She Knew She Loved Him - Chapter 36

Published at 9th of April 2019 04:55:23 PM
Chapter 36

When Alex dropped her off, Talia couldn't wait to get inside her apartment . Her heart felt like it had been torn to shreds . Alex had been so nonchalant as if nothing had happened .

She walked into the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror . She twisted and turned her body looking for a flaw to justify the rejection from Alex but found none . She slumped to the bathroom floor and cried . She wailed like a baby whose mother had not been home for days . When she shed every tear she had accumulated, but not really, she just got tired from crying; She took a warm bath .

It was truly heart-wrenching . After a long and warm bath, she replayed the conversation they had . She jumped out of bed when she remembered he mentioned something about him just obsessing over a little thing which happened to be work-related .

She repeated what he said and smiled, "No, I'm obsessing over a Little Thing right now . "

"So, I shouldn't give up just yet . He's only busy . I should try again when he's done obsessing over that little thing . " She giggled and fell back into the white bedsheets and attempted to make a snow angel . She went to bed with a peaceful heart as if the rejection earlier had been an illusion .

Talia had no idea what he had meant when he said little thing but soon she will get to find out she had misunderstood him .


As soon as Alex's front door shut behind him . He loosened his tie . He walked up to his study and sat on the chair behind the mahogany red desk . He sighed as he thought back to Talia's confession . Deep down he didn't understand why Talia had fallen for him . He had looked after her like a big brother upon the request of his grandfather and had never once been attracted to her in that way . He still thought of her as a younger sister .

Plus, he happened to be in love with someone now . Even though she had been avoiding him for the past two days . He admits that does deserve it . He had been too impetuous with his actions that day .

Alex closed his and massaged the bridge of his nose as his thoughts drifted to Zunnie Bai . She had been neglecting him recently and he was miserable . At nights he had trouble sleeping because he missed her . He missed her body, her touch, her smile, he deeply missed all of her .

He had gone to her apartment yesterday, but she didn't let him in, saying he needed time to reflect on his rash actions . She refused his calls and did not reply to his messages .

Thinking back to the message he got from secretary Zhang on his way home, he hurriedly stood up from his chair and marched to Zunnie's door .

It must have been his lucky day because as soon as he pulled the door open she stepped out of the elevator with her friend Sanua . She had not seen him when she stepped out because she was attentively listening to what her friend was saying .

"Zunnie…" Alex called to her and she turned to look his way .

"Yes?" She answered in a questioning voice as if she had no idea who he was .

Alex clenched his teeth but quickly sighed walked up to her and said, "Can I speak to you for a bit?"

"I'm kind of busy right now, can we do this another time?"

"I promise it won't take long…" Alex was persistent . He had no idea when he would get a chance to speak to her again . He had to admit that she was really good at avoiding him . Seeing that God had given him this opportunity to run into her, he was happy .

He met her deep blue eyes and gave her a warm smile . He held back the urge to pick her up, carry her into his condo and sit her down so she could not escape . He was certain that is she was alone he would but seeing Sanua looking up at him he nervously cleared his throat and fought the urge .

"O-Okay…" she replied in almost a whisper .

"San you can go in, I'll be back in a bit . I'm okay . " Sanua gave her a nod and walked in her condo .

They were alone now . Alex took three long strides toward her and pulled her into his arms . He hugged her firmly so that she had no way to escape if she tried to . He bent his head to her shoulders and inhaled her sweet succulent scent, then spoke into her ear in a muffled voice;

"I've missed you so much . " He nibbled on her ear lobe and felt her body tensed up . He smiled, grabbed her wrist and guided her back into his apartment .