She Knew She Loved Him - Chapter 50

Published at 9th of April 2019 04:55:07 PM
Chapter 50

Alex felt euphoric when he heard what Zunnie said . He immediately picked her up and carried her to the bed . He gently laid her down and climbed over her .

He had a sweet smile on his face and his amber eyes looked as if they were glowing .

"Huh, you love me?" He asked, his amber eyes bore into Zunnie's deep blue eyes .

She held onto his gazed wrapped her hand around his neck and nodded, "Mhm . . . "

"Good, because I love you too . I want to protect you . I want you to be the mother to my children and I want to introduce you to my grandparents after we meet your dad . I told my grandpa about you and he said I should bring you over to the mansion as soon as possible . "

"Really, I hope they're okay with me . Will they be happy with me?" Zunnie said nervously .

"Don't worry, I love you, so they have to love you . "

Alex bent his head and placed his warm mouth on Zunnie's boob . He sucked then nibbled Zunnie's breast with his teeth . She yelped in pain, but he didn't stop . He dragged his hand down her smooth legs and spread them apart to position his naked body between them .

He kissed Zunnie passionately then whispered, "Enjoy…"

He snaked his way down her body and placed light kisses on her soft skin . When he reached her haven, he kissed it and run his tongue up and down her sweet spot .

Every stroke made Zunnie moan . She grabbed a hand full of Alex's hair and arched her back when he nibbled her down there . After he had teased her enough, Alex slid his finger inside her wetness and pull her to him . He then rocked her world . When she was close to exploding, he pushed his thick and firm rod inside her slowly . Zunnie exploded from his taunting .

Since he had not been satisfied, Alex sat on the bed with his back against the headboard and kissed Zunnie . He let her ride his shaft until they both came and were sexually satisfied .

"I love you Mr . Zi" An exhausted and sleepy Zunnie mumbled .

Alex kissed her cheek and pulled her as close as she could get into his embrace . He used his hand to comb away the hair covering her face and kissed her cheek again .

"I love you, Mrs . Zi . "

Zunnie snuggled closer to him and soon fell asleep in his arms .

Alex watched Zunnie until she was sleeping soundly . He got up from the bed, put on some clothes, then walked to his home office .

His amber eyes had a cold and a ruthless expression . He picked up his phone and called Secretary Zhang .

The minute Zhang answered the phone Alex spoke sharply;

"Find out everything you can about Victoria Bell . When you do, set up a meeting with me . "

"Yes sir," Zhang replied before Alex hang up .

Thinking back to what Zunnie told him concerning the incident with Victoria angered Alex . He had dated Victoria for two weeks, yet the moment she came back to Una City she went to instigate his wife for no reason at all . He knew that Victoria was not aware of his and Zunnie's relationship because no-one except his secretary was aware . Alex sighed and clenched his fist .

If he couldn't keep Zunnie away from trouble, he would do his best to keep the people bringing trouble away from her . Although she was not easily bullied, what kind of man would he be if he let her handle everything alone?

He walked back to the room after the call and gazed at his naked woman sleeping in his bed . Alex became aroused watching Zunnie sleep . He debated whether he should have her or wait until morning . However, as always, his desires were hard to control when she was around .

He stripped his clothes and got in under the sheets . He bent over and began kissing and caressing her, to wake her up . A naughty smile appeared on his lips when she moaned;

"Hmm, Alex, you pervert . "

He quickly invaded her pink pearl and docked his ship repeatedly . When they climaxed, Alex flipped her over and entered her harbor from behind and made her feel good .

"Is it still too soon to get you pregnant?"

"Darling, yes, it is . We need to plan and get married first . "

"You're right, I'm getting ahead of myself . "

"Now let me sleep this time okay . I won't be able to get up for work if you keep waking me up to have your way with me . " Zunnie said trying to sound stern .

Alex laughed and promised to let her sleep . He pulled Zunnie into his arms and they both fell asleep, each falling deeply in love with the other .