She Knew She Loved Him - Chapter 60

Published at 9th of April 2019 04:54:56 PM

Chapter 60

When Alex came back from Milan, Zunnie only saw him at nights . He would come home late at night and leave early in the mornings . The shopping mall construction among many other projects had been taking up most of his time . All she had to do was be patient .


Zunnie sat on the sofa reading notes from one of her new patients . She was engrossed in what she had been reading and did not hear him come up behind her .

Tonight, he was cooking her dinner at her request . She always enjoyed his cooking and whenever he came over she would ask him to cook .

Alex bent his body over the couch and wrapped his arms around her chest, cupped her breast then massaged them . Zunnie couldn't help herself and let a soft moan escape from her mouth . She turned her face towards his . His chin rested on her shoulder making it easy for her to find his mouth . She licked his lips as he continued to massage her breast wanting to ignite a sweet and warm feeling within her .

She ran her tongue over his lips to taste them and mumbled; "Hmm sweet . . . "

Zunnie seemed extremely horny today and he wondered why .

He had been surprised when she called him on her lunch break earlier to tell him she wanted him . Alex had rushed over to her office and tried to fuck her right there .

When he arrived, she had not expected him to come to her office . She had been way too frank with her words . Realizing that she had been too rash, Zunnie opted to have lunch with him since he had driven all the way to satisfy her urges . Alex made her promise to make it up to him and she only agreed if he cooked her dinner .

They had done it so many times that Zunnie became really good at satisfying his desires . She knew what positions he enjoyed and how to make him last longer . Feeling proud, Alex let her suck on his lips and kiss him until her neck began throbbing .

"Darling, my neck is starting to hurt . " She mumbled into his mouth .

"Uh hmm, did you just say, you're on top tonight?" Alex smirked and let go of her .

He had not expected her to take the lead and kiss him . Her actions sent erotic, electrical energy through him . His shaft stood erect . He really wanted to take her right there on the couch, but he was still cooking .

"No! I know you heard me correctly . "

Zunnie stood on the couch and wrapped her arms around his neck .

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"…but if you really want me to be on top I don't mind . " She whispered seductively in his ear .

Alex chuckled, "Where did you learn to speak like that?"

"Hmm, I wonder . " Zunnie kissed his cheek then let go of him .

"Should I be worried?" Alex replied in a serious tone .

"No, but if you let our dinner burn, you should be . " She pointed to the pot with pasta that was about to boil over .

"Ahh…" Alex rushed to the kitchen .

With his back to her, he had no idea she was staring at him .

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She stared at his every movement with lustful eyes . Seeing his tool was still erect, she licked her lips and climbed over the couch and walked into the kitchen . Alex smiled at her reaction after he caught her staring at his manhood .

She squeezed herself between him and the kitchen island and stroked his shaft while she locked eyes with him . He was not aware of her extracurricular activities and was impressed she was taking the lead tonight .

She had been reading this erotic romance novel and for some reason, she felt confident . Wanting to try what she read, Zunnie kissed Alex until his eyes were nothing but lust filled . She knelt to position her face to his lower body and pulled down his black sweat pants, freeing his erection .

Seeing what she was about to do, Alex pushed her hair behind her ear and ask;

"Honey are you sure?"

She took his shaft in her hand kissed it then looked up to meet his naughty gaze . Without replying, Zunnie pulled him into her warm mouth and tasted his juices . She repeated her actions causing him to moan and explode with pleasure . Alex had never been satisfied that way and relished the moment .

When she was done rewarding him orally, he pulled her into his embrace and whispered in her ear .

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"That was great, not it's my turn to taste you . " He turned off the oven wrapped his hand on the nape of her neck and kissed her passionately .

They made love until they were starving . Zunnie stared at him lovingly as she savored the scrumptious chicken parmesan and pasta dinner he had cooked for her .

Feeling her gazed he looked over to her side and grinned;

"Can we do that again, after dinner?"

Zunnie blushed and acted as though she had not heard him .

Alex was good to her even though she sometimes wondered if she was worthy of him . There was a bit of uncertainty as to whether she was talented enough to stand next to him and what her life would be like without him, but she trusted him . Her heart burned with love for him, for every inch of him . Even though she had doubts, Alex's affection overpowered it all . He always listened to her and expressed how he felt towards her .

Gazing at the man who took all her firsts she had no regrets . Zunnie knew deep down that the only person who could complete her had to be him .

It was at that instant, Zunnie Bai became cognizant of her love for Alexander Zi and how she truly felt about him . At that very moment, She Knew She Loved Him .