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Chapter 12

The lunch made by Asbar and Zeff was like a full-fledged meal from a restaurant and not fitting this location they were in.

Satisfied with the meal, Mira sipped some after-meal tea and took a deep breath. Her expression was like that of a elderly man calmly enjoying his retirement.

“You know, this place, see, it feels really comfortable. Even though it’s a dungeon.”

Zeff muttered while rolling around.

“Speaking of which, this was a dungeon, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, so it was. How do I say it, I wonder what’s up with this place?”

Hearing Zeff’s words, Fricca and Asbar too, had once again grown conscious that this was a dungeon and asked the same question. However, there was no one who knew that. Mira did not know what meaning was there behind this place either.

“Now, my business here is done. I guess we can go back now, mm?”

Mira drank the remaining tea all at once, then acting just the opposite of Zeff who was lying around lazily, she stood up.

The objective she came to the ancient temple for was to confirm whether Soul Howl was here, and that was complete. In the end the person himself was absent, but instead she acquired hints regarding his possible destination. Therefore, there was nothing left to do here and such she started making arrangements to go back.

“Yup. Let’s do so. Even if it’s safe here, this is still the lowest level of a dungeon.”

Emera who had finished cleaning up after the meal, had reseated the sword on her waist.


“True. Let’s go.”

“And up we go.”

Along with Emera’s words, other members also stood up and started to confirm their weapons while groaning and stretching themselves to loosen their bodies. Takuto quickly stood up and immediately secured the position next to Mira.

Then, Mira and others left the large white castle and headed for the stairs leading to the upper levels. Just like when they descended, the sixth level was lit up by the crystals of light and seeing the entirety of the cave was not a problem.

“Hm, wasn’t something there?”

Zeff said and stopped, then stared towards the lake. This lake had a round shape looked like it was gouged out from solid rock with a spoon and had reflected the light of crystals back up, glittering.

“You must be seeing things. There is no monsters, and not even curious adventurers come here.”

Asbar said while looking at the lake. In fact, it was possible for light reflecting from the lake surface to cause such a misunderstanding if one did see it with the corner of their eyes.

However, his personality aside, Zeff was a scout. If he said there was something, then the very least of caution was necessary.

“Hm-mm. Just as Zeff says, there’s something here.”

After hearing Zeff’s words, Mira used 《Life Sensing》 to check the surroundings of the lake. There, she found an actual response. However, even though she felt it, she was unable to tell what was it. The only thing she could tell was its position and size.

On her guard and hiding Takuto in her own shadow, Mira glared the lake.

“Hey hey, what the hell is there in a place like this?”

“What do you mean by something, there’s no monsters in here, right?”

Asbar pulled out the large hammer from behind his back and poised it. Emera unsheathed her sword and pointed towards the lake.

A moment later, the surface of water has started to sway unnaturally. Emera and others grew nervous feeling an abnormal presence. If it was something that had an ill will, they could not show their backs to it. To confirm it, Asbar and Emera took a step towards the lake, and at that moment——


Along with the sound of explosion that felt similar to radio noise, a large pillar of water rose up from inside the lake. The pillar of water reflected light of crystals randomly, and immediately after, a black shadow leaped out of it.

It flew straight towards them and descended in front of the party.

“This guy is...what is the meaning of this…?”

“No way...why in a place like this?!”

Asbar and Emera raised their voices in response to the identity of the shadow.

It was completely black. Although it had physique similar to that of a human, its surface felt inorganic and the twistedly-swollen arms had hands with four fingers equipped with claws shining black. The face looked like a noh mask and had no nose, just eyes and mouth twisted creepily. Finally, the most characteristic part were its twisted two horns, as well as bat-like wings extending from its back.

This existence was similar to that of the ones who had caused the world to fall into chaos ten years ago.

“No way...why is a Devil1…"

“They were supposed to have been wiped out ten years ago…"

Zeff’s eyes were filled with shock as he muttered. Fricca too, had opened her eyes wide as she stared at the black, abnormal creature.

“What’s the meaning of this. Why is there a Devil here?”

Mira immediately summoned a Holy Knight and ordered him to guard Takuto, then while staring at the Devil, she said “go hide in the castle", and pushed his back.

It appeared Takuto felt the disturbing atmosphere as he quietly nodded and went back to the castle together with the Holy Knight.

