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Shadow Hack - Chapter 140

Published at 18th of March 2018 09:05:26 PM

Chapter 140

At the moment, the explosive power of every flux energy arrow shot by Li Yunmu was almost eight to ten times greater than that of an ordinary range attacker . Let alone speaking of the might of five arrows, three of which hit the same place .  

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Instantly, the group of the fifth dimension’s hegemons of the skies was massacred by Li Yunmu’s deadly move . Moreover, he wasn’t the only one attacking them, for there were three of him .  

When Li Yunmu, Li Yun, and Li Feng simultaneously shot arrows at the thirty rooster dragons, immediately these overlords of the sky who had extremely formidable physical body began to fall, one after another, like dumplings from a bucket that was turned over .  

When the pride of the rooster dragons got close to Li Yunmu with great difficulty, only a dozen or so of them remained .

However, the dimensional beasts possessing the asian dragon bloodline were extremely savage . If they were a group of ordinary beasts, they would have dispersed the moment more than a third of them was killed .  

However, these rooster dragons didn’t, because they were extremely confident that there wasn’t any specie who could challenge them in close combat, including even rainbow crystal layer flying dimensional beasts . If they attacked in a group, the other could only be food for them .  

However, today they were left thoroughly shocked . Li Yunmu remained motionless while Li Yun and Li Feng, these two shadows, switched their underworld raven sage bows for blood fiend cold thunder blades .  

Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike, first strike, second strike, seventh strike, thirteenth strike, seventeenth strike, nineteenth strike… The rooster dragons with their formidable defense were completely destroyed .  

Although every strike of the Violent Blade Skill was swifter and more powerful compared to last one, it still required Li Yun and Li Feng to continue attacking until the nineteenth strike to ruthlessly chopped each rooster dragon into two .  

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And this was under the circumstances that presently Li Yunmu’s war blade was infused with freezing and thunder runes as well as had the vengeful soul of the dwarf witch clan’s king dimensional monster as its mortal soul .  

Due to this, the blade energy seeping out of Li Yun and Li Feng’s blood fiend cold thunder blade’s every strike contained dangerous freezing and thunder energy . This allowed the shadows to kill rooster dragons one after another .  

It wasn’t in vain that Li Yunmu called his defence unrivaled . With his current four layers, even these peak silver crystal asian dragon’s descendants were unable to break through and injure him .  

At most, they could barely touch the third layer, the iron body . However, despite this, Li Yunmu was greatly startled . No wonder the price of these dimensional beasts possessing the asian dragon bloodline was so high . Every one of them was worth a small fortune .  

He could imagine that if he still had the B grade Snow Guzzle Cold Blade in his hands, then he probably wouldn’t be able to truly kill them . Luckily, his blood fiend cold thunder blade now had three types of dark flux energy infused within it .  

The first of them was the thunder energy . After the blade fused with the thunder rune and Li Yunmu used the lightning dark flux energy to move it, the power of the war blade’s lightning was substantially amplified . Each of its strikes had extremely high destructive energy .  

This was Li Yunmu’s blood fiend cold thunder blade’s most powerful type of ability .  

Second came the freezing energy . The Snow Guzzle Cold Blade had been manufactured from millenium cold essence, and after being refined with the freezing rune, the cold energy within it was further amplified . Once the enemy came in contact with this bone chilling cold energy, their movements in battle would be greatly reduced .  

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Li Yunmu had already made Li Feng test this property at the monster battlefield of the dimensional battlefield . Even a rainbow crystal dimensional beast with its extremely resistant body, if invaded by the cold energy, would still be greatly slowed .  

Furthermore, this cold energy was extremely compatible with the Violent Blade Skill . Even if the enemy had high resistance, when Li Yunmu struck continuously, the cold energy invading the enemy’s body would become stronger and stronger with each strike . It would continue until the moment when the enemy would lose all mobility due to being frozen by the cold energy .  

As for the third type of energy, it was the most unique one . It couldn’t deal any direct injury, but it was still the most terrifying one . This was the blood fiend’s energy .  

Snow Guzzle Cold Blade was created from the millenium core essence and an extremely rare black crow ore . It had all started the moment when Li Yunmu went into berserk mode at the city lord’s residence, which invoked the fusion of the blood fiend energy with the black crow ore used to create the war blade .  The amplification then provided to the black crow ore reached the pinnacle .  

This blood fiend’s energy couldn’t amplify the damage dealt . Instead, the more life-forms were killed by this blood fiend cold thunder blade, the more fierce the blood fiend would become .  

As it grew, its killing intent oozing out from the blade would also increase to the extent that opponents with ordinary willpower would lose their will to fight on sight .  

But was this the only ability of the blood fiend energy?

Naturally no, because the accumulation of blood fiend’s energy was also related to the might of Deity Execution, which Li Yunmu had comprehended at the city lord’s mansion .  

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At the time when Li Yunmu used that skill to slay Tang Baichen, he had completely used up all the blood fiend energy accumulated within his blade . But presently, with the three of them killing increasingly more rooster dragons, the blood fiend energy within the blade was gradually beginning to accumulate again .  

If Li Yunmu hadn’t refined this blood fiend cold thunder blade, then he probably wouldn’t be able to fight against the dragons in close combat .  

[Ding, your shadow has killed a grade thirty-six monster, rooster dragon . Because you’ve killed a monster whose strength is more than three grades higher than you, you will harvest triple the amount of experience and ability points, altogether you have obtained 108 experience and ability points . ]

[Ding, you killed a grade thirty-six monster, rooster dragon . Your blood fiend cold thunder blade had absorbed thirty-six points of blood fiend energy . ]

Li Yunmu had never expected that he would obtain more than a hundred experience and ability points for each of these thirty rooster dragons .

Just awesome .  

When he had previously killed third layer human type monsters, he hadn’t received this bonus reward of triple experience and ability points . This wasn’t because the system was lower level, but because the difference between the strength of human type monsters and these rooster dragons who possessed the bloodline of the asian dragon was just too great . It was then impossible that the two of them would give the same amount of points .

The massacre of this pride of thirty rooster dragons provided Li Yunmu with 3,780 experience and ability points . This amount of earnings was equal to Li Yunmu’s one night of profit when he had been fighting again the dwarf witches .  

But Li Yunmu had now only spent half an hour to kill these thirty-something rooster dragons . The blood fiend cold thunder blade, in the meantime, had also accumulated 1080 points .  

If Li Yunmu continued to kill with this efficiency, he would only need to kill three hundred rooster dragons to obtain 10,000 points of blood fiend energy . When he accumulates that amount, he would be able to once again use the sage level skill Deity Execution .  

It has to be said that this time, his earnings in all aspects were very generous . Li Yunmu quickly flew down and collected the corpses of the rooster dragons, which were falling from sky one after another, and put them in his heavenly world .  

More than thirty million dimensional coins in less than half an hour, how could it possibly get any better? 

"Wait a minute, don’t kill the final one, I want to capture it alive . "

When Li Yun and Li Feng were rushing to attack the final rooster dragon, Li Yunmu stepped in personally .  

After all, the price of a living rooster dragon was thirty times higher than that of a dead one . In other words, he would receive a minimum of thirty million dimensional coins at least . The reason for this steep increase in price was these beasts could be tamed and were suitable to be used as highest quality flying mounts .  

At this moment Li Yunmu wished to expand his heavenly world as quickly as possible, so naturally he wouldn’t miss a chance to make a great fortune .  

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