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Chapter 60

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Chapter 60 [Seria Claire]


TL : Cnine

Previously on the Seigensou.


After decided to get his revenge on Lucius, Rio returned from Yagumo region to Strahl region after leaving it for several years. [TL : He left Strahl at 12, staying in Seirei no Tami for around 2 years, journey in Yagumo for half year, living in Karasuki kingdom for around 1 year so the counting of his age is around 15 and half years old. same as his current age mentioned in chapter 55 or 56]


He’s stopping at the trading city Almond in Galwark kingdom in the middle of his journey to the Bertram kingdom, only to know that a coup has occurs within Bertram kingdom few days ago.


Being anxious about Seria safety who’s one of the Bertram kingdom noble, Rio departed from Almond after deciding to quickly meet with Seria, his FORMER teacher.


A while after leaving Almond, Rio has sensed that someone has used gigantic magic at the same times he saw six pillar of light was piercing the heaven of Strahl region in front of him.


Feeling some kind of unusual anxiety, Rio’s going toward the place where the magic just used.


Thereupon, he saved a japanese boy and girl around that place who’s almost turned into a slave.


He explaining the situation while doing a simple introduction to those two, they’regoing to save the other girl whoo’s taken captive as a slave, Rio then know that the other person is his childhood friend of his previous life, Ayase Miharu.


Furthermore, Sendou Aki who he saved along is his half-sister of his previous life, who’s somehow loathing his previous life-self.


Though Rio was managed to reunited with his childhood friend in a most unexpected way, he decided to putting on hold speaking about his own identity to them till the situation settle down.


The next day, the first step in order to make the three of them adapting with the live in this world, Rio was going to buy everyday goods along with Miharu.


At that place, Rio telling Miharu that there’s something that he want to tell her about something someday.


Miharu giving her promise to hear Rio story, the two of them then returned to Rio rock house.



Part 1


Noon of the next day after he finished shopping with Miharu, Rio returned to Galwark kingdom while taking along Miharu, Aki, and Masato.


After he find a calm and secluded place in the forest near Almond, he build a temporary base in that place.


In addition, Rio was departingto Bertram kingdom alone in the next day.


Rio need few hours of moving with his full power to making a round trip from Miharu’s place till the royal capital of Bertram kingdom.


But, since he didn’t know how long it’ll take to find Seria, he tell Miharu’s that he’ll be away from the house for three days at the longest.


With everyday necessary goods assembled, it seems there’s no need for him to worrying too much about them if they just living in this house since he already explaining on how to use every spirit tools and magic tools for everyday lives in this house. [TL : That was a though one]


Though, he;s truly worrying about Miharu’s who just came to this world, he’ll be even more worrying when he’s away from the house for extended time.


Rio decided to confirm Seria safety as fast as possible so that he can return earlier.


「That’s  ……」


While moving toward the royal capital of Bertram kingdom and paying attention whether there’s abonormality in the surrounding or not, Rio discovered the figure of numerous human walking in formation.


Feeling a little anxious, he’s floating as if hovering in that place then strengthen his eyesight with spirit arts as he focusing his gaze to looking at the situation over there.




They’re moving toward Galwark kingdom.


Though there are Bertram kingdom city before they’re arriving at the national border, they’ll be arriving at the Almond if they’re advancing a little further after that city.


Rio was placing his hand on his chin while overlooking the ground from above as if considering the situation.


「Should I investigating a little」


He landing slowly toward the ground, after landing on a place that was a little separated from the troops, he’s manipulating the odo and mana to clad himself again with wind by entrusted it to the odo on his surrounding.


Thereupon, Rio’s figure slowly blending with his surrounding and soon become completely invisible from the surrounding.


That was the spirit arts of camouflaging that used by clad on wind.


Though it couldn’t do as far as blocking presence and sound, someone who can see odo will see him if they’re straining their eyes and the people who have high odo perception but unable to see odo will feel uncomfortable,


Still, though he couldn’t be careless since his camouflage will solved if he receiving attack from outside like someone attack or others, it’s a perfect camouflage for human tribe.


After confirming that the arts perfectly invoked, Rio was walking lightly toward the troops.


「If by some chance it turn into a war against our own country. Will we really win」


Rio was eavesdropping to a group that conversing suring the march.