Devils. They were an existence that was said to be an absolute enemy of humanity. The Defense of Three Gods’ Countries war from ten years ago was caused by Devils who led an army of Demons which became a war with humanity’s survival at stake. As a result, humanity had won and Devils had perished, that’s what they thought. However, in front of them there was without a doubt one of them, a Devil.

For just an instant, the seal on the woman seen in the castle appeared in the back of Mira’s head. Maybe this Devil had something to do with that. However, since the details of the seal were completely unknown, there was no way to prove this possibility.

Devils unlike many monsters, had been an existence on different level. Therefore, when it was still a game, it was only possible to meet them during missions for the main story in the Three Gods Countries.

“To think I would meet humans in such a place, how fortuitous of me. You shall become a splendid offering.”

At the same time a muffled voice sounded as if spoken inside water, a large scythe had appeared in the Devil’s hand.

Being exposed to clear hostility, Emera’s and Asbar’s expressions distorted.

“Damn!! He wants a fight after all!”

While uneasy, Zeff took out his short swords and took a low stance. Behind Emera and Asbar who were on their guard, Fricca has been already preparing a spell.

As everyone hurriedly prepared for combat, Mira stared at the Devil. A Devil appearing in the sixth floor of the ancient temple. It was the first time this happened, and inspecting the enemy seen for the first time was something that became a player’s second nature.

“Hmm… earl of 3rd rank, huh. So, what do you guys think? Can you fight him?”

Back when this world was still a game, the weakest one was a baron of 3rd rank who had strength equal to a player who just climbed up high enough to be considered high-ranked. From the bottom up to this Devil’s rank there were baron, viscount and earl, and he was earl of 3rd rank. If one based the strength on that, he would require at least a party of six high-ranked adventurers to beat.

“An earl, huh…"

Asbar had seen the appearance of this opponent, a Devil, before. When he was still a newbie adventurer, black clouds covered the sky. Falling from them were groups of Devils. Even now he could clearly recall it. Adventurers being trampled over, among them there were people to whom Asbar looked up to. Now, was he stronger than those adventurers back then?

After thinking up to that point, Asbar shook his head to shake of this question he posed to himself. In any case, there was no escape.

“I don’t think we are even equal. If we’re ready to suffer casualties, then it’s another thing.”

He answered while keeping an eye on the Devil, his expression turned into a painful grimace. Then, he suddenly recalled the sight of heroes sweeping Devils from the town, the backs of those who possessed power beyond humans.

“Hm-mm, I see.”

Mira looked between Asbar’s expression twisted with frustration and Emera’s expression in her sight. From the looks of it, she grasped that the Devil was a too harsh an opponent for just four of Écarlate Carillon’s members.

(“I have yet to use my full strength since coming to this world…")

Back when it was the game, Mira had the experience of beating up to a Duke of 3rd rank. However, that was when it was still a game and she had all equipment and medicine prepared. Right now, she had yet to get used to reality and had given some of her equipment to Cleos so there were reasons for concern.

She was full of anxiousness. Having little experience in combat in this reality-turned world, she had yet to resolve herself to fight battles with her life at stake. Mira herself thought of slowly getting used to this world. How much could her skills reach, how would this new body respond. She planned to take time investigating it.

What Mira had now, was the experience and skill she had gathered up when it was a game, just the knowledge. Based on this alone, for her as one of the Nine Sages, the Devil in front was not an opponent strong enough to be wary of.

“You guys get back. I will take him on.”

She said in low, strong voice and stood in front of the poised two.

Although they knew each other for a short time, there was no doubt Emera and others were good-natured people. If she acted like usual, she could protect her comrades. Wishing for that strongly, Mira resolved herself.

“But the opponent is a Devil. I know you’re strong, Mira-chan…but!”

“Agreed. That Alfina swordsman, to summon her you need time, right. At least let us buy that time.”

Emera gasped and Asbar clenched the hammer more strongly as the two spoke to Mira who faced against the Devil. However, Mira did not turn around to the two as she said “Looks like there’s no time for that!” and summoned a Dark Knight in front of herself. Immediately after that, a sound of metal clashing against metal sounded and the repelled air had spread like ripples along with impact.

Momentarily, the Devil’s scythe was swung right in front of Mira, but was stopped by a large sword that was thrust to stop the the scythe’s trajectory, and received all of the destructive power.

