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Seized by the System - Chapter 369

Published at 20th of February 2019 02:45:23 AM

Chapter 369: 369

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In the Adviser's office of the Truth Department, Ren Ruofeng and Vigilante A stared at each other for a long while .

Vigilante A did not speak the entire time, making Ren Ruofeng feel odd as he could not guess what Vigilante A was thinking .

'Could it be that the Venerable One was disappointed at my reaction, so he doesn't want to speak?'

He sighed . His calmness could still be improved .

On that regard, he should be setting an example with Vigilante A . He was truly immovable even if Mount Tai was crumbling .

No matter in videos or based on observations in real life, he had never looked alarmed in dangerous situations .

Shock, panic, fright, all of those emotions seemed to never happen on Vigilante A .

Fortunately, not long after, Vigilante A opened his mouth . "Since Senior Ren managed the setup of the Truth Department's Nets Above Snares Below, you must have a copious perspicacity in this department . I hope you would be generous with your guidance when I need them . "

Ren Ruofeng answered immediately, "Please do not be so formal, Venerable One, I dare not expound my humble knowledge . I would love to provide my insights, I just did not know how to offer to help . "

He thought to himself, 'Venerable One was really nice, but this pattern of speech of his was really confusing .

'Call it Classical Chinese, not entirely; Modern Chinese, it's not even close .

'Thanks to my broad knowledge about the past and current events, I was able to keep up with his speech . '

"If that's the case, let's not delay it any further, let's get started . "

Ren Ruofeng said seriously, "I am honored to approach this grand project with Venerable One, I shall be ready to share everything I know . "

He did not tell Vigilante A that the setting up of the Nets Above Snares Below was one of the most secretive classified information of China .

His decision and trust to teach that to Vigilante A came out of his immense trust toward him .

He only knew that the existence of Vigilante A had already merged with China . His education on the subject was merely another layer of protection for China . . .

. . .

Nine consecutive days and nights later, Ren Ruofeng gawked emptily with dark circles under his eyes and stubble shooting out his face as Vigilante A left in a swoop .

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After Vigilante A's silhouette had faded from his view, Ren Ruofeng staggered and slumped on the couch behind him .

'I shouldn't have said share everything I knew . . .

'The Venerable One was the biggest timesaver I knew, he would have asked to learn everything at one go, having no time to return for complementary classes .

'Even a wise man may sometimes make mistakes . I should be more careful and take those into consideration . '

At this point, he sighed as he rolled his head on the couch, his breath weak .

At the moment, Operator Liu came in .

He had on his hand a cup of freshly brewed Da Hong Pao, ready to serve Ren Ruofeng tea .

As he entered the room, he noticed something was wrong with his superior . He approached to check Ren Ruofeng out and immediately understood .

"Oh my god! Director Ren worked consecutively for nine days and passed out in his office . . . I say, aside from Director Ren, I would not agree with anyone else taking the award for the most hardworking employee this year . "

He yelled as he stormed out of the room .

The other people came around to spectate the commotion .

They knew Director Ren was not a hardworking person . Every time he worked overtime was forced upon him . . . Who would be able to make him work overtime consecutively for nine days?

"Yelling in the office, this is outrageous . Return to your stations . "

A handsome man approached .

He was Hong Yunqiao, the new supervisor, and he reprimanded the whole office for reacting to the ruckus .

Operator Liu was taken aback and pointed into the room, "Adviser Ren is unconscious inside . . . "

"He's pretending again . His Evergreen Supreme Technique could restore his vitality . How would he be exhausted with only nine days of overtime?" Hong Yunqiao scoffed .

However, no one realized a hint of nervousness flashed by his eyes .

Everyone watched as he walked inside the office and closed the door .

Hong Yunqiao walked fleetly to Ren Ruofeng's side and frowned .

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Ren Ruofeng was completely different than he was nine days ago . The unkempt look was not a nice sight .

"That's weird, he's a Pond-level powerhouse, how did he get so spent? This old thing stayed in here for nine days and nine nights, what did he do?"

He muttered and pressed his hand to Ren Ruofeng's chest . A jade-colored aura was transmitted over through his hand .

"Hm-hm, old hag Hong, I knew you were only cross-dressing and didn't have a sex change . The Evergreen Supreme Technique that I taught you could not be used by men . "

Ren Ruofeng had already regained consciousness then as he said weakly .

"You wicked old fart, still thinking about tricking people in times like this . I shouldn't have been so soft, I should just let you die of exhaustion in here . " Hong Yunjiao immediately guessed the whole story and stormed out of the room .

"Heh, that's all I have, I guess . " After forcing out these words, Ren Ruofeng passed out for real .

This time, no one else noticed him . . .

. . .

In Vigilante A's farmhouse in Qi City . System Space .

"Wake up wake up, stop sleeping and start reading . " The System tried to wake a certain lazy person up .

In the past nine consecutive days, while Ren Ruofeng was teaching, the System was only recording it into a video .

