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Seized by the System - Chapter 330

Published at 6th of February 2019 12:34:50 PM

Chapter 330

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A brief moment later, Cang Gongzi saw that he had already calmed down, so he tried to ask, "Do you still hate that hero now?"

It was not that he did not know of the inappropriateness of this question, but due to his standpoint, he needed to ask .

He did not want a powerful, wise member like Bai Shixin in the clan to secretly scheme against his savior due to hatred .

Soon enough, Bai Shixin's emotions became stable again, he laughed . "I used to, but afterwards I was grateful to him instead . "

Looking at the confused look in Cang Gongzi's eyes, he explained, "It's easy to know of god's plans, but it's hard to fathom a person's mind . I'd like to thank him, at least I was able to see through a person's heart in advance . "

Cang Gongzi half-understood his words, he asked another fellow in his mind .

Cang Gongzi said, "Ruocang, do you understand what Bai Shixin has just said? Is he saying the truth or a lie?"

The body that Bai Shixin was currently living in belonged to Bai Ruocang's biological father, hence Cang Gongzi taught him the Bloodline Sense technique that could sense if one was saying the truth, thus he asked .

In the new era, unusual skills had been appearing endlessly, those that were impossible in the past became extremely easy in the present .

Bai Ruocang showed a melancholic face . "He's probably saying the truth, I can understand everything . "

Cang Gongzi said as he was rather shocked, "Eh, you haven't been in a relationship before, how can you understand?"

Bai Ruocang looked like he was saying "life is already tough, don't expose the truth" . "Who said that I haven't seen a pig run just because I haven't eaten pork? (TN: He's saying this to tell Cang Gongzi that he understands relationships too even though he hasn't been in one . ) I've told you before long ago, I've been engaged . It's just that now my spirit and yours are living in this hamster demon's body, how can I go see her now that I'm neither a person nor a demon? Sigh, I'm probably destined to be forever alone . "

Upon seeing the situation, Cang Gongzi could not bear it . "Don't worry, wait until you succeed in your cultivation . As long as you do well in your cultivation, it's not entirely impossible for you to recover back into your human body . "

It was then when Bai Ruocang slightly regained some spirit . He then asked at once, "Cang Gongzi, I have a favor to ask, can you make this fellow shrink away and let me meet my father once?"

That was right, Bao Ruocang could still maintain its cool in front of the enemy who exterminated his family .

It was because Cang Gongzi had told him that his father was not dead .

The fellow in front of him was more or less considered to have protected his father, just like Cang Gongzi did .

The only thing was that Cang Gongzi did it out of kindness, whereas this cunning fellow in front of him was probably treating it as a backup plan out of his habit .

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Though Cang Gongzi knew that it was not very right, he still agreed . "Alright, I'll try . "

After Cang Gongzi ended his secret conversation with Bai Ruocang, he indirectly hinted Bai Shixin with Bai Ruocang's request .

When Bai Shixin heard him, he looked ghastly, then he subconsciously pointed the ceiling of the room with his finger . "Up there, someone is watching . "

At once, Cang Gongzi understood that this request was a little difficult, after all, where was this place?

It was that person's lair, so if Bai Shixin dared to reveal the truth that Bai Ruocang's father was still alive, he would be dead for sure and would have no more luck to spare .

For the time being, that person was afraid of his meritorious services and his reputation . As long as there was no solid proof, he would not make any obvious moves but could only secretly elbow him out, and would offer his high position on the surface to indicate fairness .

After all, that person was a figure that was going to ascend .

As this was a new era, perhaps it was still extremely tough one to predict the future, but things that had happened in the past were not so .

Evil things that had been done people could not be covered up by just smearing them .

Should he commit a major act of evil act such as murdering a commendable person for no reason, it could not be erased forever, and would greatly affect the foundation of his ascension .

All those from the Greater Rat Clan who worshiped him might possibly know about this, and would have knots in their hearts .

Once Cang Gongzi thought about this, and for the reason that he was a soft-tempered, soft-hearted rat, he would not put him in a difficult position .

Therefore, he nodded . "Alright, we'll wait for the calm after the storm then . "

Bai Shixin smiled plainly, then secretly communicated with telepathy through spiritual sense .

"It's such a rare occasion that you understand, Gongzi, you don't have to waste your energy on these trivial matters, the return of the moon is the primary issue this year . Even though us greater rats won't experience huge effects since we live in rock masses underground, the living creatures on land will face huge dangers . Gongzi, it's best that you look for that fellow as soon as possible to find the root of the problem . You're a royalty of the Greater Rat Clan, it is born to be under your suppression, so it will definitely tell you the truth . "

After Cang Gongzi heard that, he no longer hesitated and left after bidding farewell .

As Bai Shixin stood by the door to send Cang Gongzi away, his eyes turned cold as they gazed at his ever-receding silhouette .

He thought to himself, 'Hmph, it's hard to fathom a person's mind but it's easy to get a hold of it too, this time, I'll see if I'm right…

'Did you really think that I'll endure this?

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'I won't .

'You old thing, since you don't care about me, I'd like to see if you care about your son…

'Regardless if it's a serious or trivial matter, one must have a clear understanding in order to cultivate, and cultivation is the most important thing…'

After having these thoughts, Bai Shixin returned to his study room . While he continued reading books related to hackers, he continued to quietly perform the spiritual sense technique .

