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Chapter 651: 651

Wei Nation's capital . Royal Palace .

The sovereign was having a casual chat with the red-robed bald Daoist .

"Your Majesty, you have looked out several times; it seems your mind is completely on that nine-tailed fox," said the Daoist with a chuckle .

"Haha, I'm indeed feeling a little anxious . The three Clan Elders are still a little too slow for my liking," said the sovereign .

"Don't fret . That nine-tailed fox will soon be captured . " The Daoist looked out as well as his eyes glimmered . They tore through the distance and looked at Eight Immortals Restaurant where the three Clan Elders had already begun taking action .

"Oh no!"

The red-robed Daoist's expression changed suddenly .

The sovereign was also looking outside when he saw the same scene as well . He could not help but stand up and exclaim, "He killed the three Clan Elders with just alcohol?"

"He's at the late-stage Skyimmortal realm . His strength is probably in no way inferior to mine," said the Daoist seriously .

"Late-stage Skyimmortal realm? In our Huifeng Great World, there are only about a hundred or so at the late-stage Skyimmortal realm . I have intelligence on every one of them . However, I do not know who this murderer of the three Clan Elders is . " The sovereign was alarmed and fearful . A late-stage Skyimmortal was capable of ruling over a region . The Wei Nation could rule over such a huge dominion largely because of Patriarch Wei's reputation as a late-stage Skyimmortal .

Of course, Patriarch Wei had already switched his cultivation to the fiendish ways .


A terrifying aura appeared within the palace .

"Patriarch has come out of seclusion," said the sovereign immediately .

"Let's go, quickly," the Daoist said as he left the palace hall with the sovereign .

Standing on a square outside the hall was a white-haired purple-robed elder . Standing beside him were about twenty experts .

"Patriarch . " The sovereign went forward obediently and bowed .

"Greetings, Dao Brother Wei . " The red-robed Daoist was also rather polite .

"Supremacy, sorry for the spectacle," said the purple-robed elder lightly . "I never expected that, just because I have not fought in years, someone would dare kill my Wei Clan Elders in my Wei Nation in the Huifeng Great World . "

"It's probably some junior who recently rose to prominence, and his lack of understanding of your means caused him to act so belligerently," said the red-robed Daoist immediately .

"Then it's time to show my means . I'll let this junior know that an old man like me is not that easily bullied," said the purple-robed elder . "Supremacy, do you wish to join me?"

"I'll join . I wish to witness the means at your disposal as well," said the red-robed Daoist with a laugh .

"Let's go!"

The purple-robed elder gave the order .

Immediately, more than twenty figures, including the sovereign and Supremacy, flew toward Eight Immortals Restaurant .


Inside Eight Immortals Restaurant .

Qing Shuang and Princess Wei Ran were griped with anxiety as they urged Qin Yun to leave .

"What's the rush?"

Qin Yun continued pouring more alcohol for himself . As he drank, he ate . "Isn't it only the Wei clan's patriarch? Is he that terrifying?"

"Although the Wei clan has changed to something I detest, it has become stronger!" Princess Wei Ran said . "Patriarch was a ninth firmament Skyimmortal a long time ago . Perhaps he was stuck in his bottleneck for too long that he switched to the fiendish ways! Patriarch's strength, through the use of various arrays, can match that of a half-step Golden Immortal . "

"What?" Qing Shuang exclaimed . "Even Patriarch Wei has switched to the fiendish way? Master, leave quickly! Now that Patriarch Wei is a fiendish cultivator, his actions will only be more intense . "


Qin Yun continued sitting staidly . "How? Now that the entire city is sealed, it's already too late to leave . "

"How do you know you won't escape if you don't try?" said Princess Wei Ran anxiously .

"Don't worry, I'm still well aware of everything related to your patriarch . " Qin Yun shot a glance at Princess Wei Ran . "Your Wei clan had about seventy percent of its Skyimmortals cultivating in the Dao originally . . . Under your patriarch's lead, many switched to the fiendish way . Now, about sixty percent of the Skyimmortals in your clan are fiendish cultivators . The remaining are in a dilemma, while some are resisting it . Am I right?"

"You are even aware of this?" Princess Wei Ran was alarmed . "Where did you hear of our clan's internal strife?"

"With what your Wei clan has in place, it's not a problem for me . Continue eating and drinking . Your Eight Immortals Restaurant's food is really good . " Qin Yun continued eating .

Qing Shuang turned a little more collected when she saw how calm and confident her master was .

"Dao Brother Feng, which Daoist lineage are you from? Is a Daoist mighty figure planning on interfering in my Wei Nation?" Princess Wei Ran inquired . If a late-stage Skyimmortal had a master, the master was typically a mighty figure .

