao with a smile . "I don't even see you that happy when you break through yourself . "

"It's different . I have Itinerant Immortal tribulations awaiting me while Yuluo has eternal life . It's possible that Qin Manor will be counting on her in the future," said Qin Yun with a smile .

"Why are you saying that? Brother Yun, you will definitely transcend the Itinerant Immortal tribulations," said Yi Xiao immediately .

"Haha, yes . I'll definitely transcend it . " Qin Yun laughed .

At that moment, Qin Yun even felt enlightened .

It was said that the torch was always passed down .

To see Yuluo step forward to continue being the Qin family's pillar of support made Qin Yun suddenly have a deeper understanding of what it meant to pass down a torch .

My responsibilities are yours .

All I care for will be handed to you for protection .

I will leave everything to you .

"The Human Spirit?" Qin Yun could sense that the moment of enlightenment made him even closer to the Great Dao of Man .

But to figure out the Great Dao of Man like that? Clearly, it was not sufficient .

But being one step closer made Qin Yun realize how he should continue his cultivation .

"Xiaoxiao," said Qin Yun .

"Yes?" Yi Xiao looked at Qin Yun .

"Back when I met the Three Sovereigns in Fire Cloud Palace, they gave me guidance me on the Great Dao of Man . Over the past few decades, I have been meditating over it . However, I think it's time I travel . I believe my understanding of the human world is lacking . I want to take a careful look at it and experience it . I want to seek out the Great Dao of Man from the mortal world and the secular world," said Qin Yun .

Yi Xiao's eyes lit up . "Sure . Brother Yun, when do you plan on leaving? Are you going to see Yuluo first?"

"No . I'll be setting off after I finish this tea with you," said Qin Yun .

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