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Published at 12th of March 2016 10:11:44 PM

Chapter 8

The paved road that started outside of Silver Horn and led to the capital of the kingdom, Lunatic Lake, was surrounded by a forest. And currently, a single carriage was rushing through it; the wagon’s wheels and horses echoing in the distance.

Nicknamed “Thousand-mile Carriage”, that two-horse vehicle was only used in urgent matters to carry VIP personnel. This fact revealed just how much King Solomon wanted to see Mira, considering that simply picking up guests for a meeting wasn’t the original purpose of that kind of transport. The girl herself, even with all the shaking, was greatly enjoying that first experience of traveling in a carriage, exclaiming, “Wow, this is incredible! It is so fast!” while looking at the moving scenery from the window.

When it was still a game, she could simply use the Floating Continent to travel long distances. That option, however, wasn’t available anymore as the System entry in the menu was gone and, with it, the command to use the item. But even if that command were there, Mira had doubts on whether the Floating Continent would work or not in that world. Nevertheless, just as she didn’t want to worry about her current situation as a girl, Mira also wanted to forget any problem related to the game turning into reality, so she chose to enjoy herself for now.

Sadly for her, that joy was disturbed less than two hours after departing from Silver Horn. The young girl started to look a little fidgety and her eyes were searching all around her; an effect of the same physiological phenomenon she had challenged the night before. And this time it was especially bad, as the continued shaking in the carriage made the situation around her abdomen feel increasingly dangerous. Finally, believing she couldn’t endure it anymore, Mira snuck her head out to look at the coachman seat.

“Hey, is there any WCs around here?”

“Double cheese…?[1] I… don’t think so… is it some sort of food? We’ll be arriving shortly at Silver Wand, so you can just tell me what it is and I’ll gladly pick it up for you.”

“No, I am not talking about that… well, if you were to ask me, I would like something made with pheasant meat….”

“Pheasant… oh, chicken meat? Now that you mention it, we still didn’t have breakfast. Alright, leave it to me. We’ll be a little late for that meal, but we can finally eat after reaching the city.”

“Ahhh, forget what I just said! I am talking about WCs!!”

“Hummm…. I’m terribly sorry… I don’t think I’ve seen such food being sold in Silver Wand…”

“This is not about food! I am looking for a bathroom, toilet, restroom or whatever! Aaahh… stop here! I will find a good place behind a tree to just do it!”

“Ehh…? Ah… aah! That was what you meant!?”

If Mira were in her old body, she would probably be able to hold it for a bit longer; however, that wasn’t the case now. When her young body started complaining about it, the girl’s instincts warned her that she would soon end up wetting herself.

While impatiently poking Garrett’s back countless times and pointing at a proper spot in the woods, Mira urged the military coachman to stop. Promptly, the two horses simultaneously started to slow down their pace. But in the end, she couldn’t wait for them to stop completely and simply jumped out of the carriage, rushing for an appropriate point under a tree while rolling up the hem of her robe.

When the girl finally saw the bloomers that covered her lower body, her hands came to a stop. The legs, though, didn’t follow suit and kept fidgeting, her feet restlessly stomping the ground in a weird manner.

(Just how do I take these off!!?)

As if mocking Mira’s rushed efforts, the undergarment she was forced to wear blocked her from relieving herself. Simply put, the girl didn’t know how to safely remove it; an obvious problem, considering it was her first time wearing such kind of underwear and that she wasn’t the one who put it on herself.

The bloomers didn’t have any sort of strap or band to fasten them around her hips, but even if she tried to pull that undergarment down, it would stop at her hips. The situation was so bad it got to the point where Mira almost resolved herself to tear everything off. Yet, she had to drive away those thoughts, as the girl couldn’t possibly destroy something lent to her. Incidentally, more than anything else, she didn’t want to wet herself in those borrowed bloomers, a fact that only aggravated her impatience.

Mira even tried to stretch the sides of the underwear with her fingers while pulling down, only for it to end in another failure. Then, when her whole body felt like it was drenched in sweat, she happened to look at the portions of underclothing that her slender fingers were touching. That made the girl smile bitterly at her own panicked reaction from earlier, as she wondered why she didn’t realize something so obvious about the underwear.