「I wonder about that. Though we say our self as some sort of Anti-Revolution army, in another words we’re rebel army you know. In other words, a traitor」


「Oy, stop saying such foolish things. We’ll be whipped if the higher-ups ever heard that」


One soldier cautioned the men who conversed in low voice.



「he’s right. It’s a fact that we’re running away from the royal capital right? 」


「……. Flora-sama is there with us. Moreover, the legendary hero also appeared.  Don’t look so dissapointed」


「Hero huh. The heck, he doesn’t even look like one.  How can such legendary being is going along with us」


「I mean, you guys also saw that light right? It’s a direct notification from the higher ups.  I couldn’t think of that as a lie」


Rio eyes widened slightly.




Speaking of hero[ 勇者-Yuusha], they’re an existence that coming out of the fairy-tales.


A god apostle.


Once, they’re the braves[魔族-Eiyuu] who fought against the demon race.


Rio knowledge regarding that information was only the general knowledge.


(Could it be that six pillar of light was the summoned hero?)


It seems that’s the last of what he can gain from those men conversation.


Moreover, judging from the circumstancial evidence, the probability for it is quite high.


It seems the legendary hero in the legend was six people since it’s also coincident with the number of the pillar of light.


(If the pillar of light was the sing of hero summoning, Mii-chan and the others aren’t the hero, but …….)


It’s matching with Miharu testimony about the fact that they’re swallowed by vortex of light.


In that case, there’s very high probability that two of the heroes are Miharu’s acquaintances.


「In the first place, where the heck we’re going to? Is it Galwark kingdom? 」


Those men conversation was advancing even when Rio still in the middle of thinking.


「Most of us will be on the stand by in the territory of marquis Rodan in the middle of this journey right. The one who was going to Galwark kingdom are one part of the troops and the higher ups. Since there’s no way we’ll be striding into another country like in it’s in our country with this number of people right」


「Will Galwark kingdom truly lend their hand to us?」


「Who know. That’s the notification from higher ups」


「There’s a little hope in it」


「There’s Flora-sama, even the hero was appeared. We should think that it won’t be peaceful for the time being」


He can gather quite bit of information even when he just take a light walk.



(Maybe this group was the loser group in the coup.)


(That’s mean they’re trying to gain the support of Galwark kingdom, isn’t that mean they’re truly going against their own country?)

Part 2



Once when Rio was still in Strahl region, Galwark kingdom and Bertram kingdom was in friendly relationship.


There might be some chance within these several years.


There’s no need to go inside Galward kingdom if their destination is marquis Rodan territory, since they’re not going to cause a war, it seems there’s no need to wory whether it’ll harm Miharu’s.


(It seems I need to investigating a bit about who this hero person is)


Maybe by some chance that person is Miharu’s acquaintances.


There’s also the feeling of wanting to know what kind of person the hero is.


Though he didn’t think such important stories will be coming out from the ordinary soldier even if he’s staying in this place.


He probably need to slipping into the place where the higher ups and the nobles gathered to hear more story about it.


Or he need to go there to confirm the face of that hero just as it is.


Rio was hestitated.


(Moreover, if the people in this place called the Bertram kingdom rebel army, then ……..)


Seria might be in this place by chance.


Though he don’t know which faction Seria belong to, there’s some value in trying.


Rio decided to go deeper into the core of the troops.


The troops halted their movement Thanks to the rest time.


During that time, Rio invading into the inner place, he’s fumbling around the place where he think that there’s higher ups or noble in it.


(Not here huh)


Maybe because it’s natural or just coincident, Rio found a lot of face of the young knight or young noble that he seen somewhere before.


But, only Seria whose figure he couldn’t see.


(There’s only tomorrow left)


When he turn his line of sight toward the coach, an extremely strict protection is laid at the surrounding of that coach.


The commander  of this troops might be getting on inside the coach.


(The hero is in there huh)


Currently he can’t see the figure of the hero.


If it’s under assumption that he’s inside the coach.


The moment Rio about to go to that place.




A youth appeared while stretching his body from inside the coach.


「Aaa, my butt feel sore」


The youth who appeared from the coach was frowning while touching his hips.


He’s Sakata Hiroaki, one of the summoned hero.


Flora and Roana also appeared from the coach right after Hiroaki.


