She Knew She Loved Him - Chapter 103

Published at 9th of April 2019 04:54:07 PM
Chapter 103

Her actions sent ripples of desire through Alex's body and as if that was not enough she slowly began rocking her butt on his manhood . A husky yet sweet moan escaped from Alex's mouth, shocking him . He immediately stopped kissing her but brought his lips her forehead and planted a kiss between her brow .

"Why did you stop . " She frowned .

She was so cute that Alex's body began reacting to her . He had to force himself to slowly calm down .

"Honey we shouldn't . Dr . Sean said you are not ready for this type of thing . "

He could see the slight change in her face when he said that . He smirked, satisfied he had embarrassed her . Oh, how he missed this side of her .

After their lust filled bodies had alleviated, Alex spoke;

"I really missed you, honey . These past few months were really difficult . That's why I want you to stay here and get better before you can get back to your usual routine . If something were to happen because you were not completely healthy, I would not be able to forgive myself . So, don't be too stubborn and demanding to Dr . Sean . He's doing his best . " He's sexy and husky voice was so mellow it tugged at Zunnie's heart .

Even though she was deeply troubled by having to remain in the hospital, what Alex said was logical and to not cause him any more guilt and pain she had to come to an agreement . She sighed inside then replied to his statement .

"Alright, I will do as you say . "

"Good girl…" Alex caressed the top of her head lovingly .

"Darling, Thank you . "

"For what?" He was astounded she was thanking him .

"For waiting for me and being with me every day . The nurses said you stayed with me every night after you woke up . It meant a lot to me hearing that you stayed with me . I'm glad I didn't forget you and even if I did, I would want to fall in love with you all over again just because I think falling in love with you from the begging would be so romantic . "

"Then why don't you pretend you forgot me, so we can start over?" Alex was amused by her theory .

"Ah, it's too late . My body already got this excited . I wouldn't be able to hold myself back . " Zunnie winked at him and he laughed .

"Aren't you amazing, my wife? I wonder what make you think like this . " He pinched her cheeks .

He and Zunnie sat outside for two hours catching up on the things she had missed whilst in a coma . He had started the construction on the hospital and it had been progressing exceptionally . They talked about Nyo and his decision to study both art and psychology .

When Alex told Zunnie she was flabbergasted . He could tell she was delighted Nyo had not given up on art, but he also knew she was worried he choose to walk down the psychology path .

The returned to the room and she was almost asleep . He placed her in bed and tucked her in like she was a small child . Alex was happy, she was starting to get back to her old self . This was one hurdle he had been worried about crossing but after tonight he knew for certain that they would be alright . The second hurdle he had to jump over was finding whoever was behind the car accident .

He took a quick shower after Zunnie fell asleep . Afterward, he grabbed his phone and stepped out into the hallway so she could not hear him, then dialed Carson's number .

"Did you find the person responsible?"

"Yes, I came to see you but did knot know Zunnie would be there . "

"That's cool . Can you meet now?"

"Mhm . . . I'm at Club Zen . "

He ended the call after agreeing to meet Carson at Club Zen . Alex walked back into the room stared at her cute sleeping face for a while .

An affectionate glow illuminating in his amber eyes, as he vowed to protect her this time .

'Honey this time, I will do everything in my power to protect you . I failed you once, but this was the last time I am ever going to hurt you . '

He bent over her and planted a soft kiss on her lips, then left the room, his usual cold and dark aura following close .