She Knew She Loved Him - Chapter 56

Published at 9th of April 2019 04:55:00 PM
Chapter 56

The dinner had gone exceptionally well for Zunnie and Alex . Even if Zunnie seemed relieved that the introductions had gone fine, she still felt concerned . She had noticed the actress glancing at her occasionally and she couldn't help but wonder what the reason was .

Natalia was pretty and so was she and she had no reason to feel threatened by her curious stares . Yet still, Zunnie knew there had to be some motive behind her statement when she mentioned about Alex coming home for dinner .

Alex happened to be her first love, so she had to admit that she felt uneasy with Natalia coming over unannounced on the day she was meeting his family . She wondered if there had ever been something between her and Alex . So, on the drive back to their condos she asked Alex;

"Darling, the guest who invited herself to dinner, is she family? How come I've never heard about her?"

"She's not family . You don't have to worry about her . "

"Okay, but I don't understand why she kept glancing at me . Does she have feelings for you?" Zunnie knew if she didn't ask, Alex would not tell her .

"I'm like a brother to her . We played together when we were younger . You could say we were childhood friends . "

"So that's a yes since most childhood friends share some feelings for each other . Ever heard of the saying, "What one loves during childhood stays forever in their hearts . "

"Where did you hear that? There I things I liked when I was younger that I don't like now . "

"You're right . But what about Miss Omalu?"

"Honey you're over thinking the situation . She often comes for dinner and that's it . I don't have feelings for her . She did confess to me recently, but I rejected her . You're the one I'm in love with . "

"Alright, Alright . I get it . " Zunnie mumbled .

Hearing it from Alex was all that mattered to her . She squeezed his free hand, brought it to her lips and kissed his palm .

"Is that an invitation?" Alex grinned

"What are you saying? Invitation for what?" She replied acting coyly .

Alex chuckled, "Never mind . "

"I almost forgot . I'm going to Milan for a few days next week . There's a client who wants me to design his new house . "

"Darling you're awesome . Didn't know you got clients all over the world . "

"Mhm . I do . Will you be coming to the party on Saturday? I'll get Zhang to pick up a dress for you . "

"San said she's going, and my brother will also be there with his Selina . I won't be alone when you're busy . Also, I can take care of myself . "

"I know I don't have to worry, but no-one knows you're mine . I don't want anyone of these men speaking to you . Your fan Malon Nang will be there and he can be troubling . "

"Ha-ha if you see that then come steal me away . " Zunnie giggled and winked at him .

The two chatted on the way home about the party and Alex's trip to Milan .

When they got back to the condo Zunnie had fallen asleep . Alex picked her up and carried her to his condo . The moment he unlocked the door, the noise caused Zunnie to wiggle in his arms .

"Are we home?" She asked sleepily .


"Why didn't you take me to my place?"

"I like it when you sleepover and I'm going to make love to you right now," Alex replied and walked up the stairs to his room .

He placed her down gently and climbed over her .

"Darling, I think I should take a shower . " She mumbled near his ear .

"You took one before we left . You don't need it . "

Zunnie was in no position to reject him . He planted a kiss on her lips then whispered near her ear;

"I will protect you no matter what because through my eyes you are the only woman for me . You make me the perfect man when you're with me . Stay with me till we're grey and old . "

Tears trickled down from her eyes as she listened to the sweet husky voice whispering in her ear . She hugged him tightly and nodded furiously . Her heart pounded beneath her breast and she couldnt contain her emotions .

"Kiss me like it's your first, hug me like it's your last and make love to me as you've never done before because right now all I want is you . "

Alex kissed her and made passionate love to her . Zunnie felt complete like she was floating, and something seemed to be exploding within her when she and Alex climaxed together . A feeling she had never experienced .

Alex fell asleep between her naked breast while she combed her fingers slowly through his hair .