「That’s a bit improper, Hiroaki-sama」


Roana remonstrated Hiroaki with slightly blushing face.


Flora who’s on her side also showing similiar reaction[blushing].


「Aaah, my bad my bad」


Hiroaki scratched his head awkwardly.


(That is, the hero?)


His appearance is japanese, he speak in japanese, from the way he’s moving his body, there’s high possibility that he just an ordinary slacker.


Thereupon, at that place.




Stead, the son of duke Euguno is taking along several knights and came to the direction of Hiroaki.


「Ah, uhm ……. 」


Hiroaki inclined his head, it seems that couldn’t remember the name and face[of Stead].


「It’s Stead Euguno」


Stead giving his name with a smile.


Flora and Roana included, there’s several person who’s also known by Rio.


In some sense, Flora was the person who caused a complete change of Rio life, Roana was someone who become the center amongst Rio classmate.


As for Stead, he remembered him even if he didn’t want to from the fact that he[Rio] ofte being blamed one way or another by him[Stead].


Incidentally, Rio didn’t know that Latifa older brother is Stead.


Since Latifa didn’t want to told him the story when she’s still a slave, even Rio was hestitated to ask her about that matter.


Of course he also tried to find out who’s the person that ordered Latifa to assasinating Rio.


But, Since Latifa didn’t know the name of duke Euguno, in the end, Rio couldn’t find the fact that duke Euguno is the one who was pulling the string.


That’s why, he didn’t ties together the fact that Stead is Latifa older brother.


「Ah, duke Euguno son huh. Best regard then. I’m Sakata Hiroaki, no that’s wrong, it’s Hiroaki Sakata」 [TL : The first one is using kanji (坂田弘明=Sakata Hiroaki)-This is how you read it in japan version, while the second one is using katakana(ヒロアキ=サカタ = Hiroaki Sakata)-this is how you read it in english version it seems]


「……. Best regards too. Hero-dono」

Part 3



Stead grasped the hand presented from Hiroaki without wiping his smile.


「Well then, do you need something?」


「Yeah, the truth is we want to request for a joint training together with hero-dono by all means」




「Yes. Especially when we’re so close to the legendary hero-sama.   We believe that we can get that kind of chance in this occassion」


「Uh~n, even if you say that, my style is something that I couldn’t teach to someone else since it’s self-taught」


Hiroaki showing a troubled face.


Hiroaki self-taught earlier didn’t have the form of katana.


Even so, he’s somewhat interested in trying his hero related power.


「We also want to see the gallant figure of Hiroaki-sama」


Thereupon, Roana who was on his back made proposal.


「Ah, well, if Roana said so ………. 」


He’s to accept the sparring match without hestitation.


Hiroaki send a fleeting gaze toward Flora.


「What about you, princess Flora?」


「Ah, Yeah. I want to see it too」


「I see. Then, I think we should try it.  I also want to confirm how far my combat capabilities」


Hiroaki nodded and after confirming that they’re setting the place.


He suddenly taking out a katana, his personal Divine Raiment, out of nowhere.  [TL : It should be a tachi!!!!]


「It’s look good right. Then, please become my opponent」


Stead is smiling boldly as he’s taking one step forward.


Just like that, after clearing the people  in their surrounding, they’re facing at each other with their own weapon.


「Come with may. Don’t worry since I made some change with my weapon appearance for this situation when I pulled the blade」


Hiroaki said that while taking a stance with his katana.


「That’s hero-sama divine raiment ……… 」


Since it’s the first time Stead seeing a katana, he’s looking at Hiroaki weapon with great interest.


Though it’s extremely sharp, it’s also extremely brittle. [TL : It’s a fact since katana edge will basically chipped after being used to slashing people for 3 times, strangely it’s stay sharp when used to pierce]


But, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a divine raiment whatever it appearance is.


Stead braced himself.


「Then, here I come!」


Saying that, Stead approaching Hiroaki in one go with strengthened physical ability by using magic.


「Ooh, that’s a quick one!」


Hiroaki reacted to the Stead training sword that was coming from the front.


As it is, their line of sight intersecting when their sword is locking at each other.


Hiroaki grinning widely.




While shouting, he’s surpressing the physical abilities that strengthened with magic and forced Stead to step back.


Stead body that unable to endure it being blown back.