“This is…!!”

As he witnessed this sight, cold sweat poured down Asbar’s forehead. Emera who was unable to respond in time was only able to point her sword an instant too late. And this contact made the two realize the Devil’s true strength.

“You guys get back!”

Mira once again warned Écarlate Carillon’s members.

“But then…"

It would mean that adults left all combat to someone who was still a young girl, not only Emera but also Asbar was unable to just nod to that. However, this opponent was not someone against whom they could fight against, and even if they became a decoy they probably would not be able to last for any longer than a minute. That is what the two realized from that one strike.

“You two, let’s go back to the castle!”

“That’s right, that will be for the best!”

As Emera and Asbar took two steps back just to stop, they heard voices from behind. When they turned around, they saw Fricca and Zeff with impatient expressions signalling with hands to get back.

But, the moment Emera and Asbar wanted to say something.

“If we stay here Mira-chan won’t be able to fight at her full strength!”

Fricca said as if screaming. She could see it, the swelling power of the Devil who stood there like a revenant, being covered by the enormous magic power flowing from Mira.

Accepting Fricca’s words, the two once again turned around. Without saying anything Mira only glanced at the two and although it was faint, she put on a brazen smile as she nodded.

Seeing this small, big back, the two realized it was just as Fricca said.

“Sorry, Missy. We leave it to you!”

“Mira-chan, if you can’t win then get back right away. I will do something and stop him here!”

Leaving their will, the two had rejoined Fricca and Zeff, then ran over to the castle. Asbar who had turned around once more, saw the appearance of past heroes overlap with Mira’s small back.

“No way, is it.”

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He muttered and thinking that he was being carried away by the atmosphere, he switched his thinking back.

“Flounder all you desire, at any rate, you cannot escape of me, you puny humans.”

Spilling out a creepy laughter, the Devil had forcibly brushed away the crossed weapon that resisted him along with a loud sound, then glanced at the Dark Knight and leaped away. Although it was not the Devil’s full power, it was still a strong blow and as such, he acknowledged the Dark Knight who was able to receive it, was a suitable opponent for him.

“Let us start by introductions, strong one. I am Wolft Vein Varnales, a Soul-Hunting Knight.”

Turning formal, the Devil stared at Mira to judge the distance between them and respectfully paid homage to her. Wolft was a Devil who was also an earl, and had the pride of a noble. Although, from a human’s perspective a Devil’s pride was heresy, and they were unable to understand it.

“I’m Mira. As you can see, a Summoner.”

Mira had pointed at the Dark Knight with her gaze and facing against Wolft from the front, returned a greeting.

“Kukuku, a Summoner. In which case, the moment I cut down that knight it’s all over.”

The moment he said that, Wolft kicked off the ground and leaped, then matching his entire body body weight and gravitation he delivered a blow at the Dark Knight. That moment, along with a blunt sound of metal there was a sound of something crumbling.

It was the sound of the ground caving in. The black knight raised his longsword above and blocked the strike of the scythe, but the ground was unable to withstand the powerful blow, and the ground beneath black knight’s legs had crumbled.

And due to that the black knight’s posture broke, which was something Wolft did not miss.

At almost the same moment he landed on the ground, he rotated his body, and using centrifugal force swung the scythe horizontally. The groaning blade pierced sharply into the belly of the dark knight who lost his balance, and the Devil’s raw power was turned into impact which blew the black knight away with ease.

“With this the knight protecting princess is gooone!”

Rotating along with fierce centrifugal force he instantly turned around, and twisting his face with delight, Wolft swung the scythe at the girl like an executioner.

However, what the black blade pierced was an inorganic rock. The girl who was there a few seconds earlier, left behind a mirage and disappeared from Wolft’s sight.


【Daoism - Heaven: Refined Impact】

In the instant the Devil turned his head around, Mira had sneaked under him and smashed a Daoist spell into him. The attack refined from multiple Impact Waves had struck Wolft’s belly while he was completely off guard, and rampaged with violent waves.

(“Hmm...well, it’s so-so.”)

Wolft’s expression twisted and along with a intense sound of bursting, he was blown away to fly in the air.

Still maintaining the Devil in her sights, Mira lightly squeezed her fist as she pondered over the flow of combat just now, confirming things. There is almost no difference in combat, that was what Mira felt with that fist.