He believed that as long as he overcame the knot in his heart, he would certainly be able to break from his bottleneck in cultivating .

Once Cang Gongzi left Bai Shixin's residence, he walked on the streets of the underground city of the greater rats, that was slowly taking shape .

The streets were cold and few to little rat demons in human bodies could be seen . Occasionally, one or two would appear but they all walked in a hurry, such that none of them were strolling around leisurely like he was .

Along the neat rocky streets, both sides were lined with residences, no shops could be found .

From time to time, some working rats could be seen cleaning the streets diligently . They carried tools such as brooms with their well-built bodies, sweeping dust and stones into the sweeper, then transporting them away . The entire process was very quiet .

Each of them looked like they were willing to bear the hardship .

It was rare to see any sorts of rubbish on the streets, unlike the streets of human cities where plastic bottles and items like papers were everywhere .

Those objects had been ordered to be placed into recycling bins, and they would be recycled by rats regularly to be made into raw materials for the recycling industry of the Greater Rat Clan .

Other than that, a few security rats could be seen maintaining public security . They were clearly much stronger, some even had vague human characteristics whereby they could stand up straight . Their back limbs were fully developed while their front limbs were shorter, showing a posture that was similar to a kangaroo .

With rubber sticks in their hands, they patrolled the streets back and forth .

Whether it was the working rats or the security rats, when they saw Cang Gongzi who had transformed into a human figure, they lowered their bodies and heads to show obedience . None of them dared to look directly at him .

They could almost feel a sense of oppression, but they could not discern if it came from the difference in strength or bloodlines .

Anyhow, it showed that this rat from the same clan that had transformed into a human was at the top . They could not offend him in any way, not even one look .

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In order to avoid arousing suspicion, Cang Gongzi did not speak to them, he only checked out the Greater Rat City carefully .

From what Bai Shixin said, he knew that this underground city was actually located in a huge mountain in Central China, in the rock stratum hundreds of meters deep .

The specific location was confidential, only a small number of the higher-ups knew about it .

Bai Shixin also mentioned that this place had been under construction for eighteen years, was developed by countless greater rats bit by bit .

A tremendous project as such would be tough for humans to complete in the same timeframe, as there were issues such as cost and skill .

The city was built in a plain and chunky style, each house was excavated directly from solid rock .

The colors varied according to the rock, such that some were in light red, some were in baby blue, while some were in black .

He believed that in that future, perhaps these newborn greater rats would form new esthetic concepts and would paint these houses again .

As for now, since all resources were being centrally used by that person, it would not be wasted on useless esthetic expenses . This was entirely different from the humans .

He knew very well of the yearly resource expenses of humans on just beauty itself…

Cang Gongzi walked along the straight and solid rocky streets, towards Nie Yuan's house .

This was a royal area of the Greater Rat Clan, where Bai Shixin's house and Nie Yuan's house were not very far apart .

Needless to say, that person stayed over here as well, but nobody knew if the one at home was actually him .

As Cang Gongzi walked, somebody appeared abruptly in front of him just as he was turning into another street,

It was a skinny elder who had an ordinary face, his skin was a little flabby and there were looks of kindness in his eyes, just like an old man next door .

He was the ancestor of Bai Family .

Cang Gongzi just walked past him as if he did not see him .

However, at this moment, a voice was heard .

"I knew that you'd come back .

"Stay, this is your kingdom . When my mortal life comes to an end and I get promoted to god, you shall be crowned king . "

Cang Gongzi did not turn around at all, he kept walking forward .

He knew that that man would not lie about this . Worldly power had always been nothing but a tool to him, it was never his goal, whereas that man only had one goal from the start .

The elder stared at his back with confused looks .

Towards anyone else, he could be ruthless and decisive, but it would be impossible for him to make any move on his only son from his first wife .

Not only it was because he had once saved his life, and it was not just because he was his sole bloodline, most importantly…

If there was anyone in this world who could make him face him with his back, it would be this son of his whom he had parted ways with .

'Perhaps this is karma', the elder thought, 'but I won't regret it, even if I had another chance, I would make the same choice . '

With that, he let Cang Gongzi move freely around, because he knew that it was impossible for him to make any terrible actions .

This son of his was born to be kind towards all living creatures, in actual fact, he really should become a monk .

As Cang Gongzi walked on his own, he finally arrived at a faint green courtyard .

The decoration here was evidently different from the other crude houses of the greater rats .

There was only a single courtyard here, which was separated from the unsophisticated street around it by baby blue fences .

A brightly lit day lamp was hung in the center of the courtyard, beneath the light were rows of neatly arranged delicate flower pots, where all sorts of plants were planted in them .

There was a lady with a graceful body and long hair, she wore a light purple dress, which seemed to be the latest trend among humans .

As for how Cang Gongzi knew about this, there was a fellow who wanted to send a present but did not dare to even after choosing it for a long time, it was that simple .

Right then, the lady leaned forward to manage the flowers .

Cang Gongzi walked over to the fences and greeted, "Hello, is this the residence of General Nie?"

Upon hearing him, the lady stood up and revealed an attractive face .

She looked at the handsome young man in front of her with a curious look, there was an entirely different smell on this man as compared to her new husband's, it was a smell that made one feel relieved .

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