She Knew She Loved Him - Chapter 63

Published at 9th of April 2019 04:54:52 PM
Chapter 63

Zunnie's eyes were glued to the TV when he walked in . He was conflicted, and he hated himself for being overly empathetic towards women . His mom had taught him to take care of the women in his life as if they were his most precious design . Even though they were no longer in school, he would always help Talia because she was like his younger sister .

Alex had no idea how to explain to Zunnie what had happened earlier . He debated whether to tell her or not . He walked up to her and sat on the couch beside her and pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead .

"Darling you're home . Did you have a good time?"

"It was mind-numbing and no I did not have a good time because you weren't there," Alex replied unaware that she had been staring at him with a pensive look in her eyes .

"Are you sure you did not have a good time?" She pulled herself away from him and sat on the couch facing him .

Alex's heart skipped a beat . He could not bring himself to utter the words stuck in his throat . All he could do was nod his head .

"Ahh, I guess the perfume I'm smelling and the lipstick on your cheek, does not count as fun?" She glared at him her warm deep blue eyes giving a cold aura .

Alex could see her mood slightly changing . He had been so stunned by what happened with Talia that he had not noticed she was wearing lipstick .

"Let me take a shower first and I will explain afterward . " He replied and hurriedly got off the couch .

He knew Zunnie was patient and wouldn't jump to conclusions so all he had to do was tell her the truth . Seeing the cold look in her eyes, his heart shattered .

Taking Talia home should not have ended this way . He had been naïve, and he cursed himself as he stood in the shower . He knew she liked him, but he had been overlooking her and thought that the month he had not seen her, meant she had moved on . He had been wrong .

He stood in the shower and let the water run down his sexy well-built body calming his tensed muscles . He had no idea how long he had been standing beneath the shower head when he felt a pair of soft arms wrap around his naked waist from behind .

Alex's eyes lids flew open, revealing his amber eyes .

"Ahh honey, am I taking too long?" He asked and turned to hug his wife .

"No, it's only been three minutes . I got angry waiting, I thought I'd join you and help you wash up spick-and-span . So, tell me about the perfume and the lipstick . " Zunnie replied in a nonchalant tone as she began washing Alex's body .

He loved her and only her . Alex did not want to hurt her or cause misunderstandings between them and decided to tell her the truth .

"Talia came up to me at the party and asked for a ride home because her mom was tired and left earlier…" Alex felt Zunnie's hand pause when he mentioned Talia . He massaged her head and continued his confession .

" . . . I did not think about it and agreed since it was on my way home . She was tipsy and fell when she got out of the car . I went to help her to her door and she kissed me on the cheek when I helped her up . I left immediately after and came home to you . "

While she washed him, Zunnie had remained quiet .

"Honey, I promise you nothing happened . I was wrong for driving her home…"

"Where else did she touch you?" She cut him off and asked .

"My cheeks…"

Zunnie scrubbed Alex's body twice . Her actions causing him to grin . She was so adorable . Watching her, his heart beginning throbbing beneath his breast .

"Will you forgive me?" He asked and tilted her chin so her deep blue eyes could meet his for the first time since she had gotten into the shower with him .

"Darling husband, you can't help every woman in distress . You will get taken advantage of . Next time you come home like this I will not forgive you that easily . This is your first strike and you only get one!" She scolded him and hugged him tightly .

"I love you, darling wife . " He kissed her passionately and returned the favor by washing her before getting out of the shower .

As he dried her off he could feel his desires growing . He had tried to control them in the shower . He wanted her, but he had caused her pain and didn't deserve to have her tonight . Alex was thinking about how to make it up to his wife when he heard her say;

"Did you ever feel that warming feeling that you get in your body when you start to develop feelings for me? 'That feeling is actually all of your common sense leaving your body . ' I saw this on my dad's twitter . I trust you and the moment I felt that feeling I became stupid . Don't entertain the women who are constantly causing trouble for me . "

"I'm sorry honey . I will never cause you pain because I love you . Should I make love to you to remind you how much I love you . "

"Ohh, you're not sleeping over tonight . Get dressed and go back to your condo . "

Alex face dropped . He had no idea his wife could be this merciless . He got dressed and pouted all the way to his condo .