Seized by the System - Chapter 114

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Chapter 114
Chapter 114: You Won't Be Able to Put Those Experiences to Use If I Suppress My Grade and Seize Full Control of Your Body

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Fang Ning was completely relieved and thought to himself, 'The System really is the System; peerless eyesight and memory combined to make an unparalleled identification . '

After he was done with cheating, Fang Ning started showing off, "Haha, you fake! So you think you've imitated Butler Zheng enough? What you don't know is that after I, the Venerable White Dragon, made my descent into this world, I've read more than 900 chapters of Detective Conan and more than 700 detective novels . I've already evolved into Detective White Dragon and I've already seen through your ruse!"

"Zheng Dao" laughed lightly, "You're joking again, Venerable White Dragon . I really am Zheng Dao, what ruse could you possibly have seen through?"

"The size of your steps, the angle of the swing of your arm, the movement of your shoulders, the rise and fall of your chest," as Fang Ning typed, the expression of the other person fell slightly, "all these aspects were very clearly different from the real Butler Zheng . Or do you want me to play videos of Butler Zheng from before so that you can compare?"

The System said discontentedly, "Host, you're just reciting what I said to you word-for-word and claiming it as your own deduction, do you feel no shame?"

Fang Ning shamelessly answered, "If I don't replicate what you say, how can he know that I've seen through his ruse and he must admit defeat? You can't expose yourself so you'll act as an unsung hero; only I knowing your effort is more than enough . Now let me finish this mission of showing off . Once it's Vigilante A's turn to appear, you can show off however you want . "

Due to the logical reason, the System chose to back off .

After reading Fang Ning's message, the video showed "Zheng Dao" exploding suddenly . Smoke dissipated outwards before an elegant and classy-looking young woman in green appeared slowly…

"I knew it," exclaimed Fang Ning as if he had everything in his grasp before he continued, "no matter how sly the fox is, it won't be able to escape my hunter's eyesight!"

"Let me introduce myself, my online nickname 'Lilac in the Rainy Alley' and I am a QQ close friend of 'Exploring on the Road," said the woman in green calmly .

Fang Ning thought, 'Isn't 'Exploring on the Road' Zheng Dao's QQ nickname? Why didn't you just say his actual name? It's obvious they're both hipster artists; Zheng Dao really knows how to pick a name for himself . Zheng Dao and 'Exploring on the Road', what a combination . Much too hipster of a name however, unlike my domineering 'Dragon Ascending The Heavens' . '

Fang Ning answered, "I've heard of you . Where have you hidden our Zheng Dao, Miss Lilac?"

The woman in green replied, "I've heard from him that both Venerable Ones are powerful and almighty heroes who are more than willing to help others fulfill their wishes . Zheng Dao and I are in love, and we've been in love for more decades . We've finally decided to live out the rest of our lives together in the mountains, and I wish for you TO grant our wish . "

Fang Ning thought, 'Is it really just that? Did I overthink things just now?'

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Fang Ning said, "My sister, let's discuss things properly . I do not oppose your marriage, I can even gift a house as a wedding gift . All I ask is that he continues to work for me; I have a net worth of a few billion as I'm a dragon tycoon . "

"The benefits he enjoys while working for me are great, and my sworn brother, the Venerable Dragon God, is one of the top four masters of peace in China . You won't need to worry about safety because you won't be able to find a better working place than mine…"

The woman in green replied, "Venerable White Dragon, I do not desire these material things . All I want is a simple life in the woods . Please allow me to take my leave now . "

Fang Ning hastily replied, "I'm not joking, I speak the truth . I'm the best boss in the world… Wait, don't go offline . Come back quickly…"

Right after his message delivered, Zheng Dao's QQ dimmed . He had either went invisible or went offline; anyway, there was no respond no matter the message .

Fang Ning was stunned . He then asked the System, "Did you understand anything?"

The System answered honestly, "Not a word, was it some script of a romance drama?"

Fang Ning understood completely, which made things worse: the bachelor in him caused his brain to run into overdrive as he went through all the possible scenarios of a love where the female courted the male…

Fang Ning cradled his head in his hands, "Ah, I just suffered a Critical Attack of 10 thousand points! Why has something never happen to me…"

"You humans are so weak… Didn't someone take the initiative to ask you to marry into their family?"

