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Seized by the System - Chapter 183

Published at 2nd of December 2018 10:39:30 AM

Chapter 183
Chapter 183: It’s All His Fault

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A group of people were conducting an emergency meeting in China's Truth Department main base, inside the Think Tank Group office .

A group member was reporting the situation, "Captain, in the sky above the Northern region of the Pacific Ocean, XX longitude, XX latitude . A strong force appeared before disappearing . This is classified as special occurrence type 76 . "

"The nets above have already captured the energy, but without the snares below, they can only prematurely estimate the power level . According to the official report it is currently set as an S- rank . Translated to the Dragon Clan power level chart, it is set as near pond-level . The leader just gave an order to us . He wants us to plan a precautionary action for this occurrence . "

Ren Ruofeng listened carefully and remained calm . He touched his face and started thinking .

"Looks like Vigilante A didn't lie to me about soaking that Face Rejuvenating Pill in clear water and washing my face with it . I just used it for a few days and the effect is so prominent .

"Ignoring the fact that the spots on my face have disappeared by a bit, my white hair has also started to turn black . This hero is really telling the truth, and the pill he gave me also includes other effects . Unlike other places where they cut their materials and effectiveness, and still sell it at such a high price with bad customer service . "

At that moment, someone coughed and said, "Captain Ren? Captain Ren?"

Ren Ruofeng turned and looked . The one reminding him was a pretty lady, but between her eyebrows were some wrinkles .

He replied, "Don't worry too much . This is just a… Oh, Vice-captain Hong, tell us your thoughts . I think you can take charge of this planning . "

The pretty lady was Hong Yunjiao . She looked satisfied as she heard the captain, followed by a glance at every member . There were ten plus people, each among the cream of the crop among the Think Tank Group .

She said, "Our nets above and snares below has already gathered a lot of energy; enough to release S+ attacks . This will be the maximum energy that our world permits . From the information that we have, our world is infinite and has the strictest law . Our enemy can never go beyond the rules .

"What is the most important thing to do now is to know the movement of this powerhouse . If he shows signs of invading China, then we will use our weapon against it . He will not want to risk injuring himself fighting with us, so we just need to maintain the situation as it is now . Of course, we will need to send out a notice to the GASATO about a highly dangerous powerhouse . "

Suddenly, a normal looking teenager raised his hands wanting to speak .

Hong Yunjiao nodded, "Xu Tiancheng . Tell us what you think . Don't need to hold back . "

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Xu Tiancheng looked at Captain Ren, and saw he was nodding to him as well . He said, "Vice-captain Hong, we have no prior knowledge of this powerhouse . If it starts its base overseas and grows to become stronger than he is now, we might have something difficult to deal with on our hands in the future . "

Hong Yunjiao shook her head and smiled, "Tiancheng, this is not something we can control . The Truth Department is not omnipotent, our reach only extends to the borders of China . If we are worried about our enemy establishing itself in other countries, then we mustn't be complacent . We mustn't be like a certain someone who's worked so hard for twenty years . Just as he started to see some results and gain some money, he wanted to move onto other things and not his initial work . "

Ren Ruofeng heard it and coughed . He said to the others with a straight face, "What Vice-captain Hong said is right . We the Think Tank Group, acting as the brain of the Truth Department, should work our best as the leading group . We must not be arrogant and forget about all the past results we have obtained while continue to improve and work hard .

"Of course, we must not learn the ways of those practitioners . Everyone can have their hobbies . So long as they follow the law, anything can be accepted . We don't want to only focus on working and improving until we become lifeless robots, forgetting our initial purpose and doing something that betrays it . "

"What the captain said is good . We have all the things we need . Everyone must carry this out with all seriousness . " Said Vice-captain Hong .

As Hong Yunjiao finished, she started clapping as the others followed . A harmonious atmosphere flooded the office…

Ren Ruofong looked relieved and said, "Then this ends our emergency meeting . Everyone follows the plan that Vice-captain Hong had suggested . Plan it out carefully, and write out the proposal . Pass it to Vice-captain Hong to look through and I will sign it before handing it to the upper management . Dismissed . "

The group members stood up at the word . They bowed and left, leaving both captains in the room .

Ren Ruofeng immediately stared at Hong Yunjiao, and she gazed back at him…

After a short while, he looked away and said, "Whatever, I won't take that to heart… Taking into account the time, next month will be the day the mountain door reopens . Seeing Vice-captain Hong is this hardworking, I will keep you back here to look after the group while keeping an eye on the powerhouse . I want to go and look at these masters with no personal lives . "

Hong Yunjiao replied, "If you want to you can go ahead, but you need to buy a few things for me . "

Ren Ruofeng said, "You still owe me half the money you borrowed previously . I won't pay for you anymore for now… I still need some money to buy those Face Rejuvenating Pills from Brother Dragon . "

Hong Yunjiao replied with an okay and then continued . "Then I'll just tell Elder Xu and the rest about the captain that wasn't focusing during important meetings, and see if they should suspend him to give him time to reflect…"

Ren Ruofeng replied unwillingly, "I can only borrow you one-third of my money, not more than that . "

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Sky Eagle saw that black cat turned into a black tiger before grabbing the four-headed monster and flying away .

It immediately sent the information to the wind dragon dashing at high speed .

Sir System had mastered the art and could transform itself into the shape of a real wind dragon . Although its attacks were weaker than the fire dragon, it was significantly quicker .

The fastest a fire dragon can go was supersonic speed, but a wind dragon can go as fast as twice that . Basically, it was flying at a speed of 2500 km/h .