「KUH! That was too overwhelming right?  」


Stead was surprised.


His opponent releasing an unimaginable physical power from his body that look barely have muscle.


「Here I go!」


Hiroaki approaching as he brandishing his katana.


「With such big sized specialized weapon!」


Stead easily avoiding that after reading the orbit of the katana that was swung by Hiroaki.


Without missing the gap of the attack due to such large swing, Stead’s swinging his sword horizontally as it is.


「That was close!」


In that moment, Hiroaki’s body accelerating and easily dodged Stead sword.


「W-What, impossible!」


「Now it’s my turn!」[TL : Is this Yu-Gi-Oh!?]


Bwon, Hiroaki katana’s attacking Stead while making sound of cutting through the air.




Though Stead barely managed to stop that attack, he’s still blown at quite distance.


Hiroaki approaching Stead to deal the last blow.


The match between them become quite heated, even the people on the surrounding was also watching their match as if they’re eating it.


Rio also watching at their match from quite distance.


(Power and speed, the way he move his body and wield his katana was also incoherent)



Part 4



Was Rio impression toward Hiroaki.


Though he’s not weak, at present his strength is just around the level of one knight of human tribe.


Though there’s still room for growth since he’s still an amateur, he couldn’t sense that.


It seems there’s no human who know how to use katana in this world, that’s why  it seems that’s why there’s no one who can escape from the combat style that fight with all he got.


That was a crude combat style using ordinary katana that already useless long time ago.


Though it’s a completely amateur battle, it’s still impressive to go against though-somewhat-lacking-but-still-a knight -of this world in one on one.


(Is that the power of the hero? Though it doesn’t seems that he’s strengthening his body and physical abilities, it seems it’s the work of that katana)


Though similiarly japanese, Miharu seemingly didn’t have fighting power like Hiroaki.


Though it might be because Hiroaki is a hero, Rio was thinking that the katana might be what made Hiroaki a hero.


Despite speaking in japanese, Hiroaki can conversing with the people of this world.


It seems that katana’s absorbing Hiroaki odo on it’s own accord.


Though he might be still have ace in the hole, it doesn’t seems that he will use it in this match, so Rio feels that he won’t gain anymore information in this place.


Rio re-started looking for Seria as he turn his heel.


But, in the end he couldn’t find Seria figure.


Though it feel like he’s going on some fool’s errand, he gained a big information regarding one of the hero.


Though Hiroaki isn’t Miharu’s acquaintance, sooner or later if he keep looking for the other heroes, he might be stumbled upon the jackpot even if just by chance.


Nevertheless, he have no bussiness in this place anymore since he couldn’t find Seria.


Rio left that place and heading toward the royal capital of Bertram kingdom.





Upon his arrival toward Bertram kingdom, Rio first confirming whether he’s in the wanted list or not.


Though there’s no document regarding Rio wanted list in Galwark kingdom, it’s still completely valid within Bertram kingdom.


The drawing of Rio’s portrait at that time is still in there, there’s also the description of his other traits.


「Such bother」


Rio muttered in low voice.


Though he have several reason for why Rio wanted list is spreading only in Bertram kingdom, and he couldn’t perfectly guarantee it, it’s not worth mentioning.


The most important things is that he should avoid any activity within Bertram kingdom as Rio, even as he is now.


Though, now, when he have to explain regarding how he ended up as a criminal in the wanted list to Miharu’s, his mood darkened a little.


Something like 「Actually I’m in the wanted list」, though he’s innocent no matter what it said, he still hestitating on how to explain that to them.


But, if they’re going to living together even after this time, it might be hard to keep it hiding as well.


It won’t be strange if they’re asking why they need to live in a place secluded from human habitation even though there’s city.


Since it seems it’ll be necessary to broaden Miharu’s area of activities if they learn the local language.


After sighing a little, Rio left the bulletin board on which the document of wanted list pasted on.


Just like that Rio keep walking into the commercial block.


It’s been more than three years since the last time he came to this city but, he can’t see any conspicious change in the city that really stand out.


But, Rio felt a little uncomfortable.


Even though coup d’etat just occured, the city is strangely overflowing with energy.


Despite there’s no change of the king, since there’s a coup that was shaking the higher ups of the country, usually it’ll have some kind of effect in the country.


Feeling a bit worried, Rio decided to looking for some information in the street stalls.