"But I'm slightly afraid of snakes…" Noticing that the topic had shifted to himself, Fang Ning immediately changed the topic again, "Wait, let's stop talking nonsense . I want you to do something that isn't quite heroic for me, will you do it?"

"No . "

Fang Ning continued begging, "Oh, but it involves something quite serious, so please do it, Sir System! Help me retrieve the entire QQ messaging history between 'Exploring on the Road' and 'Lilac in the Rainy Alley' . I'll need more information to crack this case of the missing butler .

"You previously said that you could access all public sites; you just couldn't read or understand anything, but you can still copy the things I need and bring them back to me . You said it yourself, so don't you dare say you were lying to me before . You can't actually do it right?"

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"What do you mean I can't actually do it? I'll retrieve the information in ten minutes . "

"Return soon . "

A few moments later, a ten-megabyte text file appeared on Fang Ning's desktop computer .

"You're amazing, Sir System!" exclaimed Fang Ning as he opened the file, which revealed the entire chat history of 'Lilac in the Rainy Alley' and 'Exploring on the Road' .

As he scrolled the file, he realized just how long it was . It was 18 years of messaging; it was truly a long-distance race of love with numerous accompanying runners along the way .

Fang Ning's fascination grew as he read the message history, the glimmer in his eyes glowing brightly . From time to time, a giggle could be heard from his mouth too .

The System asked, "Host, have you discovered anything?"

Fang Ning was much too fascinated to realize that his IQ was falling, so he answered simply, "I've discovered a lot; I've discovered that the message history between this pair of hipsters is even more interesting that a romance novel…"

The System threatened, "Are you asking to have your electricity cut off?"

Fang Ning begged, "Don't do that, I'm in the middle cracking the case…"

The System was skeptical, "I feel like you're bluffing me again, it feels like you're reading a novel…"

"How about a little sincerity? Or a little trust between a human and a System? Don't rush, let me continue reading, the truth will come to light soon . Although doing this is slightly immoral, but this is all to save Zheng Dao! I wouldn't ask you to do something like this usually right?

"According to my detective skills, Old Man Zheng is quite safe for now, he might even be enjoying something alluring! Let him have his fun; when he's in grave danger and our Legendary Skill: Thousand-mile Assistance is activated, we can fly over immediately and save him without wasting a second . You see, I've taken everything into consideration, so let me analyze the information in peace . Let me see if I can find where they go for dates…"

"Oh, it seems that you really did take everything into consideration, as usual . I won't bother you . I'll concentrate on leveling up and upgrading my skills, so you continue reading . "

Fang Ning didn't raise his head as he said, "Farewell…"

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In a base of the Truth Department . Two women sat in an office, their focus concentrated on the computers that were playing something .

Qiao Zijiang spoke up first, "I just reported the information to the higher-ups, we should be getting permission for to carry out our operation soon . Aunty Ding, you've already read the chat history just now right?"

An elegant and classy-looking woman in green sat by her . She was Ding Xiang, Zheng Dao's beloved soulmate .

Ding Xiang answered, "Yes, thank you for the hard work, Zijiang . Somebody dared to disguise themselves as me, how terrible . Old Man Zheng's an idiot too, I can't believe he couldn't tell it was a fake despite all these years we've spent together . He's nothing compared to that Venerable White Dragon; it's no wonder he's only able to work as a butler…"

"Hehe, Aunt Ding, from the conversation just now, that Venerable White Dragon seems like quite a decent fellow . You've misunderstood him greatly before . "

Ding Xiang blushed, "That idiot Zheng Dao is to blame; he didn't explain things properly before, which caused me to think that the Venerable White Dragon and the Venerable Dragon God were the hypocritical types that were all bark and no bite . Those type of people always go on about not getting married until they're successful . They're the type that never takes us women to heart; as if getting married before success is a sin to them . "

Qiao Zijiang nodded her head, "That's right, that's right . A lot of people run themselves into the ground for everyone under the sky; does that mean they want to die without descendants? Does that mean they're just not going to get married? Where is the logic in that? Zhuge Liang 1 dedicated the latter part of his life to Liu Bei 2 , but didn't he get married and have children too?"

Despite what she was saying, Qiao Zijiang thought otherwise, 'Hehe, you really can't tell that Aunt Ding Xiang had such a difficult history of romance .

