She Knew She Loved Him - Chapter 37

Published at 9th of April 2019 04:55:21 PM
Chapter 37

The moment the door shut behind them, Alex pressed his lips against Zunnie's and began kissing her . She was stunned by his cleverness . Zunnie had no idea what he was up and tried to push him away . She refused to let him have his way like he did that night . She bit his lip and held onto it between her teeth . His movement stopped at once when she bit him . After holding on his firm bottom lip for a few seconds, she let go of his lip and tried to push him away, but Alex was not having that . He continued to devour her warm mouth and slowly began lifting her dress .

She desperately muffled words into his mouth but he didn't stop . Zunnie frowned when she noticed he was not planning to stop . She bit harder on his lips then let go . She hoped he would stop this time, which he surprisingly did . She opened her eyes to glance at him and found his amber eyes had a mischievous expression in them .

'Urgh, he's playing with me…' Zunnie cursed inside regretting she had agreed to listen to him . Seeing him relax, she pushed her way out of his embrace only to see him grinning .

"You pervert! Cut it out!"

"I couldn't help it . I've missed you badly . I think I'm dying . " Alex coughed .

She glared at him resisting the urge to strangle him .

"What do you want?"

"I would be lying if I said I don't want you right now . But you've been avoiding me, and I'm hurt . I wanted to see how you were doing and say I'm sorry for being a douchebag . " He said sounding hurt .

"You have some nerve… and yes you are a cold bossy douchebag!" Zunnie smirked .

What is she going to do with this idiot in front of her?

It had only been two and a half days and he was acting so childish . She couldn't believe she agreed to marry him .

Even though Alex often did things his way, she had fallen in love with him and there was no turning back . He said he loved her and wanted to make her Mrs . Zi, not that she cared about being Mrs . Zi .

She only said yes because he suffered his punishment for entering her kingdom without consent . She had him polish her entire condo spotless, made him cook her dinner and wash her laundry . He also had to clean her fish tank every time it needed to be cleaned .

She sighed then hit him with her bag . "You dragged me here to say this . I'm having dinner with San . I'm leaving!" She turned and stomped out .

When she walked in Sanua was already preparing for dinner .

"What did Alex want?" Sanua asked when Zunnie walked into the kitchen .

"He wanted nothing . Only to stick his tongue down my throat . "

Sanua burst out laughing and she listened to Zunnie ramble on about Alex and his waywardness . She had been thrilled when Zunnie told her about Alex . Finally, her friend got into a relationship and was getting her freak on .

Nevertheless, she was a bit worried because she knew most women had eyes on Alex . He had money and was handsome and Hunter had told her stories about how women were constantly trying to get into Alex's bed .

Looking at her friend her eyes softened .

"Just be careful, you have a target on your back now . " She comforted her friend .

"I haven't told Eyan and dad . I know Eyan will be okay with it but I'm worried dad may be against it if he knows how popular Alex is . You know how he feels about the media targeting me . " Zunnie sighed and washed her hands to help her friend prepare dinner .

"Well, you've agreed to hide it until you both are ready . I think your dad will understand if you explain it . He's very understanding after all . " San reassured Zunnie and continued to prepare dinner .

Her culinary skills were not as good as Zunnie's, but she decided to cook . When dinner was done, they watched a movie . Zunnie had asked Sanua over because she knew Alex would try to come over if she was alone .

She smirked, as she imagined how miserable he must be feeling now . She loved him, but he needed to know his sexual boundaries .