「I heard that a coup has occured within the royal castle but, surprisingly the city is overflowing with energy」


After ordering large portion of meat skewer, he’s trying to casually asking the woman who gave the meat skewer by pretending as a traveler.


「AH, well, certainly this city is liveless till few days ago. But, soon that atmosphere was blown away」


The woman who managing the street stall was answering with delighted smile.


「What was happened?」


「What happen you say, it was the hero-sama advent you know. There’s a celebration for that event and now everyone is cheerful」


「Hero huh」


「Yeah, you surely ever heard about that fairy-tale right. About the hero.  You also saw the rising of that huge pillar of light few days ago right?   That huge light also rising from the royal castle.  The hero-sama was coming along with that light!  」

This chapter is scrapped from


That woman was completely excited.


Though Rio didn’t really feel it, it seems the hero was such great figure to the people.


Or else, it might be because the masses didn’t usually see magic saw such large-scale phenomenon.


「It seems the hero also appearing in this country. Then that’s joyous event」


「Yeah, that’s joyous event. Though it’s better if this country also stabilized with this right」




After agreeing while smiling lightly, Rio who’s hunger satisfied after filling his stomach with meat was departing from that place.


(So hero also appeared in this country. It seems I should also examining this hero while looking for Seria sensei)


After deciding that, he then goes toward the royal institute in which he attended before.


In the case that Seria’s still working as a lecturer in this place.


If it’s her, she might know something about the hero.


Since he’s using the optical camouflage spirit arts, For Rio who’s sneaking to meet someone during the daytime isn’t something difficult, he’s then heading toward Seria laboratory in the library by depending on his memory from before.



Part 5



(It’s not here ……. )


But, her private property that was inside that room was completely vacated, the inside of the room was emptied.


He trying to going out of the room to confirming the door again.


From the fact that the wooden-block with Seria name engraved on it still pasted on the door, there’s no mistake that this place is her laboratory.


(Then, why she’s not here?  Is that have something to do with the coup?)


Rio was succumbed to anxiety as the words such as imprisonment and execution floating inside his head.


After confirming that there’s a sign of someone in the other room, Rio’s entering that room.




The male lecturer suddenly turning back when he heard the sound of door opening from behind.


Rio catch that man from behind before he have the chance to asking for his identity.


「Sorry. I have some errand with Seria Claire, the lecturer of this royal institute, Where is she now? 」


Touching his hand on the head of the man and pouring his odo inside, after forcefully taking control of the odo flow within that man body for several seconds, Rio’s releasing that man and asking that question.


「Ah, so you’re looking for Seria-kun huh. She is――」


Thereupon, that man is looking absentmindedly at Rio with unfocused gaze, thus he personally vomitting every bit information that he know about Seria. [TL : let me know her 3 size, I have no hope in that one though(most likely almost same number)]


Currently, Rio’s figure isn’t reflected in that male lecturer eyes.


He explaining that by himself as if he didn’t feel any discomfort to Rio, and keep talking without any vigilance.


That’s the stronger kind of illusion art by using spirit arts which even stronger than the recogition inhibition.


Though the user didn’t know what kind of illusion seen by the target, it could display a fabricated reality to the target that will make it more convenient for the user.


On the other hand, it’s truly difficult arts since it’s need strong intervention toward mana and strong but delicate control of odo.


Though he feel that it shouldn’t be used excessively, it’s extremely useful for interrogation during an emergency situation just like this situation.


As for the demerit, it’s necessary to directly manipulating the odo inside the body of the target, it’ll be completely obstructed when if the target is proficient at odo manipulation.


And then, it’ll also cancelled when the people in the surrounding noticing the disordered odo of the target, even if it’s succesfully deployed if the target strongly resisting it’ll also dampen the effect.


Furthermore, the arts also won’t be effective for too long, since if the user want to prolong the effect of the illusion art, it can’t be done unless they’re periodically manipulating the odo flow of the target.


Therefore, if he want to use this witchcraft, he need not only an excellent odo manipulation but also the target carelessness


Incidentally, though it’s relatively easy to cast this illusion art in human tribe, it’s extremely difficult even for Rio to successfully cast this witchcraft if the target is Seirei no Tami’s.


