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Seized by the System - Chapter 568

Published at 30th of May 2019 12:20:04 PM

Chapter 568: 568

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Outside the volcano, another person sat with his legs folded . It was the third generation disciple from Azure Mountain, Gu Buwei .

He had already kept watch here for half a year, watching as the seasons changed .

Right now, it was 2019, spring .

He heard from recent news that there would be a change in the era's name, and would probably be recalculated from the flame meteor incident 2 years ago .

The only thing was that the change of an era's name was a serious matter . Though it looked like a trivial calculation of the era, it involved many areas .

In general, it was an underlying change towards the strong western culture .

The internationally-used Common Era began according to Jesus' birth date .

Currently, the point of the vitality's official recovery would be used as the starting point, the so-called "recovery" era .

Gu Buwei was reading a novel when he felt an inexplicable movement from the inside of the volcano crater .

At once, he kept his book, picked himself up, and looked inside .

He saw that the lava inside was churning like boiling water .

The black lily covered on top of it seemed to not be able to repress it, and looked like it was about to be overturned .

As expected, it was a revered treasure, such that even methods as strong as a great devil saint's were unable to completely repress it .

Of course, this was also because that great devil saint was a repeatedly castrated version…

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If he were to descend instead, this Earthly Monument would not be enough .

Inside the bubbling lava, a middle-aged man with dark skin was laughing madly . "Hahaha, after two hundred days of training, everything finally pays off . I, the Infernal Flame, will rise up today!"

'Sigh, what a pity, you know nothing about power .

'You don't know that this particular treasure has already been reserved by another person long ago . '

Gu Buwei shook his head and sighed secretly, but he also wanted to see, how would Vigilante A, who had always proclaimed himself to be chivalrous and someone who would never extort by force, take this monument away from this man?

This was different from the Divine Monument as that was found by Vigilante A's subordinate, the black dog, so theoretically, it was reasonable that it belonged to whoever found it . After all, that Divine Monument was owned by Heaven and Earth, nobody had full legal ownership over it .

However, it was totally different this time . Mr . "Infernal Flames" found this Earthly Monument from the start, and even raised it personally . He could be called as its parent .

Under the circumstances, Mr . Lie Huo naturally had all ownership over it…

Sure enough, not long after, he saw a sword coming from the sky with a person standing on it .

'Hehe, great minds really think alike, it seems like he has also sensed that the Earthly Monument is fully developed . ' Gu Buwei thought .

Vigilante A came down from his flying sword, then walked towards the volcano after taking just one glance at Gu Buwei .

Now, inside the volcano crater, within the boiling vermillion lava, a black man was seen grabbing one corner of a gigantic monument, hoping to pull it out from the lava pool .

Very unfortunately, despite exerting his utmost effort, he was unable to budge the monument at all, let alone pulling it out .

Followed by that, Gu Buwei suddenly reminded him, "Brother, you have to first communicate with this monument to gain its approval, then you'll be able to change its desire, and it'll be much easier to pull it out . "

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Upon hearing that, the Infernal Flame was startled . He had always thought that this man in a gown was another fellow who was coveting his precious item, but he tolerated it as his strength was higher than his . Much higher than his .

Initially, he wanted to take over this treasure before he could to scare this fellow away .

He did not think that he would actually take the initiative to tell him how to claim ownership this precious item .

Right then, he put his fists together and thanked him, "Brother, thank you for your kind advice, you'll surely receive good blessings in return . "

Vigilante A took a look at the two of them, then stood still by the lava pool .

The Infernal Flame noticed the sudden appearance of Vigilante A but he was not worried at all .

As a matter of course, he recognized Vigilante A . Whether it was Cang Lang or Elder Ancestor Bai, they had both talked a lot about him .

He knew that it was impossible for him to use force to steal the treasure away . All along, it was Gu Buwei and the others whom he was extra cautious about .

Vigilante A was the only exception .

Even though he seemed to be interested in this monument as well .

Soon after, the "Infernal Flame" shut his eyes to focus on communicating with the monument through his spirit .