Right around the lace, on the waist part of the bloomers, was a single string tied in a bow knot. If Mira had the presence of mind to think carefully and analyse her situation, she would find it in an instant, without any problem. However, with so many “first” experiences related to that new body of hers flooding her head, it was natural that the girl’s mind would forget to consider something so simple.

Once she understood how it worked, removing the underwear wasn’t a big deal anymore. And since Mira already felt she was an inch away from reaching her limits, she hurriedly untied the string, brought the bloomers down to her knees and squatted. What followed next was a supreme feeling of freedom as the girl greatly relieved herself.


After doing that act for the second time already, Mira was convinced that she had perfectly mastered her own body and its needs; a short-lived thought, as she quickly became aware of the blunder she just committed. When the young girl finished her business and stood up to bring her bloomers back in place, she remembered that women were supposed to wipe themselves there.

(How am I going to do it here?)

She didn’t have anything ready to use for wiping, not to mention any toilet paper. Just in case, Mira even tried to open her item box; but other than food items, there were only refining and raw materials inside. When she closed the menu, the girl started looking around her for any sort of thing that could work as a substitute for the paper.

In the middle of the forest, it was possible to hear the soft whispers of the animals; some of those revealed by the sunlight shining through the treetops. Finally, displaying their beauty on a clearing in the thick grass was an incredible variety of flowers. Then, after finishing that brief visual search around the place filled with nature’s gifts, Mira picked up a white petal from one of the huge flowers there, squatted once again and used it to wipe herself.


“Hey, sorry for having you wait all this time.”

Sounding somewhat spirited, Mira called out from behind Garrett’s back, just as he was greatly enjoying himself while caressing the horses’ fur.

“Oh no, it was my fault for not realizing what you meant earlier. I’m terribly sorry for that.”

Garrett reflected on what had happened before and quickly wore a serious expression on his face, subsequently lowering his head in an apology.

“Oh do not worry, really. I should have expressed myself better.”

The girl’s cheerful expression reflected just how pleased she was with the mental growth she achieved regarding her own body; consequently, upon seeing that, Garrett felt relieved and opened the door to the carriage for her.

“For now, let’s stop by Silver Wand to have our breakfast.”

“Alright, I am in your care.”

Finally, as Mira got inside the vehicle, the military man made sure to check the horses’ harnesses and then jumped on the coach seat.


About one hour had passed since the “WC” incident and the carriage was already approaching the City of Silver Wand without any problems. That last statement, however, only applied to the coach and not to the person inside it; currently, Mira was suffering through something she had never imagined would happen.

(What the hell is this!? Why is it stinging!? That hurts!!)

Mira was rolling on top of her seat in the vehicle, writhing in pain as a burning sensation she’d never felt before spread through her private parts. At first, the girl thought it was some kind of disorder peculiar to women, but as the pain gradually became unbearable, she finally decided to remove her bloomers to investigate what was happening there. And then the realization hit her.

(So it was poison… or something similar…)

The answer she arrived at was: the flower petal she used to wipe herself was poisonous. Mira couldn’t think of anything else that would’ve done that; there was no way that those symptoms would appear exclusively for women.

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After guessing the cause, the young girl opened her item box, trying to find anything that could help her. As she looked through the various items she had in stock, Mira finally took out a specific medicine that caught her sight.

Called 『All-Purpose Salve』, that recovery item was able to heal abnormal conditions and, to a certain extent, some injuries suffered by the player. While feeling a bit of reluctance to do it, the little girl crouched in the corner of her seat, looking almost curled up, and hoped with all her heart that the salve she just applied would show its effectiveness.

Soon after that, her prayers were answered and the poisonous flower’s effects were healed by the item’s anti-poison properties. Feeling relieved over that, Mira lay down on the seat, muttering a few words in response to everything she had to go through, “No more… please….”


Approximately ten minutes after the flower mischief, the carriage slowly came to a stop; followed by that, Garrett’s face appeared inside the vehicle.

“Mira-sama, we have arrived at Silver Wand. Shall we head to a restaurant? Or do you want me to go and buy something for you?”