And, since the characteristic syndrome will appear after the target awaken which turning into a condition that they’re absentminded, the person who’s aware of such illusion art will easily noticed that an illusion just used on them.


「Thank you very much. You saved me.  I’ll take my leave then」


「It’s nothing, I don’t mind about it」


Rio already leaving the room after saying his gratitude.


The voice of the man inside the laboratory echoed to no purpose.





In the certain garden within the royal castle of Bertram kingdom, Seria Claire, the most prominent genius in the history of Bertram kingdom was standing gloomy expression.


「Seria, why’re you in such place?」


Such frivolous voice is calling from her back.


As she guessed the owner of that voice, Seria turned behind while holding the discomfort in her chest[?].


Standing on that place was Charles Albo.


He’s the son of Helmut Albo and the one who’s currently running the administration of the kingdom after receiving appointment from king Phillip III.


「I just coming out to get some fresh air in the middle of my research. It seems I’ve worked myself a bit too hard」


Seria answered with a perfect smile despite feeling disgusted with the smile reflected in her eyes.


「Yeah, since that persistence is also one of your charm. So it’s necessary to have your heart resting for a while.  But, despite there’s someone like me, I couldn’t admire your idea for a recreation alone in this place」


That smile improving Charles mood, then he approached her in an overly-familiar manner.


And then, with a voice that has a little rebuke in them, he speak to Seria.


「……. My apologize. I’ve the feeling that you might be busy」


Though Seria completely rejected him, she hide that emotion with vague smile as if being troubled.


That was the greatest resistant that she could muster for now.


Seria Claire, she’s the eldest daughter of the count Claire who’s prestigius with magic within Bertram kingdom and rivaling that of duke Fontin.


In the recent years, the new version of the measurement developed by her is used to measure the aggregate amount of magical power despite being vague in number, her evaluation brought about innovative development to the study of magic, she was attracting attention even from the surrounding country.


And now that she turned 21 years old, was still single despite slightly passing marriageable age for noble. [TL: She’s LEGAL!!!]


Until just few days ago, many nobles sending marriage proposal to snatch that genius achievement.


Moreover, the man who put an end to that is this man, Charles Albo.


His age is 38 years old, and already have six wifes, to keep Seria skill in the kingdom, by Helmut order he decided to take Seria as his seventh wife.


And as a counter balance for the relationship with Proxia empire, originally Count Claire who’s Seria father is the only noble in neutral faction.


But, the recent coup d’etat is gradually chipping Helmut influence bit by bit.


In that situation, even count Claire father who have no influence only rejecting Helmut demand.


「I’ve postponing many great task just for you」


Seria received a goosebump toward this man who easily spouting such sweet words that sweeter than the flower nectar in this garden with such serious look.


She’s rather committing suicide as soon as possible rather than polluting her body with this man in the near future.


But, she have no courage to die.


She didn’t want to die.


She wants to life.


There’s still lot of research that left undone, and many other dreams that she want to pursue.


The first one is a normal love, though she want a normal and happy married life, that dream was on the verge of crumbling.


Though she know the importance of political marriage for noble, if not for such situation, Seria was holding the influence only to fulfill her dream.


Well that’s the reason she couldn’t find a partner, thus she become single woman pass marriageable age.


「Such flattery」

Part 6



Though she feel goose bump, Seria’s pretending a little shy in hearing those words.


She hate this.


She want to leave this country immediately.


Though she hate it so much, she hold it in herself, Seria’s house standing will be worsened if she’s running away on her own.


It then will going as far as troubling his family.


If she want to escape, it must not from her own intention, she have to escape in a way that can’t be stopped by anyone.


But, she have no such power.


That’s why the situation turned this way, Seria who’s an important person is forced to live her life under house arrest in the royal castle, there’s even a guard for her.


It was impossible for her to slip out of the castle without public noticing it in that kind of situation.


Even if for example she could escape, she who raised as a noble didn’t know how to live alone. [TL : Are all noble in this world that useless?]


Even if she’s doing a research on her own convenience as a little revenge, since her achievement might be recognized, the higher-ups let her do as she pleases.


「Come to think of, why everyone accompanying the summoned hero-sama? Don’t tell me that it wasn’t because impossible to measure the hero magical power even by the measurement stone developed by me  …….. 」


Seria asked that question just to satisfy her intellectual curiousity as if trying to forget her gloomy feeling.


