She Knew She Loved Him - Chapter 59

Published at 9th of April 2019 04:54:57 PM
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Chapter 59

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A week had gone by since the party and Zunnie was once again very busy with three new patients . She had been keeping herself busy to not feel lonely, but it did not seem to be working .

Alex had left for a business trip in Milan the day before and wouldn't be back till Tuesday of the following week . Zunnie stared at the calendar on her desk as if to bore a hole on the date he was returning .

'Two more days!' She groaned internally .

She hurriedly packed up her bag and left the office . Today she had planned on visiting her favorite Thai restaurant . The old lady had sent her some fruits and vegetable earlier during the week and she wanted to thank her .

Since Alex was not home Zunnie took the opportunity to visit her and eat from her favorite place .

The drive had been a quiet one even though she listened to music . When she arrived, it was four in the evening, so the sun had not set .

Zunnie walked into the restaurant and was greeted by the patient she had previously treated; Mamo's granddaughter . Her face lit up when she saw Zunnie .

"Dr . Bai, I had no idea you were coming today . Let me get grandma . " The young girl said ecstatically and rushed into the kitchen .

She came back with her grandmother following behind her .

"Miss Bai, you're here . Come sit down . " The older madam pointed to an empty booth .

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"Good afternoon Auntie Mamo, I wanted to thank you in person for the food you sent . They were tasty . "

"Good, I will send you again . Cathleen's mother said we should send you some . The farmer gave us too much and they were starting to spoil . "

"Thank you, I loved them!"

"Ahh, you alone today . " She said noticing Zunnie came alone .

Zunnie blushed and replied that she would be dining alone .

A few minutes later, five delicious dishes were placed before her . She ate to her heart's content and was stunned she had eaten everything they had served her .

Before heading back to Una City, Zunnie chatted with her patient and asked her about high school .

"My grades are much better, and I've made three really good friends . I don't get bullied and I don't want to die anymore . Plus, my friends always stand up for me . Dr . Bai thank you for helping me build my self-confidence . My mom and dad are thankful as well, they don't fight as much, and my dad finally got a great job . Next time I'm in the city I will come to visit you at work . "

Listening to the young girl sitting next to her Zunnie's heart filled with joy . She loved hearing that her patients were doing great . She smiled and patted Cathleen's shoulder and said;

"Cathleen, I'm happy to hear that you're figuring it out . If you ever want to talk, come see me, okay . "

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On the drive back, she thought of the time she had visited with Alex . She missed him . Zunnie longed to see him but the only thing she could do was wait . She called him, but he did not pick up .

When she was closer to Lake-view Condos, her phone rang . It was Alex .

"Darling, when are you coming back I miss you . "

"I'm never coming back . " Alex joked .

"Did you find someone better than me?"

"Yeah, as a matter of fact, I did . I'm waiting for her to come back . Where are you?"

"Why do you care?" Zunnie pouted .

"Because I'm your husband and I need to know what you do when I'm not around . "

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"I'm almost home . I went to Thai Eats because I was lonely . Don't keep the person who's better than me waiting . Will see you when you get back . Don't let her touch you humph . "

"Ha-ha, are you jealous? Don't worry honey, only you can touch me . See you soon . "

"I am jealous, so what? I love you, Mr . Zi . See you in two days . " She blushed as she said it .

"Alex… umm darling, are you still there?" Her heart throbbed when he didn't reply .

"And I love you, Mrs . Zi . "

Zunnie cheeks turned pink, "So you did hear me . Thought you hadn't . I'm about to take the elevator . Eat properly and drink plenty of water . See you soon . "


Zunnie ended the call and stepped into the elevator . She really missed Alex and two days seemed like forever . When the elevator stopped on the third floor, she did not go to her apartment . Instead to walked to Alex's door, entered the passcode and walked in .

His familiar scent filled her nostrils . It felt like he had just walked in before her . Her heart skipped a beat as she rushed in hoping to see him inside . To her disappointment, he was not there . She sighed feeling foolish that she was expecting him to be there .

After entering every room to ensure Alex had not returned, Zunnie left the condo and walked back to hers . She had a solemn look when she stepped inside .

The lavender scent which usually welcomed her had been replaced by the fresh scent of yellow roses . Zunnie's heart started racing as she slowly walked to the dining room . A huge bouquet of yellow roses with a card attached, a box of white chocolate she always bought and a bottle of her favorite wine was on the table . She looked around to room for a face, but there was none .

She smiled, picked up the card then read it .


I Love You Always .


The surprise overwhelmed Zunnie and she couldn't contain her excitement . She immediately called Alex .

The moment he answered she said;

"Darling you never cease to amaze me, I love you too . Hurry and safely come back to me . "

"Did something happen?"

"The surprise you left on the table . The roses and chocolates…" She attempted to explain .

"I'm glad you liked it . Don't stay up late . Sleep well . "

"Mhm, bye . "

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