She Knew She Loved Him - Chapter 48

Published at 9th of April 2019 04:55:09 PM
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Chapter 48

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Alex sat down in the chair across from Zunnie and brushed his hand over hers as he settled in . She raised her head and smiled at him . Her deep blue eyes lit up when she saw him, but he could see they had a tired look in them .

"Darling you're here . " She said happily as she put away the documents that were on the table .

"Mhm… still working I see . "

"Yeah, I just needed to get this done before the weekend . Darling, I ordered dinner for you . I hope it's okay . "

"Hmm, I trust your taste . I like how you know so much about me, seeing we haven't known each other that long . " Alex replied proudly .

Zunnie blushed and said, "Are you praising me or reminding me I shouldn't treat you like my patients?"

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"Both; You can't treat me like your patients . I'm always in need of special treatment . " Alex said with a smirk .

Noticing the naughty look in his eyes she ignored him and thought; 'Such a pervert . '


Just as he was about to mention the party at the company next weekend, the waiter walked up with their dinner . They were eating at a cozy Japanese restaurant Alex had chosen . The restaurant had a homey feeling to it and happened to be one of Alex's favorite places to dine . When his dad was alive, he would always eat there with him . Alex only dined at that Japanese restaurant with people who were important to him . Sitting there with his love Zunnie Bai filled the void he often felt when he dined alone . He would come to the restaurant when he missed his dad who had passed away from lung disease while he was studying in America .

The waiter placed the dishes on the table and Alex could feel his stomach rumbling . Feeling his stomach, he was stunned at how hungry he happened to be . They always say, you never know how hungry you are until you smell food .

Seeing Zunnie hurriedly eating, he couldn't help telling her to slow down . She was eating like someone who had been starved for days . Alex was glad she was eating and placed more food on her plate .

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"Honey our company is having a party next week and I was asked to invite you," Alex said as he drank from the miso soup .

"Really, and whose idea is that?" Zunnie asked amusingly because no-one had the audacity to invite her out unless they knew who she was . Her brother had taken care of the media and very little information had been published about her after the Bai Entertainment Corp gala .

"Carson Maule . . . " Alex had an indifferent expression when he replied .

"I don't know who that is . Does he work for you?"

"He's my cousin . Their family owns M Tech . Says he went to the same high school as you . " Alex told Zunnie and left out the part about Carson being interested in her . He wanted Zunnie to come to the party only to show her off . Yet his gut was telling him letting her come would not end well .

"You don't have to come . You have no idea who he is, and you don't like these gatherings . " Alex quickly added to discourage her .

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"Don't worry darling . It's not like I don't enjoy partying . I just can't stand being around spoilt rich people who only brag about themselves and compare their wealth to look better than the other . If you want me to be there, I will go . If not, I will wait till you come back to me . Sanua probably will be there since she's back from Beijing . "

Alex felt better hearing that Sanua may be there . He knew Sanua would protect Zunnie no matter what .

"Okay honey . We still have time to decide . Did you drive?"

"Mhm, I did . "

"Let me drive us back . Will have my Secretary get my car tomorrow . "

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"What are you planning?" Zunnie asked suspiciously .

Alex chuckled . Zunnie could read him like a book . He loved how she always seem to figure out what he had in mind . She was very attentive, and he loved that about her . He rubbed her head and held her warm hand in his as they walked to her car .

"I'm just driving my tired wife home . You may not notice but you look worn-out . Is that anything to be skeptical about?"

"Fine, you win Mr . Zi . " She smiled .

"Good girl . Tell me about the visit you had today?" Alex asked her, remembering what Carson said when he was leaving the office .

Zunnie recalled everything as it occurred in her office back to Alex . He remained quiet even though he was angry . He had no idea how vicious Victoria could be .

During college, he had only been dating her for two weeks when he found out she ruined the life of a girl in his marketing class .

"Don't worry honey, we only dated for two weeks . If she bothers you again, tell me and I will take care of it . " Alex squeezed Zunnie's hand and continued driving toward Lake-view condos .

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