Although there was a difference in her reach, that could be covered by stepping in half a step further when attacking. And thanks to her body becoming smaller, it was easier for her to slip in under someone. That was the analysis Mira had made with that one contact.

The number one thing that made her anxious was the physical difference due to the world turning real instead of a game. Things like air resistance and other natural phenomenons that could not be calculated, major differences in space itself. However, they were not something significant enough to cause problems with her movements.

And above all, thanks to her five senses being very clear, she was able to feel the presence and flow of air with the entirety of her body which caused her intuition to give very sensitive reactions.

The very basis of Mira’s strength were the many and varied techniques that she has acquired and compiled together to turn into strength, as well as the experience and her own skills she had gathered.

And what made her gather all those factors, was nothing else but Ark-Ars Online itself.

That game was realistic to the point of lacking common sense, and had a world that was affected by players to an impossible extent.

Even right after the game just started, people with experience at martial arts or kendo rankers were capable of fighting middle-class monsters and other players just by using their own body to beat them. Therefore, it was a system that not only made people stronger, but also improved their real skills as well.

In fact, the powerful warrior who fought against monsters using his own fists, player called the Fist King Kojiro managed to turn from being a complete amateur into someone who was capable of entering a national karate tournament and win a high place in the ranks. Although, he did eventually lose due to his lacking physique.

And therefore, Mira who was capable of close combat as Daoist, was also on a level where her skill alone was enough to allow her to participate in the world of martial arts.

Indeed, it was more than enough. If she acted like she always had, did what she always did, she could fight against the Devil without a problem.

Mira repeated a deep breath and focused herself. Recalling herself back from when it was still a game, she overlapped that on herself of now.

“Girl, what did you do?!”

Twisting his body in mid-air, Wolft descended on the ground and raised his voice with irritation as he glared at Mira.

“I just touched you lightly. Don’t lose your temper like that, brat.”

Mira could feel the sensation from back when she was Danbulf flow back into her. At the same time, a smile naturally spilled onto her face. This pleasant nervousness was to Mira a very familiar sensation.

“Don’t get carried away, little girl!”

Seeing Mira smile back at him fearlessly, Wolft exposed his anger. At the same time, the black scythe burst into crimson flames as if responding to his anger.

Swinging the large scythe upwards, Wolft charged in. The flaming slash which made use of his body weight and speed roared eerily as it cut through the air.

Mira avoided the attack with just her footwork. Immediately after, the trajectory of the flames changed and once again assaulted her.

However, that pursuing attack was once again enveloped by a mirage, and at the same time, together with the sound of impact Wolft slipped on the ground.

Standing in front of the Devil who glared at her wordlessly, Mira only stared back at him, raising the corners of her mouth slightly.

“You have my gratitude, thanks to you it appears I’ll get my condition back.”

Wolft who assaulted her was a mass of violent brute force which Mira received with mirages and counters. Possibly from nervousness, Mira took overly big movements as she avoided, but every time they exchanged attacks it, she gradually optimized them.

She had the skill that had permeated her body and the experience that backed it up, both of which turned into her strength. Returning to her form, Mira saw the scythe pass by in front of her by a paper thin difference and naturally threw her fist in the gap in Wolft’s defense.

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“Damn you, how insolent!”

Getting poked time after time, Wolft had finally reached his boiling point. He was being toyed with by a small and very young opponent. The fact that he, a noble of superior race that were Devils, had been getting one-upped by a human in a one against one combat had started to crumble Wolft’s pride.

The slash that he released with all of his body’s strength while greatly twisting the scythe, had been effortlessly avoided by Mira.

After passing by, the great scythe that pierced into the ground while releasing crimson flames, that moment Mira immediately entered a posture for attacking. Retaining the momentum she moved around the Devil and kicked the back of his knees that were protected by the black skin. With this impact, Wolft’s attacking posture broke and Mira was able to ran up his back to hold his horned head with her right hand.

【Daoism - Earth: Crimson Grasp】

As Mira concentrated her consciousness, her palm shone with red light and explosive flames burst from it in the direction where her fingers pointed to, as if intent on destroying Wolft’s head.


Flicked onto the ground, Wolft rolled around before holding his burnt head as if to protect it. Finally, his eyes were filled with flames of madness.

“Hmm...looks like attacks won’t work unless I use a spell after all.”