Just as Gu Buwei had expected, this man was truly the owner of the Earthly Monument .

Shortly after, an earthy yellow light shone from the monument . Evidently, communication had begun between them, and it was probably teaching him how to use it .

In the System Space .

Sir asked anxiously, "What do we do now? My precious Earthly Monument is going to fall in another person's hand!"

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"Can't you just ask the Divine Monument frog?" Fang Ning was speechless .

It took only a short while before a green-skinned frog came out from the System Preservation Area .

With a confused look, it questioned, "Why is it that every time after I'm in a coma and I wake up after, I always find that there's a tremendous change in the outside world? Have I been sleeping for months?"

Fang Ning quickly tricked it, "Brother Frog, you're in a wonderland so you're unaware of the time, it's normal . There's something I'd like to ask you, Brother Frog . "

"Oh, ask away, you're a good person, I'll answer you if I can . " The green-skinned frog agreed to it right away .

"Your brother, Earthly Monument is already born, how can we invite it to be your companion?" Fang Ning asked tactfully .

When Sir System heard him, it was unhappy . "Look at you, you're being so fake, can't you learn to be frank like me?"

"Enough with the blabbering, do you still want your precious thing or not?"

Instantly, Sir System fell silent .

"Oh, this is simple . Just repeat the process of how I entered here . " The green-skinned frog answered easily .

"Uh, thank you, Brother Frog . Since you don't want to go into a coma every time, I have a garden nearby that has a great view, you may settle down there . " Fang Ning rejoined politely .

"I'll accept your offer then . Every time I enter, I always faint away oddly, it really makes me feel annoyed . "

Flustered, Sir System uttered, "You're really good at seeking trouble, it's safe to keep this fellow in the Preservation Area, and I won't have to be afraid of it being stolen away . If you put it to the Draconic Arcane Realm, there are two undercover people there . "

"What are you afraid of, I just feel that if we let this frog get in touch with things of the world, it'll be helpful for the advancement of the Divine Monument . " Fang Ning stated firmly .

"Alright, have it your way . Now, we have a new problem, I can't get that Earthly Monument into the System Space . It's considered to be an item with an owner now, I can't just forcefully snatch it away, can I? If I really do, I can't operate as a heroic system anymore . " Sir was troubled .

"Hmph, isn't this simple? I'm guessing that rat demon isn't very knowledgable, take ten bottles of Dragon Clan Honey-flavored Pills that has salt and old vinegar in them, then exchange them for it . " Fang Ning casually mentioned .

"Sigh, I can't obtain my treasure if I don't sacrifice this, this is the only way . " Sir bore in the pain as it expressed .

At the same time, the Infernal Flame looked extremely excited . He had just acquired the full manual from the Earthly Monument, and knew that it was happy to take him as its owner . Right away, he was about to perform the newly learned chant to change its desire, for it to carry it with him everywhere he went .

However, a sound was heard all of a sudden .

"Brother, I've always been fond of collecting all kinds of antiques . Now, I have several Dragon Clan Honey-flavored Pills, and I'm willing to exchange with you, I wonder if you'll fulfill my wish?"

When the Infernal Flame heard the offer, he was stunned . Subsequently, a smile was shown on his face .

'All the while, Vigilante A has been high up above . I didn't think that he'll actually humble himself to beg me this time, this is so satisfying .

'Nonetheless, he wouldn't know that this priceless treasure has chosen me . '

"This is impossi…" He subconsciously wanted to reject it but suddenly noticed the thirty bottles of pills in his hands, which were all crystal clear . Obviously, those pills were second to none, and were probably unavailable to the outside realm .

He recalled some legends, then he turned his eyes, and he began plotting a scheme .

'Hmph, so what if he's the almighty Vigilante A? He'll have to suffer a huge loss too .

'I'll first sell this monument away, then when he's unaware, I'll recite the chant to help the monument escape . Hmph, he'll be speechless then .

'When that happens, I'll a big batch of top quality pills by doing nothing . '

Therefore, when the Infernal Flames had this thought, he quickly took his words back and said, "We can discuss this, it depends on your sincerity, my lord . "

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