She Knew She Loved Him - Chapter 58

Published at 9th of April 2019 04:54:58 PM
Chapter 58

Zunnie arrived at the restaurant believing she was late; to her surprise, Sanua had not arrived . She chose a table and waited for her friend as she browsed through her twitter timeline . There was nothing interesting, so she closed the app and read emails instead .

There was an email from her secretary regarding the young boy who had vowed to remain silent . He had gotten into a fight in school and his mom had scheduled an emergency session Monday morning .

Zunnie furrowed her brow, a bit confused . He had been progressing during treatment and even though the words were still limited she had finally gotten him to speak . She tried to wonder what had gone wrong with him then replied to the message .

Just as she finished replying to the email Sauna walked in . She waved so Sanua could notice her .

"You look dashing . " Zunnie smiled and stood to hug Sanua .

"Thanks; I had to attend a fashion show earlier and got stuck answering questions . Did you have to wait long?"

"Don't worry it was not long . "

The waiter walked up to their table and took their orders . Sanua had chosen a fancy western style restaurant which both she and Zunnie would like .

"You know I have to ask again . Did that Victoria Bell show up?"

"Ah, no, but today someone else came to my office . You may know her, Tami Rougé . She claimed she went to the same school we did…" Zunnie said then recalled the incident she had earlier to Sanua .

"Ha-ha, she's brave . You were always in the library . I know of her . She was in class four . I remember hearing she had a huge crush on Carson Maule . You remember Carson . I brought him to you because he begged me . He confessed to you and you rejected him . You were pretty insensitive during our high school days . "

"I was not . My goals were more important . "

"Call it whatever you want . " San Chuckled .

"San sometimes I wonder if deciding to date Alex put a huge target on me . Do you think I did the right thing or I'm just blindly in love?"

"Honestly Zunnie boo, I can't really answer that for you . When you're in love it makes us do crazy things . It's not like Alex isn't crazy about you . Don't let these bitches get to you . They're on the sidelines for a reason . Next time call me . I need to practice my Kung Fu . Last time I fought was in college . " San replied and winked causing Zunnie to giggle .

"I will definitely call you if any of them show up . "

They ladies enjoyed a wonderful dinner and as promised Sanua had her limo pick Zunnie up for the party the following night .

Since she and Alex had not made their relationship public, they had agreed to go separately .

Zunnie stepped out of the Limo behind Sanua and everyone outside turned to look their way . Both ladies were wearing knee length dresses . San wore a white chiffon open lace back dress and Zunnie, an emerald sheath spaghetti strapped dress .

The ladies ignored the stares and made their way to the event room . When Zunnie walked in the first person she saw was Alex . He winked and smiled at her . Her cheeks turned red and she couldn't help smiling . Alex walked to her, pulled her into a tight hug whispered in her ear, "Hi beautiful," then quickly let her go .

As the party went on her eyes followed Alex everywhere he went . She admired how charming he looked . She saw women flirt with him but she remained unbothered because she trusted him .

A few minutes before the party ended, she was in the bathroom stall when she heard someone speaking about her . The voice was not one she was familiar with, so she quietly listened .

"I heard that the heiress of Bai Entertainment Corp has her eyes on Alexander Zi . Does she really believe that Alex will stay with her?"

"There's also a rumor going around saying that she bought his love by investing in his company . I heard that her dad went to Old Mr . Zi and asked for Alex to marry Zunnie Bai . If Alex agreed, then he would invest in their company's new project . " Another voice said .

Zunnie had planned to ignore them but when she heard that her dad had been dragged into the rumor, she gracefully walked to the sink and washed her hand .

"There is a saying, "Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools and believed by idiots;" which one are you ladies?"

"Men are ships and women are harbors . Even if Alex leaves, if I'm his harbor, he will always come back to dock, to me; because that's the type of women I am . " Zunnie turned her back, stepped out of the washroom and went to find Sanua . She really wanted to go to Alex, but he had been busy speaking to one of his father's good friends .

She had no idea why these women were constantly approaching her or gossiping about her . She had never met or been friends with any of them .

She wondered where the rumors had stemmed from and only came to one conclusion . The only one who knew she and Alex were married was only Natalia Omalu . Zunnie frowned and walked to where Sanua stood .

"Having fun?" Sanua asked .

"I am . " Zunnie left out the incident that occurred in the bathroom because she knew Sanua would want to ruin the women .

She seemed to be having a hard time not being next to Alex . Zunnie looked around the room to find Alex and saw him speaking to Natalia Omalu .

Zunnie smirked, took a sip from her wine glass . She went to find Sanua who was ready to head home . She left the party in high spirits even if she had seen Natalia flirting with her man .