The speed could still be increased with a bit of morality . The uses of morality were broader compared to aggro, which could only be used to perform Esoteric Skills .

That was also the reason why Sir System felt like it found its precious when it met Master Cang, who was full of morality .

When Sir System received the message, it said to Fang Ning, "Bad news . We're still very far away, at least 3000 kilometers . We will need another hour before reaching . How are we supposed to chase after it? Damn it, that Truth Department always likes to drag their work . They've yet to send me those materials needed for the flying sword . I need to make it no matter how much work I need to put in…"

Fang Ning replied, "Then tell Sky Eagle about our situation . Tell it to go ahead and distract the black cat . Relax, not everyone is as timid as you, Sir… That brother eagle is a righteous person . Since it's already found out you have a powerhouse soul trapped within your house it wouldn't just eat the snake body . "

The system said, "I'll take your word on that . If you're wrong I'll cut your vacation time by half and use that time to personally ask for the flying sword materials from the Truth Department . "

Fang Ning replied, "I shouldn't have said it then . Now I'm the one to blame…"

A human and a system were talking while flying at mind-boggling speeds, but no noise came from them .

That was the secret of the wind dragon . No modern supersonic fighter could compare to it .

Sir System quickly conveyed the message to Sky Eagle using that drawing .

"Calling Sky Eagle . Reply immediately when you see this message . "

"Sky Eagle here . Brother dragon, you can go ahead . "

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"That soul of the four-headed snake monster has been captured by me using my secret technique . You can go ahead and trap that black cat . I will need another half an hour before arriving . "

"Brother dragon is really strong… Affirmative, but don't have to worry about me . If what is left is only a black cat, it will never escape from me…"

Sky Eagle received the message and chased after it with all its might . Soon it was right behind the black cat, but it never knew that the black cat was the president of the WPBO, Black Cat Master Tom…

"Sorry brother dragon, that cat escaped . It only left the four-headed snake monster's body . Brother dragon… Brother dragon, are you online? Looks like this monster has something good on it…"

The System said, "That black cat escaped . "

Fang Ning replied indifferently, "That's normal . Anderson mentioned before that Black Cat Tom is the president of the WPBO, but it was not the strongest among them . It was traveling on air while carrying someone and must have realized that he can't defeat Sky Eagle . It's not one of those NPCs in video games that just stand there and waiting to be defeated . Running is the most sensible action for a cat . "

System replied, "This is all Truth Departments fault . They are never on time . Three days have passed and they haven't sent me those materials . "

Fang Ning tried to calm it down, "The Truth Department is a governmental organization . Every movement of materials will require all kinds of official processes, especially for these weapon-grade materials . The flying sword is so swift, plus you are so strong . Even if they agreed to your offer I guess they are still trying to limit your power in secret, such as giving you materials that are lower in their quality to lower down the final strength of your flying sword . Then they can make one weapon-grade for themselves which is different compared to a civilian-grade one . "

The System replied, "You humans are shameless… You need to help me check it by then . "

A wind dragon and a large eagle were flying around a cloud . On the cloud was the body of the four-headed snake monster .

Sky Eagle was trying to explain, "That black cat was too alert, plus it has the legendary technique of traveling between spaces . Just now when I was 100 kilometers away from it, it turned to look at me . After that, it just let go of the body and jumped into the sky . After a few seconds, it completely vanished . I guess that sick cat realized I was too strong and knew that it was no match for me and decided to run away . What a coward . "

The System asked, "What is this guy babbling so much about?"

Fang Ning replied, "Well, what it's trying to say is clear . It wasn't an issue of ability, but that our opponent has the legendary skill of space travel… It hopes that someone as strong as you can forgive it . "

The System said, "Oh, it kept the four-headed snake monster in place before we arrived . It really is an honorable eagle and a good ally, why would I blame him?"

Wind dragon nodded towards Sky Eagle and said, "No worries, it's just a weak cat . You tried your best, so I will reward you later . "

After investigating, that four-headed snake monster disappeared .

After a moment, a small body reappeared .

Wind dragon said, "Luckily we had a good ally by our side . This is a gift for you . "

Sky Eagle waved its wings and rejected the gift before taking out a grey ball and replied, "This is all because of your ability… I don't need this . This is a ball I found on the snake body . This is filled with divine power, so this might be…"

Wind dragon interrupted its sentence and said, "Oh, then keep that seed of divine power . "

As it finished its words the snake body disappeared again .

Fang Ning said, "You're so generous this time . Such a rare occasion…"

System replied, "This seed of divine power is something good for his path of godhood . You said before you want to gather five pond-level powerhouses . It'S our ally, so getting stronger will benefit us greatly . "

Fang Ning nodded, "You, Sir, are really aren't being timid for the sake of being timid . All that was for storing resources to become stronger and improve our survivability . Your kindness is something I can never achieve…"

System replied, "It's good that you know . "

Sky Eagle listened . Excitement overcame it and it ate the ball without hesitation .

After it did, it felt that brother dragon was really someone important from the Upper Realm . Even a rare item like the seed of divine power wasn't enough to pique his interest…

Although itself had also worked hard for this, brother dragon was able to capture the soul of the enemy using his secret technique . If not, he could only stay at a far distance while remembering the looks of this powerhouse, before hiding as far as possible . It will never have the courage to even think about taking away that pearl in the first place .

It somehow got such benefit from this event, and it had a sudden urge to kneel before him…

"Whatever, if that happens I'll never fly freely anymore . Staying friends with brother dragon is much simpler…"

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