"You will know in a while . " Qin Yun smiled without saying any further .

Indeed, a mighty figure was interfering in the Wei Nation .

He was that mighty figure!

After Qin Yun sensed the mysterious spying, he realized that the fiends had discovered him . Therefore, he planned on quickly resolving the Wei Nation's situation! To him . . . the plight of the Wei Nation involved him saving countless lives that only lived in its borders . More importantly, it was a very easily resolved matter . In contrast, the trap he had set up for the fiends to launch an assault against him was something that would influence the Three Realms . He had to do his best .

"I wonder how my Wei clan has offended you, fellow Daoist, for you to kill my three Wei clan elders without a word in such a vicious manner!" A cold voice sounded .

"Let's go out to take a look . " Qin Yun got up and flew out with Qing Shuang and Princess Wei Ran . He stood in midair .

He instantly saw a black cloud in front of him in midair . Standing on it was a purple-robed elder and to his sides were a red-robed bald Daoist and the Wei Nation's sovereign . Behind them were about twenty plus Skyfiends . Their Skyfiend auras flared, indicating that they were mid-stage Skyfiends .

"What? Aren't you going to say something about your killing my Wei clan elders?" said the purple-robed elder coldly .

"Ridding evil is for the greater good! It is something that accrues massive merit!" Qin Yun said .

The purple-robed elder's expression turned colder . "At this point in time, you are still speaking in such an ambiguous manner? Fellow Daoist, which lineage are you a disciple of? Why are you here in my Wei Nation?"

"Ambiguous? The commoners of the Wei Nation are living destitute lives and there are bones strewn everywhere in its borders . All of this because of how evil is wreaking havoc . The greatest evil in all of the Wei Nation . . . is you! The Skyfiends under you are all your lackeys . Killing all of you is a meritorious deed . Am I still not clear enough?" Qin Yun said .

"Just this?" The purple-robed sneered . "Cultivation is such an arduous task . These ants are only grain for our cultivation . You plan to make the Wei clan your enemy for these ants?"

"Ants?" Qing Shuang could not help but say, "Wei Wuxiao, your cultivation began as a mortal too, but you view them as ants?"

"Wild animals are nothing but beasts, but once they gain sentience, they are demons," said the purple-robed elder . "It's the same as mortals . If they don't cultivate, they are ants . If they undergo a rejuvenation and condense an Essence Soul, they will attain eternal life . That makes them immortal, a god, a fiend! They stand above life . We are different from mortals . Just like humans eat beef, pork, and mutton, we immortals and fiends consume the mortals as grain . . . Is there anything wrong with that?"

"You . . . You . . . " Qing Shuang was instantly at a loss for words .

"Little Fox, you haven't cultivated for long . You will understand in the future . " The purple-robed elder laughed .

"Don't talk about immortals and fiends consuming mortals as grain . We immortals are different from you fiends," said Qin Yun . "The various lineages of immortals and Buddhists are meant to protect all life, but fiends consume life . "

"That sounds too nasty," said the purple-robed elder . "The Daoist, Buddhist, and Fiendish Dao are all cultivation paths . They allow us to become stronger . Regardless of which lineage we cultivate . . . they allow the study of the Great Dao . Why do you need to insist on the differences? For instance, my Wei clan has clansmen who cultivate in the fiendish way and there are others cultivating in the immortal ways . Isn't there harmony?"

"Is that so? All these years, your Wei clan has had many die because of a Daoist-Fiend conflict . About 280 Skyimmortals have died as a result," said Qin Yun . "For instance, the group of subordinates behind you are all Skyfiends . Why don't I see you bringing any Skyimmortal clansmen with you?"

The purple-robed elder's pupils constricted before he chuckled . "After saying all this, are you not going to reveal your background?"

"A fiend like you who's about to die doesn't need to ask that much," Qin Yun said .

"What impudence . "

The purple-robed elder's eyes flashed ferociously .


A massive array chart appeared above the entire Wei Nation capital . Purple flames condensed into eight massive snakes that attacked Qin Yun .

"Junior, try my Inferno Hell Eight Snakes Array!" The purple-robed elder's Dharmic powers flared .

"Go . "

Two sword beams flew out from the sword scabbard on Qin Yun's back . They were mystical and unpredictable . With a flash, they slashed through two purple snakes that blocked their paths before arriving in front of the purple-robed elder . Although taken aback, the purple-robed elder took out a trigram mirror and defended with all his might . However, the two sword flashes still penetrated his body .

