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Seized by the System - Chapter 605

Published at 4th of July 2019 12:20:07 PM

Chapter 605: 605

At the center of the ring, the host stood on the raised platform and smiled . He did not display any sign of anger as though he was expecting the question .

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Any bigshots could have dismissed the “Great Wall Summit” at the back of their mind under the excuse of an emergency . Yet facilitating executives like him would never forget; they could not forget .

Of course, these were all nonsense . The reason why he absolutely would not forget was that he was an actual delegate from the Truth Department… It was impossible for him to forget .

Cloud Fog City was only responsible for providing nominal, venue, facilitators, and security measures . The host was still the Truth Department of China .

The host, who looked like a 40-year-old, had strands of white hair at his temples . The hairline at his forehead receded greatly, depending wholly on the long hair that he kept for the purpose of covering it up .

When he heard the question, he did not answer immediately . He remembered what Ren Ruofeng said to him .

“Xie Dong, as the leader of the Truth Department’s Public Relations team, you’ve been busy running about, forming relations with various leaders of other forces . You’re talented and experienced . The organization places great trust in you and your work . This time, the organization is handing over this great task to you, you must do it well .

“You shall use the Great Wall Summit as an opportunity to unite various factions in China . Let them understand in-depth that our rise and fall are closely interlocked . Let them truly understand that the threat posed by the Upper Realm is getting serious . ”

“You have to use this conference to sort out their strength, and to manipulate, no, to guide them to cultivate corresponding defensive abilities based on information collected about the dangers . To prepare corresponding talents in advance for the upcoming defense mechanism . The last incident involving the Brain-Devouring Parasite, the Venerable One relied on the Generation-inhibition Method and dispatched suitable candidates that the problem was solved…”

“You shall…”

There were too many tasks to be done by himself . Forget it, the leader would always set the target at three hundred percent . He only needed to complete his major tasks that consisted of sixty percent…

Otherwise, they would turn out like him–he was only thirty-four years old, but he would always look forty-three…

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Xie Dong reminisced with a smile . He was so lost in thought that he did not answer the question for a long time .

The small faction leader started to fidget nervously . The only reason he would bring up the topic was that there must be someone who supported him .

“My good sir, is my question funny to you?” reminded the man, unable to stand it any longer .

“Hehe, please don’t get agitated, sir . ” Xie Dong smiled again, then he replied, “The Alliance of Justice and Order is an international special affairs organization, similar to the International Police . It involves hundreds of countries and many affairs . Now the Heavenly Axiom has changed . The Descended Ones from the Upper Realms are getting stronger and danger is approaching . If anything befalls our country, do you think that we can obtain their support in time?”

Hearing his words, the faction leader subconsciously glanced at Vigilante A who was sitting in front of him . He thought, ‘The leader of the alliance is sitting right in front of them . You dare to say to that you won’t be able to get help in time?’

However, he could only think about it and not put it out bluntly…

It was very simple . If he mentioned the fact that they could “get help in time”, what right did he have to guarantee that…

If he could not come in time, it would definitely cause great damage . Was he able to bear the responsibility then?

Therefore, he could only admit the truthfulness of the host’s statement silently . He could not counter it . If he countered it, it would put himself in a desperate situation .

Therefore, he nodded silently and stopped talking .

Xie Dong only smiled . This small problem of recognizing the truthfulness of speech was easy enough to be solved for him as he was an expert in socializing…

After Xie Dong solved this little intermission, no one questioned the meaning and purpose of the summit anymore . Only then he took the White Paper and started to get down to business .

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“Ladies and gentleman, this document has recorded all the valuable experiences that we have accumulated over the years . The first item, the current classification of dangers, I will first talk about this .

“Some people may be lucky enough to have never encountered similar danger . However, no one can guarantee that one can always be this lucky, unless he is the Son of the Heavenly Axiom…”

Once Xie Dong finished giving his speech, Fang Ning, who was sitting in the inner ring, felt countless eyes on him .

His face was calm, but he was secretly enjoying himself .

Go ahead and be jealous, Axiom Daddy was indeed on my side . However, no use being jealous either .

The reason was very simple, it was not because of Axiom Daddy that Fang Ning was powerful . On the contrary, it is because he was powerful that Axiom Daddy treated him like a son…

“You’re so powerful . So why don’t you become the idiotic Axiom’s father instead?” The System suddenly threw the line at him .