'Because Zheng Dao was recruited as a butler by the Venerable Dragon God and the Venerable White Dragon, he was also put under surveillance, which allowed us to retrieve his online chatting history . This allowed me to find out that Zheng Dao was still in this long-distance run of love with Aunt Ding Xiang .

'It's no wonder they call Aunt Ding Xiang "Holy Empress", unlike Aunt Hai Lan who is only called "Holy Virgin" . It was no wonder they had such a good relationship usually . '

Ding Xiang's blush fades; who would want to discuss one's romantic relationship with a junior? She immediately changed topics, "That's enough, stop mentioning it, Zijiang . Let's work harder so we can quickly find out just who is doing all these tricks in the shadows; let's find out just what exactly they're after . "

"Alright, Aunt Ding," Qiao Zijiang stopped to think before she continued, "Maybe we should ask for help from that pair of Venerable Ones; with them around, this mission won't be as dangerous! Besides, this entire matter concerns them too and they also want to save Butler Zheng! We don't need to deploy the Special Investigations Unit anymore and they're also co-organisers so we just need permission from the higher-ups . "

Ding Xiang answered, "That would be best of course . The Six Elders have heavy responsibilities to bear since they're constantly handling sudden emergencies, so we might not be able to summon them in time either . Take that Insect Demon thing last time, your uncle and the rest were suddenly transferred away to handle another incident . Thankfully, that Venerable Dragon God was powerful and invincible enough to defeat that swarm completely . When we were cleaning up the aftermath, we realized that not one had escaped; it was truly an incredible feat . Sadly, the Venerable White Dragon did not show up from beginning to the end . Maybe he was orchestrating things behind-the-scenes?"

Qiao Zijiang replied, "Maybe . He's still a young True Dragon, so it can't exactly participate in battle . I could contact him now . He's been addicted to a game called 'The Discord of Beasts' recently . Coincidentally, we provide technical support for the game .

"Not long ago, he had played that game for seven days and seven nights straight; his ID was Dragon Ascending The Heavens and he had placed first in various placement matches . However, if his chat history is any indication, he cares for Butler Zheng quite a lot, so I doubt he would leave him alone . "

Ding Xiang smiled as she watched Qiao Zijiang log into QQ before she said, "Haha, these pair of Venerable Ones are quite interesting . One likes to eat, the other likes to play . They're quite different from other powerhouses . "

Qiao Zijiang had finally contacted the Venerable White Dragon; after telling the other person everything, both of them agreed on a time to leave . The Venerable White Dragon accepted readily .

However, from the looks of the messages from the Venerable White Dragon, it was as if he wasn't all that shocked about the news . It was obvious he had also realized there was something fishy going on, but his messages carried a sliver of regret and pity .

'Is he thinking that I've contacted him a bit too late? So he's thinking that I've allowed Butler Zheng to suffer that much longer . There's nothing I can do, there are procedures I have to follow . Any operations are to wait for approval . '

Qiao Zijiang paid no heed to the slightly odd behavior . She was extremely happy; with the appearance of this godly heroes, their operation was already a success .

Now that the proper business was done, all they had to do was wait for approval . She struck up another casual conversation with Aunt Ding Xiang; she had a lot to learn from the other party . No girl would say no to gaining more experience .

The System asked, "When are we leaving? You've discovered that that woman was a fake and the Truth Department have found out the same thing . You really are a detective, Host . If you continued to analyze the information, then the case is as good as solved, right?"

Fang Ning answered, "The time and place has already been decided, so stop asking . When I was deeply entrenched by those records, it was as if I had entered an otherworldly realm and a voice kept talking to me… Is there something mysterious in Old Man Zheng's chat records? There's something weird going on with his Psionic Ability… Let me continue reading . "

The System exclaimed, "You're trying to bluff me again . I won't fall for it this time! Electricity disconnecting…"

A System Notification popped up, [Electricity disconnected . ]

Fang Ning stared at the blank screen, his face one of indifference, "Haha, disconnect it for all I care . I've already expected that you would do something like this so I had already learned all of Old Man Zheng's experiences while I was in that otherworldly realm…"

The System retorted, "No matter how many experiences you learn, if I suppress my level grade and seize full control of your body, you won't be able to put those experiences to use anyhow…"

Fang Ning vomited three liters of blood and fell face-first onto the floor . He stopped moving and gave up completely .