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She Knew She Loved Him - Chapter 83

Published at 9th of April 2019 04:54:30 PM

Chapter 83

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Alex pulled her to him and hugged her tightly . Zunnie felt like the luckiest woman in the room . Being in Alex's arms as he swayed to the music in the background filled her with love .

"What number did you have?" She asked him curiously . Thinking it was a huge coincidence .

"Ah, I don't have one . " His soft and husky voice said over her head .

"Then how come you're here with me?"

"That's because no-one is allowed to hold you like this except me . "

Zunnie blushed to his response; "Ha-ha you are greedy indeed . "

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Alex's confident and charming words sent her heart into sweet chaos . She pressed her body against his to show her approval . Her ear was resting on his chest and she could clearly hear his heart beating . The rhythmic thump, thump, thump was the most harmonious melody she had ever heard .

Zunnie closed her eyes, breathed in his subtle yet intoxicating scent and let him leisurely meander her body around the dance floor . She loved this feeling .

It was an innocuous, enchanting and contenting feeling and she didn't want it to end .

"How can I not be when you look so amazing tonight?"

"You're right . "

The music came to an end and her father's voice was heard again .

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"Ah, what a lovely tune . Everyone looks so beautiful tonight . Thank you for coming and Merry Christmas to all . I promise this will be my last time speaking so you can drink and be merry . "

Everyone in the room laughed and applauded .

"Many of you may not know that I am the father to two lovely children . A handsome young man Eyan and a gorgeous daughter Zunnie . I love them dearly and even though their mom is no longer with us, they have done beautifully . I must have done something right . " Her father chuckled along with the audience .

"However, tonight's occasion is to celebrate my daughter, Zunnie . She's a tough one alright . She's stubborn and constantly nags me about my health but I guess that means she cares . But this is not all that makes a father happy . What makes me as a father pleased is knowing my daughter is able to find someone to love her more than I do . What's important is seeing her smile and have grandkids I can spoil when she's too busy to care about me . Pumpkin, you will always be my little girl no matter who you love, papa will always love you . Let's welcome them . " Wan Bai continued speaking humoring the guests .

Zunnie had been listening, surprised that she was being celebrated . She had no idea what had happened or why she was the center of attention and it made her extremely anxious .

Before she could understand what was going on, Alex, removed her mask and escorted her to where her father stood .

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Alex took the microphone from her father when they got there and began speaking .

"Welcome everyone and thank you for coming to celebrate this special day with me and the Bai family . " Alex was still holding onto her hand as he spoke .

Zunnie had not entirely grasped what was transpiring . She quietly stared at Alex, wondering if he was about to do what she was thinking . She squeezed his hand to persuade herself that it was real .

Alex turned to face her and continued to speak .

"The things I'm going to say, you probably already know but today before the world and everyone in this room I want to tell you that you're the best thing that has happened to me . I want to share you with everyone and let them know we're happily married and show the world how amazing you are . When you meet someone who completes you, that unconditional love is so hard to contain . It makes you want to show them off and shout out to the world how much you love that person . I can't help myself anymore I want everyone to know she's mine and I love her . "

Zunnie blushed and nodded her head, ignoring the erratic movements beneath her left breast .

"I'm not a single man anymore, I'm married and this intelligent and beautiful woman next to me is my lovely wife . Everyone please takes care of us . " He kissed her and the crowd erupted into applause .

Despite the loud cheers and applause, a few people in the crowd were not pleased . The couple on the stage were oblivious to the anger and jealousy they had to awaken in a few guests .

Alex and Zunnie walked to the floor and people congratulated and wished them well .

Zunnie was basked in the moment when she noticed a pair of angry eyes glaring at her across the room . Her heart skipped a beat when she saw them . She turned to see who they belonged to and saw that they belonged to Natalia Omulu .

She furrowed her brow but smiled at Natalia, who didn't return a smile and that was fine with Zunnie . She excused herself and walked to where stood .

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