The fist that Mira had used to punch the Devil’s body had been stopped by his skin surface that was like a strong carapace, which almost completely negated the attack. And it was not just that, her fist was red and throbbed with pain. However, this was just natural as she had passed her equipment for close combat strengthening to Cleos, so her current bodily strength was no different from that of a normal spellcaster now.

Daoism had many techniques that raised muscle strength. Right now Mira was covering that with her high magic power, but still, having low muscle strength made her attack power to be lower than expected.

Originally, the Daoist class’ combat style was a combination of normal blows and Daoist spells, only then it displayed its true worth. For that sake, Mira had received lessons of martial arts and continued to practice it. However, right now her normal blows did not affect the enemy.

【Daoist Mystery: Shingan2】

Now that Mira had recovered her senses from back when she was Danbulf, she closed her eyes lightly. And when she slowly opened them again, her pupils grew even more blue, becoming more a far more vivid shade of blue than the sky.

The Daoist Secret Technique, Shingan. When activated, other than increasing all of the user’s abilities, it had also increased effectiveness of Daoist spells and was one of Mira’s trump cards.

Mira’s swelling magic power had reached the eyes of Fricca who was looking at the situation from the castle. She had reflexively fell on her butt upon feeling the pressure coming from Mira, she felt her consciousness almost sinking in the torrent of magic more powerful than anything she felt before.

“What happened, Fricca?”

Emera asked while extending her hand to Fricca who suddenly staggered.

“Mira-chan’s atmosphere changed. It’s even stronger, even...deeper now.”

Still staring at the location Mira was in, Fricca suddenly stood up. Seeing Fricca so different and hearing her words, everyone caught their breath.

Mira’s battle with the Devil had been growing even more intense. Although Wolft had been furious, he managed to recover his reason and clad both of his arms with black flames as he attacked in waves with his flaming scythe.

When the scythe was swung down and Mira avoided it, the black flames burst to pursue her.

In order to resist the black flame, Mira activated 【Daoism - Earth: Wind Clad】 and with her both hands clad in wind she repelled the black flames that had pursued her before slipping in beneath the Devil to deliver a palm heel strike. Immediately after that, the power of wind she was clad in was released to create a storm of turbulent whirlwinds and vacuum that blew Wolft several steps away.


However, acting as if that was nothing, Wolft stepped in forward deeply and twisted his scythe to slash upwards. Even the wind attack did not damage him enough to stop his attacks and he sharply slashed through the storm, leaving a trail of flames right in front of Mira. Furthermore, before he even finished raising his scythe completely, Wolft extended his hand and attacked with black flames.

“Hooh! Not bad, brat!”

Crossing her both arms and using the wind they dwelled, Mira received all of the flame before fixing her clear blue Shingan eyes at Wolft.

“Little girl, you intend to mock me further?!”

Shouting with anger, Wolft leaped backwards. His magic power immediately swelled and proportionally to that, the flames on his arms had covered his entire body before gushing forth towards the ceiling.

“I will not take you as part of the gifts. You shall turn into cinders right here!”

The blazing flames had converged in no time and enveloped the Devil’s entire body. Looking like a black sun, Wolft roared even more intensely than his flames and charged forward like a bullet.

“Crumble away to dust!”

The great scythe had been dyed black with the black flame and shone dully. Mira clearly grasped the Devil’s movements with Shingan, he raised the black scythe upwards and shattering the ground beneath with his steps, he approached quick as a bullet.

“I refuse!”

At the same time as she released 《Refined Impact》 Mira used 【Dao Way - Movement: Shukuchi】 to close the distance between her and Wolft in an instant.

The multiple-layered impact wave that followed slightly after her had peeled off the part of flames that Wolft was clad in and halted his momentum slightly. That opportunity was the best chance for attack for Mira.


Due to another 《Refined Impact》 delivered at close range, the black flames covering Wolft had been completely scattered and thrown high into the air. However, even though he made an anguished expression, Wolft managed use his wings to stop himself and did not receive large amounts of damage. It must have been because Wolft’s fighting style focused on attacks had come from the fact that he was confident in his defense. It was also a fact, that the surface of his body possessed toughness matching his confidence.

“Little girl...just how much will you…!”

Even if her attacks did almost no damage, being played around with as she wished to by a human child, made Wolft furious inside.