Since the only time she forget such unpleasant things is when she’s doing her research.



「Yeah, they’re indeed wonderful. Despite his young age, he, the hero is a man of character with calm personality.  The other kids too, they said that he’s gallantly doing his best even without anyone asking for it 」


Maybe because his misunderstanding that Seria changed the topic since she’s shy, Charles chuckled as if being filled with pride.


And then, speaking of the hero that was summoned within Bertram kingdom.


Summoned in the Bertram kingdom was three people two girl and one youth, the hero amongst them was the one boy.


The hero is an 18 years old youth, he have a gentle manner and extremely in order even his appearance with his blonde hair with charm that pulling his surrounding.


Including accepting the situation without causing too much chaos even regarding his unexpected summoning and promising to cooperating with the kingdom, his evaluation in the royal castle is very high.


Even the other two who was summoned along with the hero didn’t have divine raiment, they have terrifying amount of magical power, and currently being trained along with the hero to making the best use of that magical power.


「Then, I’ll go back first since there’s some works to do. You should also go back quickly since your body will become colder by staying outside for a long time」


Charles was saying those words when she’s immersing herself thinking about suitable response for him.


「Undertood. I think I’ll go back to my laboratory after enjoying the wind for a bit longer」


After Seria giving a response in a graceful manner, Charles left that place while letting out a coincited smile.


Looking at his retreating figure, Seria’s grimacing a little.


Letting out a sigh, after looking at the flower that filling the place in tranquility, Seria left that place to go back to her laboratory.


The guard knight’s following from behind as if pursuing her.


Seria’s also displeased by this guard knight.


It’s still okay if it’s just looking at her face sometimes.


She can endure it if it’s only that much.


But, this man often looking so many times at her skirt or chest when doing his job. [TL : Don’t tell me ……… A comrade!!]


Though the person himself might think that she hasn’t noticed, Seria noticed his gaze.


Though Seria herself thinking that she didn’t have a body that considered attractive to men, the phsycological disgust that she feels when someone sending this kind of gaze to her is trulu unbearable.


Even now the man who walk behind her looking at her rear made Seria even more dejected.



「Well then, I’ll go back to my research」


Seria closed the door of the room after telling that to him in a little blunt way.


After entering the room, she’s all on her own so she released a huge sigh.


“Gacha” [TL : SFX]


SHe could heard the sound of the door opened from behind.


(Is the guard opened the door)


Someone opening the door without even knocking it.


Seria turned around with unpleasant mood.


「What’s matter …… EH?」


Standing on that place was an unknown youth.


He’s smiling gently as if feeling relieved, she know from the air emitted from him that masculine figure that pleasant to see despite his slender frame.


Though he might be still young in age, to be honest, his appearance is right in the middle of Seria strike zone.


「……. Are you a knight guard?」


But, nevertheless she cannot afford to let down her guard.


Seria asked that man identity with a strict voice.


He might be a spy from another country that was coming with her as his target.


Though this is an old trick for each countries to choose men or women with pleasing appearance as a spy.


Though she want to leave the royal castle, she want to be pardoned from that way of leaving.


Since she didn’t know what kind of treatment lying in waiting for her after that point.


Though Seria’s completely useless in close combat.


If it’s a counter attack, she’ll attack by using magic.


Stepping back slowly, Seria was trying to take some distance from the youth.


And then.


「If it’s the guard, he’ll do his job without even finding any abnormality. it’s been a while, Seria-sensei」


The youth was speaking to Seria with a voice that feel nice in her ears while smiling at her.




Seria’s felt somekind of reminiscense.


This kind of feeling, she feel that this kind of scene happened once before.


Seria tilting her neck a little.


「I’m Rio. I’m thinking of giving my greeting since I’m coming back to this place」


After saying that while smiling wryly, the youth took off his necklace.


Thereupon, the color of his hair changing back from silver to black in an instant.


At that place, stood a youth with a visage that Seria know very well.


Though he’s growing quite a lot during the several years she didn’t see him, she remember very well his black hair.


「Rio …….. Nano? Rio! 」


The gloomy feeling that she felt until just a moment ago was blown away in an instant.


Something like that is trivial right now.


With tears on the corner of her eyes, Seria coming at him then put herself into his embrace.