She Knew She Loved Him - Chapter 22

Published at 9th of April 2019 04:55:39 PM
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Chapter 22

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As soon as Alex left, Zunnie washed the dishes and continued watching television . She was relieved seeing he hadn't caused her trouble . Her lie about having to be up early really did work .

"Way to go Zunnie Boo . " She patted herself on the back and walked up the stairs to her bedroom . It was one in the morning when she finally laid in bed to sleep .

The next morning when Zunnie woke up, she seemed to be in a good mood . She had slept really well during the night and felt rejuvenated .

Today she had taken the day off work to visit Sanua's mom . She was also spending time with Nyo who she barely saw when her office was busy . So, when her aunt asked her to attend Nyo's school for a meeting instead of her, Zunnie happily agreed . She looked forward to it . She considered Nyo's future a very important task to undertake and wanted to support him in everything he did .

Given that the meeting was at one in the afternoon, Zunnie made breakfast and took it up to the home office . She needed to devise a treatment plan for one of her patients whose painful divorce seemed to be giving her a difficult time . She grabbed a file with the client's information and searched the small library in the office for ways which would be most effective .

After two hours Zunnie came up with a treatment plan that appeared to be effective . Even though the patient would have to see her for three months, this plan was guaranteed to work . She finalized it then moved to the next patient and finished by eleven thirty .

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At noon Zunnie drove to Nyo's school . As soon as she arrived she spotted him by the gate waiting on her .

"Zunnie sis, you're late . " Even though Nyo was excited to see Zunnie he tried to play it off like he was mad .

"No hug or kisses? Do you want to starve today?" She scolded him and squeezed him tightly .

"Urgh, people are watching Zunnie sis . . . stop . " Nyo whined trying to push out of Zunnie's hug .

"You're so cute, I don't want to stop . " Zunnie patted Nyo's head and let go . Her little Nyo was not so little anymore . He was even refusing her publicly .

"Are we going to eat after this?"

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"Why, are you hungry? All you want do is eat with me . "

"Zunnie sis, I just want to go to this place I saw on TV . The food looked really delicious . "

"Well, if your teacher says you've been good, we can go . "

The two walked into this classroom where the meeting was to be held . During the meeting the teacher spoke about Nyo's future, what he wanted to do and what high school he wanted to attend . Zunnie had some options for him but she hadn't spoken about it with his parents .

When the meeting ended she went to the art room to see a few of Nyo's paintings . Even though he was still young, his skills were exceptional for his age . Having a dad who is a famous painter, Nyo had no escape from the talents of his father . He began teaching Nyo everything about painting from the time Nyo could hold a brush . Being his number one fan, she inspected every painting in awe .

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She has not been to see Sanua's mom in a while . So, she planned to visit Madam Luo, to see how she was doing after surgery . Zunnie had only been able to stop by every two weeks since she became busy .

When they arrived, Madam Luo was in her art studio working on a painting . Her dark brown hair had been cut for the surgery, but she still looked beautiful .

As they stepped in, Zunnie noticed Nyo's face light up . She couldn't believe this little art lover told her he wanted to work at her office . Psychology and art were so different . Who knows, he must have said that so she could continue spoiling him rotten .

"Mom, I'm here . " Zunnie walked to where she was seated and gave Madam Luo's back a tight hug .

"Oh, Zunnie dear you keep getting prettier every time I see you . " Madam Luo stood up and gave Zunnie a tight hug then let go .

Zunnie smiled and kissed her on the cheek… "I brought someone to see you today . "

"Ahh Nyo you've grown . Come here let me pinch your cheeks . " Madam Luo loved Nyo like her grandchild . Whenever he came to the house with Zunnie, she would ask him to draw or paint her something .

"Mom, how are you feeling?"

"I'm doing well . Much better than before surgery . " Madam Luo said as she picked up the cup of tea Zunnie poured her .

"Good . Sorry I haven't been able to come by often . "

"Zunnie dear, I understand . San told me you're very busy with work . No need for you to explain yourself . Remember to have dinner with us when you are free . "

Nyo was left alone as the ladies went for a stroll in the garden . Painting made him happy, it was something he enjoyed but didn't love .

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