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Sekai no Owari no Sekairoku - Volume 1 - Chapter Prologue

Published at 28th of February 2017 10:16:29 PM

Chapter Prologue

Prologue: The Sealed Girl

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The land at the end of the world .

There is nothing but wasteland as far as the eyes can see .

There isn't a trace of life and there isn't even a single blade of grass on the dried soil .

Even within the vast land of uninhabited deserts, you might find a few signs of life and a few blades of grass growing, if you looked for them . If you were to search for one, you could even find an oasis .

Then, what about this land?

The sky was covered with dim clouds and the land had no signs of life . Simply a vast wasteland littered with gravel . Except for one person—

Except for a naked girl whose flowing silver hair shone like pearls .


She was a mysterious girl .

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Her silver hair that naturally glowed even within the cloudy weather that turned day into night . And her emerald green eyes that had a deeper, yet clearer colour than any deep ocean .

That also included her gorgeous naked body .

The surface of her skin was clean like that of a new born baby . Her white skin was almost transparent . Her gorgeous body came with slim arms and legs . She also had curves befitting her age .

Her appearance was that of a fifteen or sixteen year-old girl .

However, her body is nothing next to the overwhelmingly prideful and divine impression she exudes .

“Where is this place……?”

The girl used her hand to stop her side hair from being blown away by the wind .

The clouds that covered the sky .

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The cold earth that she could feel at her feet . And the endless grey horizon .

The girl looked around her mindlessly, and then—

“……Ah choo!”

—sneezed adorably .

“It’s cold! My legs are freezing, and the wind is cold! More importantly, what’s going on here? Why am I standing here naked? ……No wait, I need to calm myself and try to remember . ”


The girl crossed her arm while revealing her naked body within the wasteland .

However, even if she wanted to calm herself and analyze her situation, the wind blowing around her was so noisy and strong, so cold the breeze took away her body's warmth—

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“Quiet . ”

The wind stopped, immediately and completely .

It stopped with the girl’s single word . The whirlwind that swirled like a bomb blast settled down as though it feared the girl .

On the other hand, the girl showed no sign of being surprised by the sudden change .

She took this as though it were a natural occurrence . She scooped up the back of her hair, behaving as if the violent wind settling down with her single roar was normal . She looked up, trying to recollect her memories .

“…………Ah . Oh yeah . I remember now . ”

She sighed with her beautiful lips .

“During that battle……hmm, oh yeah, I……was sealed……”

The girl continued to look high up the sky after she muttered those words out .


“If I remember now……the promise with Eleline……”

Her adorable face started turning red as if she was becoming excited .

While swinging her slim fist that was being gripped .

At the end .

“That Eleline……h……he and his promise to save me from the seal . ”

The girl shouted towards the sky as loud as she could .

“I ended up escaping on my own since he hasn’t come to save me even after three-hundred years, that liaaaaaaaaaaaar!”

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