“…” Fang Ning choked for a long while, then he replied, “You’re ugly, stop talking . ”

“You’re accusing me blindly . I’ve never revealed my face, how could you say that I’m ugly so simply…” The System felt very gloomy after suffering the unexpected blow .

“Look at you . You’ve never revealed your real face . It must be because you look ugly . And you made Vigilante A so handsome . Based on the idea of supplementing what you lack, I won’t say more about this…” Fang Ning managed to twist the statement, improving his own mood as it started to make sense .

“…” The System was speechless .

At this time, Xie Dong continued his speech .

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“The deadly dangers that we could encounter in this era are mainly divided into three categories . ”

Although most of the audience were unwilling to contribute, they still placed great importance on the information . After all, the intelligence collected by each faction could never compare to the Truth Department .

This was also one of their main purposes in attending the conference . They wanted valuable information collected by the Truth Department throughout the years, especially about the mysterious Upper Realm .

Therefore, everyone was deathly silent . Even whispers that were passed ear to ear disappeared . Everyone listened carefully to Xie Dong’s speech .

“Firstly, it is the Descended Ones from the Upper Realm themselves, especially those with serious tendencies for violence . Whenever one of them descends on Earth, it will lead to boundless disasters . Whether it is Hydra Demon from the Upper Realm that once destroyed a country, or the faction leader Ling Yunzi, or the newly descended Heavenly Treasures, they aren’t on friendly terms with us . They regard Earthlings as insects that can be killed at will .

“Secondly, abnormal changes in the world . In the past few days, the moon transformed into a moon cake . If the Heavenly Axiom didn’t warn us in advance; if the Venerable Dragon God didn’t request China’s Truth Department to reveal the truth, we don’t know how many innocent people would’ve drowned or hurt in the coastal areas . These natural disasters are difficult for mortals to defend against . Only cultivators can avoid them in time . However, those lesser than Pond-level, or those who can’t fly, will still drown when the big waves come…

“Just now, those are all external dangers . The third one comprises of internal dangers . In the Era of Vitality, everyone wants to cultivate, yet the process of cultivation is full of danger itself . People who went awry or entered deviatory psychosis while cultivating are everywhere . At its minimum, they lose all their abilities; at its maximum, they will be completely paralyzed, or dead . There are some who took shortcuts and went overboard in cultivating, resulting in a change of temperament and causing harm . ”

The audience did not pay too much attention to the first two . Yet when they heard the third danger, everyone perked up .

Xie Dong noticed everyone’s expression and shook his head secretly in disapproval .

All these cultivators were extremely self-centered . A selfless being like the Venerable Dragon God was truly exceptional .

Although there were accusations that everything he did was merely part of his cultivation on the Path of Heavenly Punishment .

However, to judge a person, one had to focus on their actions and not their intentions . Everything he did was beneficial to the world, but those who accused him were not even willing to spend their resources for safety’s sake .

In this situation, how could he unite all these cultivators as one?

They were not a group of enthusiastic young bloods who were willing to help out at the shortest notice . On the contrary, they were all cunning and would not bear to suffer losses .

They were all modern people . It was difficult to predict their stance due to the flexibility of thought and the broadening of the horizon .

To unite them, he had to figure out where their interest clashed instead of relying on empty talks . It would not work with commoners, much less them .

Fortunately, the think-tanks in the Truth Department were not hollow shells . Xie Dong was not fighting alone . They had long come up with corresponding countermeasures that could definitely send these selfish people rushing to support the cause .

He continued .  “Even though faced with various dangers, we humans are able to persist until now . Naturally, we couldn’t have done it without all of your hard work, but the biggest protector is…”

The people immediately turned their eyes respectfully to where Fang Ning was . He straightened himself and received everyone’s gaze confidently .

Xie Dong continued, “The biggest protector is naturally the blue sky above us, the mysterious Heavenly Axiom . ”

Uh… Fang Ning was speechless hearing that . However, he was not wrong either .

No matter how powerful Vigilante A was, if the Heavenly Axiom did not place an upper limit on the Descended’s power at the beginning, they could have sent Descended Ones of Ocean-level or Planet-level who could kill with a mere slap . Would Earth remain in its current state then?

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