"H-how is it possible . . . " The purple-robed elder's eyes were filled with disbelief .

He, Wei Wuxiao, was an expert that reigned supreme in an area of the Huifeng Great World . How was he so easily killed despite having his massive array formation in his capital?

As his aura dissipated, his body plummeted from midair .

"No good!" When the red-robed Daoist saw this, he immediately transformed into a red beam as he flew off in a hurry .

"Do you think you can escape?" Qin Yun looked in his direction .

The two sword flashes that had killed Wei Wuxiao quickly caught up to him .

"I'm Crimson Robe Supremacy of the Black Wind Fiend Sect . " The red-robed Daoist hurriedly pleaded through a voice transmission . "Please spare me on account . . . "


The sword flash tore through him .

He found it unbelievable .

The Black Wind Fiend Sect . . . enjoyed high prestige in the Huifeng Great World . After all, it was a sect established by a mighty figure .

"Whoosh . "

The red-robed Daoist also plummeted from midair .

This scene shocked the group of Skyfiends behind Patriarch Wei . The Wei Nation's sovereign was in a daze from his shock . The patriarch, who could fight half-step Golden Immortals while inside the capital, had been killed that easily? Even the Supremacy sent by the Black Wind Fiend Sect had been killed?"

"Wei Nation's sovereign . " Qin Yun looked over .

"Spare me! Spare me!" The Wei Nation's sovereign's knees buckled . He kneeled on the clouds and pleaded obsequiously . "I-I was only listening to Patriarch's instructions . I'm only a puppet . I'm innocent . "


A Sword Qi coagulated in midair and pierced through his glabella . His eyes gradually turned turbid as his body slumped onto the black clouds .

"Puppet? Innocent? The sins you have are no less inferior to your patriarch's," said Qin Yun softly . To lie in front of a mighty figure? A mighty figure could tell at a glance what someone had done in the past!

The two sword flashes flew back into the sword scabbard on Qin Yun's back .

The horrified Skyfiends on the clouds felt hope . "This Daoist is stopping?"

"Myriad swords!" Qin Yun extended his hand as numerous Sword Qi condensed above the Wei Nation's capital . More than ten thousand Sword Qi formed and as Qin Yun lowered his right palm a little, he shouted, "Obliterate!"

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Countless Sword Qi shot downwards and rapidly tore through every fiend with the agility of a fish in water .

That included the twenty plus mid-stage Skyfiends in midair, as well as the two thousand plus Skyfiends in the capital . In short, anyone in the city with sufficiently heinous sins . . . were all penetrated by the Sword Qi . Countless Sword Qi swept through and slew the fiends . In just seconds, all the most sinful beings in the Wei Nation capital were wiped out .

This scene left Qing Shuang and Princess Wei Ran astounded .

Myriad Sword Qi to cause such obliteration . . .

"Master . " Qing Shuang looked at Qin Yun .

"Haha, I was just hiding some of my strength . Are you pleasantly surprised?" Qin Yun looked at his disciple with a smile . Qing Shuang was taken aback as she nodded slightly .

"Wei Ran . " Qin Yun looked at Princess Wei Ran . "Your Wei clan still has more than a thousand Skyimmortals . They have accrued merit, but were being suppressed by Patriarch Wei . From this day forth, you shall be the new sovereign of the Wei Nation . Lead these Skyimmortals and rule over the Wei Nation properly . "

"I'll be sovereign?" asked Princess Wei Ran .

"Yes, you . Whoever objects to it has to get past me," said Qin Yun .

Princess Wei Ran's mind went into a buzz . The Wei clan had become massive over extended periods of time . Many people of other surnames had also joined the Wei clan which had always been a mix of fiendish and Daoist cultivators . In the past, the Daoist cultivators had the advantage, but ever since the patriarch switched to the fiendish way, the fiendish cultivators took the advantage! Now . . . Qin Yun had directly obliterated the strongest group of fiendish cultivators in the Wei clan .

Although the few in remote lands could continue living an abject existence, they were unable to affect the overall situation .

"By the way . " Qin Yun thought for a moment and took out a token before throwing it at Princess Wei Ran . "Golden Sand Sect's sect master is my junior brother . You can seek his help on typical matters . If there's anything important, get him to inform me . "

"The Huifeng Great World's Golden Sand Sect Master is also a late-stage Skyimmortal," Princess Wei Ran could not help but ask . "Dao Brother Feng, you were able to easily kill Patriarch, are you capable of matching mighty figures?"

"I guess so . " Qin Yun did not speak further . He looked at Qing Shuang and said, "Qing Shuang, the matter regarding the Wei Nation is more or less done . It's time we leave . "