Mira thought about her options for a bit and…

“Since we are here anyway, I pick the restaurant. Let us go together.”

Usually, she would’ve asked for the second option, but the girl ended up choosing the first one. To begin with, up until now most of her necessities were satisfied by the use of Virtual Reality; it was something so natural to her life that she rarely walked outside, under the sky. Mira had been living in the age when even work would be done via VR, much less shopping for goods, as they could be easily shipped to the person’s house.

However, the current world was different. The girl walked in a forest, met with other people and even felt the shaking inside of a carriage. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that it was the first time she experienced something so real and distinct from the convenient life she had before. And Mira was starting to enjoy everything there, even those same inconveniences, as she considered them essential to expand a person’s mind.

Motivated by that thought, the girl jumped out of the coach and looked at the vast, blue sky, determined to experience that brand world with all her might.


Silver Wand. It was a town situated in a valley close to a mountain range, standing right between Lunatic Lake and Silver Horn. The city was mainly known for the work done by its inhabitants in the fields of agriculture, forestry, mining and others in that area of expertise. It also worked as a stopping point, connecting the capital of the kingdom and the largest military power of the country together; because of that, another thing that flourished and made Silver Wand bigger than ever was the trade business.

Currently, Mira was in the parking lot of the commercial district of the city. On the vast lawn there, various carriages were parked and lined up against the stables. Usually, if a person wanted to leave their vehicle there, they were required to pay a fee; it wasn’t the case for the Thousand-mile Carriage, though, as that coach could park in the area reserved for the kingdom’s vehicles. In short, that special place could only be used by royalty, nobility and related VIPs to leave their carriages, free of charge.

As a result, it was perfectly natural for that parking lot to draw the attention of everyone in the vicinity. And especially now, the populace’s gaze was fixed on the young girl that suddenly appeared, bringing about an incomparable atmosphere with her.

With eyes that revealed complete confidence on herself and a beautiful silver hair that shone as she moved, Mira’s pale figure clad in a robe full of ribbons stunned everyone who gazed at her. Or rather, simply exchanging looks with that girl was enough to make them forget how to speak.

Mira, trying to relax herself, did a long stretch while looking up at the sky, enjoying the scenery of the surrounding mountains. From the corner of her eye, she noticed a bird flying freely and chased after it with her sight, only to get distracted again by many others that suddenly took flight out of various spots in the florest. As her eyes followed them, the girl herself didn’t notice, but she kept spinning her own body to keep up with all the nature around her.

While able to somehow hear Garrett finishing the formalities from parking there, Mira brought her gaze down after finally noticing the strange mood that was set in her surroundings; in order to not meet eyes with the others, she turned to face the patch of grass she was standing on.

(They are looking at me. It must be because of the clothes… I am sure they are laughing and thinking of how weird these are…)

Her current appearance completely resembled that of an anime character and was definitely at odds with what would be considered fit for someone living in a fantasy world. But that was just the impression Mira had and, as she tried to run from everyone else’s gaze, Garrett finally finished his talks, returning to the girl’s side.

“My apologies for the wait, Mira-sama. Now, what would you like to eat?”

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Not letting go of that opportunity, Mira listened to the military man’s question while hiding behind his larger frame and replied with a simple “What do you suggest?”; the only thing she wanted right now was to leave that place, so anywhere else would do. With that in mind, she urged Garrett to move by pushing his back.

“Well then, let me guide you to one of my favorite restaurants.”

That scene of an impatient young girl pestering the military man for something was a lovely sight to see, simply because they closely resembled a parent and his daughter together.

After leaving the parking lot, Mira and Garrett went through an alley from the main street, finally arriving in front of a building that served as both a restaurant and an inn.

“Here we are. It’s a bit small but I can guarantee that the food is delicious.”

The girl looked up at the wooden establishment. Painted in big letters on the swing door was the place’s name, 『The Corner of Twilight』. Apparently, that western-style entrance allowed one to easily perceive what was happening inside the shop; however, because of Mira’s height, she could only see its ceiling from outside.

