She Knew She Loved Him - Chapter 65

Published at 9th of April 2019 04:54:50 PM
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Chapter 65

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Zunnie's meeting had taken twenty minutes . when she stepped inside the lounge Nyo flashed her a huge grin .

"Zunnie sis, are we going now?"

"Mhm, come on . . . "

On her way to the Eyan's office, she and Nyo chatted . There was something about him that always made Zunie happy . He was a gleeful and talented boy and she adored him .

As she listened to him speak, Zunnie couldn't help wondering if the moment she spent with Nyo would change as he got older . She wanted to take him on a trip for his birthday, to allow her aunt some time for her wedding anniversary in January .

"Zunnie sis, I got this really cool painting I did for you . My mom forgot to bring it . "

"You, do . Thank you, sweetheart . I will take it when I drop you off . What do you want to eat for lunch?"

"Yes, it's good, my dad said you'll love it . Umm, can we bring brother Eyan?"

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"If your dad says I'll love it, then I love it already . I love all your paintings . Eyan may be busy . You can ask him if we get to see him . "

"Okay," Nyo replied and continued to gaze through the window .

Zunnie had just pulled into the parking lot at Bai Entertainment when her phone rang .

"Honey are you not going to invite me to go shopping?"

"Um, I had no idea you were being serious . Don't you have work to do?" She replied casually .

"I do but today I'm not really busy . Can I tag along?" He pleaded into the phone .

Zunnie sighed . Alex seemed desperate to make up for what had happened, but she had no intentions of going shopping with him . Truthfully, she really wanted to spend time with Nyo . He had called her crying earlier in the week and she hoped seeing her and Eyan and spoiling him would cause him to feel better .

His father was being hard on him because his water painting skills were not as good as what his dad wanted it to be . Even though she disagreed with his dad sometimes, there was nothing much she could do . She did understand that he was a renowned painter and wanted his son to follow in his footsteps, but Nyo was still too young . All she could do was take him out to have fun and support him with whatever decision he makes as he grows older .

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A worrisome expression appeared in Zunnie's eyes as she thought of Alex's question . Nyo acted shyly when he met new people and seeing he had not met Alex, Zunnie decided not to invite him .

"No, Alex you can't tag along . Today is for Nyo . "

"Where are you?"

"Nyo wanted to see Eyan, so we're at his office . Did you hear what I said?"

"Mhm; see you later . "

After she got off the phone, they took Eyan's private elevator to the top floor . She was glad he had not been busy because Nyo would have been disappointed . When the walked in Eyan got up and walked to Nyo and threw him over his shoulder .

"You're getting taller . Soon I won't be able to pick you up like this . " He grinned and sat Nyo on his desk .

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"Brother Eyan, you're getting old, that's why you can't pick me up . " He giggled .

"Oh, is that so?" Eyan replied as he tickled Nyo mercilessly .

The laughter filled the office earning a smile from Zunnie . After watching them play she left the office and went to find out whether her arch nemesis had been working . To her disappointment, Natalia was not in because it was her off day .

Zunnie was not ready to head back to Nyo and Eyan and decided to tour the company on her own . On her way down the elevator stopped and a handsome man stepped in . She had seen him before on the cover of a TechU magazine issue but had no idea who he was .

She politely smiled and nodded when they made eye contact . He smiled back at her and said,

"Miss Bai it's nice to finally meet you . "

"I'm sorry, I don't think I know you," Zunnie replied a confused expression in her eyes .

"Apologies, Carson Maule, we went to the same high school . " He said and extended his hand to shake hers .

"Oh, so you're Carson Maule . . . " Zunnie said still baffled that she had no remembrance of him .

"Yes, I am; do you remember me?" He asked her cautiously .

"I'm sorry I don't . I've heard your name a few times . "

"Ah, you really don't remember breaking my heart, that hurts . " Carson smiled and touched the area where his heart is .

"Please don't hold what I did when I was younger against me . I apologize for causing you pain . "

"I should thank you . What you said back then made me realized I had only been infatuated with your uniqueness . It changed my view on love and what it means to be in love with someone . "

"Really, you're uhh welcome . . . " was all Zunnie said before the elevator dinged and come to a stop .

When the elevator stopped on the first floor, Zunnie's eyes grew wide . Seeing Alex speaking to the person she had gone to look for, Natalia Omalu, an angry fire ignited within Zunnie . She clenched her teeth and jaw then walked over to where they stood .

"Miss Omalu, you're just the person I wanted to see . " She stopped next to Alex and lightly brush his arm with hers .

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