Seized by the System - Chapter 55

Published at 23rd of October 2018 11:45:36 AM

Chapter 55

The System stood by the two chickens pecking at each other, guarding the place against any intruders as it controlled Fang Ning's body to stand at the side .

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Putting Fang Ning aside, it was almost surprising how the Stygian Snake wasn't afraid of Vigilante A, who was watching them on the sidelines .

Vigilante A nodded as he watched on . Even though both of them behaved like chickens, at least Chicken Fang Ning had a better presentation than his opponent . Under the System's training and guidance, each pounce and retreat he made has its own meaning, and has characteristics of both attack and defense .

In contrast, that Stygian Snake was not up to par . It fought like some local mobster, relying entirely on its instincts to drag the fight longer .

Sadly, Fang Ning's training time was too short for him to have a significant rise in power . His abilities were still too weak, and after half an hour, Fang Ning still couldn't defeat him . Instead, his opponent was able to es