“Oh my, how rude. It’s been such a long time and the first thing you do after coming back is to call the place, ‘a bit small,’ huh…”

All of a sudden, the two heard a woman’s voice sounding from behind them. When they turned their heads, a woman in around her twenties was standing right there, holding with both hands a basket full of goods and glaring at Garrett. Despite her seemingly plain appearance, given by the chestnut hair that stuck out of her kerchief and reached shoulder-length, she was a beautiful woman altogether. Embroidered on the woman’s white and blue pinafore was the name 『The Corner of Twilight』, revealing that she worked at the restaurant.

“Why, hello there, Shelly. Long time no see.”

“And put ‘long’ in that. Geez, you should visit us more often… wait a moment, who’s that cute little kid with you!?”

After letting her basket down, Shelly moved her sight to Garrett’s side and took notice of the young girl trying to look up at her; instantly after, as if it was completely natural, the woman placed her hand on Mira’s head and started rubbing it.

“Wha—! Hey, stop doing this!”

As she brushed off Shelly’s hand, the girl concluded that the shop worker in front of her was yet another one of those that would only treat her as a kid. For that reason, Mira chose to hide behind the military man, using his body as a shield.

“Oh my goodness, she’s soooo lovely!!”

The way that little girl acted, suspiciously observing Shelly from behind Garrett’s back, only made that woman’s maternal instincts grow stronger.

“She is Mira-sama.”

“Hmmm, I see… so your name is Mira… what a cute name, Mira-chaaan~”

The shop worker’s expression softened even further as she slowly shortened her distance between Mira.

“Shelly, that’s enough, Mira-sama doesn’t seem to be liking this.”

“Yes! He is right!”

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While still hiding behind Garrett, the young girl expressed her agreement to what the man had said. Although that scene fueled Shelly’s outburst even more, she didn’t have any intention of being hated by that cute kid in front of her; because of that, the woman decided to restrain herself with all her might.

“Hey, hey, Garrett… what are you and Mira-chan doing together?”

Trying to fix her mellowed expression, Shelly straightened her face and looked at Garrett with inquisitive eyes.

“I’m in the middle of escorting her to Lunatic Lake, but we still didn’t have breakfast.”

“And then you decided to come here. Well done.”

The shop worker picked up her basket of goods and opened the swing door, guiding both customers inside.

“Okay then, since the counter is still empty you’ll have to wait for a bit… hum? Mira-chan? Are you still mad at me?”

Feeling a bit of regret, Shelly observed Mira, who was still wary of her while walking closely behind Garrett.

“Oh no, I don’t think that Mira-sama is the kind of person to get mad at something so trivial.”

And he was absolutely right, the girl wasn’t angry at all; she just felt terribly embarrassed by being treated like a child. However, after seeing the desolate expression the woman had on her face, Mira moved out from the military man’s back as her feelings of guilt won over the desire to stay hidden.

“At least do not treat me like a kid, alright?”

The girl only said a few words. But to Shelly, they were just the words of a kid trying to act like an adult. As a result, this time she succumbed to the urge of hugging Mira with everything she had.

“I can’t take your cuteness anymore, Mira-chan!!”

As soon as the woman said that, she threw out both her shopping basket and reasoning altogether, jumping at the girl in front of her. Then, upon receiving such honest display of love, the now tightly squeezed Mira couldn’t force herself to shake Shelly off; “Oh well, whatever… suit yourself…” was the only thing she managed to mutter as she sighed in defeat.


TL: Names and Info

↑ The dialogue here was a bit tricky to get the right meaning translated into English. Basically, Mira said “厠” or “Kawaya” (Toilet), but Garrett understood it as “カワ屋” or “Kawaya/Kawa-ya”, roughly meaning “(Fried chiken) skin shop”. That kind of food is usually sold in Japan, but it’s not THAT common for a shop to be named after it. In the end, Garrett simply thought that Mira wanted to eat in that kind of restaurant.

千里馬車 – Thousand-mile Carriage (Literally, “Thousand-ri Carriage”, also based on the “thousand-mile horse.”)
万能軟膏薬 – All-Purpose Salve (Universal/Perfect Salve)
夕暮れの街角亭 – The Corner of Twilight (or Dusk/Evening)
シェリー – Shelly

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