The person who was supposed to worry about the wish being completed, meanwhile, had been under so much stress, he chose to numb himself with novels for nine days . . .

Fang Ning got up with difficulty and began watching the videos on the computer, blinking sleepily .

The precious videos were all about Ren Ruofeng's teaching in the nine days and nights .

It was all about the ways to set up the Nets Above Snares Below, one of China's biggest secrets . Fang Ning knew how important that was, unlike the System . That gift was immense .

While absorbing the information, he asked expectantly, "You said ten days ago that you have a way to help me finish this, what is that? Tell me, I'm super worried right now . "

"I couldn't tell you were worried . Plus, I'm helping . Just work and study the material until you master them," said the System uncaringly .

Fang Ning replied in worry, "You're pulling my leg again . Even if I learn this, how would I do anything to the Milky Way? It had the size of a hundred thousand light years, how could I do anything after I've studied and mastered this video?"

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"So what if it's large? Within several hundred years, I will be able to advance to Divine-level . By that point, the Milky Way would be easy enough to traverse . Helping you to complete your wish would be easy," said the System boastfully .

It did not know its smug words only made Fang Ning feel worse .

"F*cking hell . . . " Fang Ning imagined three crows flying over his head . He had really been conned by the System .

'It even learned to change its intonation to scare me? It's so cunning . '

The System was confident the entire time .

'That's right, just within a year, that idiot had already leveled up to Lake-level, and it even tricked a Great Demon Saint .

'Both Zhi Nan and Ren Ruofeng had underestimated the System's real potential .

'When I was panicking, I didn't even think about this .

'That idiot is not limited by the bottleneck to which living beings were capped!

'As long as it had enough experience points, it could grow strong without a limit .

'The only thing that could limit it was probably the System principles and their upper limit on leveling .

'However, I have a way to circumvent that .

'The newly born Heavenly Axiom was so powerful, it even knew Sir System's upper limit, which was why it accepted my wish .

'My guess was correct, Axiom Daddy does do it depending on the person making the wish . Not everyone's wish could be accepted .

'To me, the Milky Way Nets Above Snares Below is an unattainable goal, but to Sir System, it was just a very high target .

'It was a tall order, but with time and experience, it could be done .

'That was the main reason Axiom Daddy was willing to give out thirty thousand Heavenly Merit Points . . .

'Everyone would be willing to invest in a high-return project . '

Fang Ning was immediately at ease .

As soon as he relaxed, his bad habits resurfaced .

"So that's why . My game book's experience exchanging your stupid idea . I could come up with that myself, why would I need you to teach me that? I'm not giving you the experience . . . " Fang Ning said indignantly, "I'm not a hero anyway, I don't have to keep my promises . "

"How could you?" The System retorted in desperation . "You've promised to give me the experience if I would solve this wish for you . How could you go back on your words? Can we have a little more trust between us?"

"We can't . Your idea is too taxing . I'd rather live stress-free for a thousand years . I would at most live until eighty years old anyway, this is a great deal for me . " Fang Ning said in contradictory to his heart .

Now that he knew he could live many more thousand years, how would he be willing to live just a thousand years?

However, the System had just threatened him, so he needed to take revenge . . .

Hence, Fang Ning was exuding a thuggish sense of laziness . . .

"Uh . . . " This time, it was the System who was speechless .

With its understanding of him, he would really keep to his procrastination .

Before this, he had wanted to cultivate the Dream-Cultivation Method . He was excited and had stayed up late every night .

A month later, it had disappeared from his vocabulary, as if it had never happened before . . .

That was really puzzling .

If it were any other serious cultivators, would they have done the same thing?

The System said helplessly, "What do you want? I have to tell you, the way they set up Nets Above Snares Below was really mysterious, so only you living beings can do it . The whole teachings about 'the hearts of the heavens are the hearts of humans, the will of the heavens is the will of the people, heaven and human shall be linked', I can't do it, it's value is too low . If it weren't for that, I wouldn't have asked you to learn it . "

"Oh, I see . The things I need to do, I will do it . I will give you the experience but don't let me work overtime to learn it . I have several hundred years before I can do anything about it, so that would definitely be enough for me to learn to set it up . " Fang Ning let himself loose as soon as he had gotten the System to relent .

He knew when to be harsh and vice versa . After all, he needed the System to survive .

"You're not wrong . When you have the power, it would be easy for you to set it up . I just wanted to pressure you a little bit, since I felt you were a little too bloated up . " The System finally confessed about its real intention .

"Look at this, isn't it nice to have a proper conversation? We're sharing a body, so neither of us could live without the other . Stop trying to plot against me, did you know how stressed I was the last few days? I can only give you half of my baby's experience . " Fang Ning gave the System a lecture .

"Fine . Call your baby game book back, it only listens to you now," said the System .

It was confounded . 'I have been in the right in the beginning, but how was it that I lose to him again?'

What a mystery .

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