Gritting his teeth with hatred, Wolft glared at the ground. However, the sight in front of him made his body freeze all at once.

【Dao Way - Movement: Sky Striding】

Moving up as if she had been walking up the stairs, Mira had approached right in front of the Devil’s eyes.

“Curse youu!”

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He would not make it in time if he swung the scythe. As such, Wolft held the handle of the scythe and swung it up at the closest distance to sweep her away. Mira avoided this desperate attack by leaping even higher, then looking down at Wolft’s while still facing behind him, she put a hand on his head.

Although her skirt was lifted up and everything from her thighs to her belly could be seen, Mira did not care about that in the least as she concentrated her consciousness on her hand.

“How about, this?”

【Daoism - Earth: Furious Grasp】

At the same time the spell activated, a lump of impact waves had appeared inside Mira’s palm and becoming an unstoppable wave, rampaged to blow away Wolft’s head. Because of the overly violent torrent of power he was blown away, then unable to stabilize himself in the air he smashed into the ground.

A sound of rock crumbling had spread and an instant later, Mira descended on the ground. Her eyes were fixed at the black Devil crawling out of the debris.

“To think that there would be a human like you.”

Although the Devil received two high-powered Daoist skills, he did not appear to have received any serious damage. His toughness alone, was aberrant no matter how one looked at it.

(“To think there would be a Devil this hard, mm.”)

However, Mira was not bothered as she continued to capture the Devil in her sight.

“It’s useless! I feel nothing! Attack of such level will not affect my trained body!!”

Wolft howled in order to retain his will. Daoist skills in fact did work on him. However, Wolft himself did not feel them strong enough to endanger him.

“It was a good match. But it’s about time to end it.”

【Hidden Daoism: Magan Release】

After saying so with gratitude in her voice, Mira released a special power.

Her right eye was dyed black and her pupil color had changed into golden. It was an odd eye containing evil magic, shining like a sinister moon on a pitch black night sky.

With that eye fixing its sight on him, Wolft felt himself be pierced with just the gaze alone and was covered in powerful feelings of dread. Sensing an aura of a superior being from Mira, he unconsciously trembled.


Wolft raised his voice and cladding the scythe with all of his black flames, pointed it at Mira. However, the instant after that, the large scythe slipped out of his hands and Wolft had finally realized the change in his body.

(“This is...nghh...paralysis?! Insolent, impudent!!”)

【Daoist Eyes: Evil Gaze of Paralysis】

The opponent stared down with Magan had been affected with paralysis and further, was being destroyed from the inside, it was one of the highest class Daoist spells. The requirement for its activation was to capture the opponent in one’s sight for a certain amount of time while Magan was activated. The reason why Mira had landed in a position quite a little distance away from the Devil was to widen her field of vision around him.


“As expected of a Devil, huh. It appears it won’t hold him for long.”

Fingers, arms, shoulders, Wolft was gradually released from the paralysis. All Devils were highly resistant against abnormal states, but Mira was capable of paralyzing him despite that thanks to her great amount of magic power.

Of course, she was more than aware of this fact.

She simply wanted to keep him in spot for just a moment.

Although Mira blew away Wolft multiple times and overwhelmed him, she had trouble with his excessive hardness. It would take her a quite some time to shatter his armor with her own power.

“But it’s all over now.”

The next instant after Mira said so, a terrifying presence appeared behind Wolft making him stiffen and he reflexively tried turning around. However the effect of paralysis had yet to been released. Although he grit his teeth hatefully, seeing a black blade suddenly protrude from his chest he opened his eyes in shock.

“… Impossi...ble…"

Gritting his teeth as black blood spurted from his mouth he resisted paralysis and turned his gaze behind himself and then, his expression was dyed with shock.

There, were black knight’s red wavering eyes, the one whom he had supposedly cut down right after the battle had started.

Although she was not capable of delivering effective blows with her fists, Mira’s Dark Knight’s blow had sharpness that had far surpassed that. Still, because Wolft’s body was very hard, it was necessary for the black knight to gather strength for an attack to pierce him. That was the reason for using paralysis.

“Wh...y...since...when… This…"

“There is no way my Dark Knight would be defeated as easily as that.”

Mira calmly walked up to him. Every step of hers engraved her ensured victory on the ground.

“To think...I would be this.”

“I told you right at the start, haven’t I. I am a Summoner.”

“ true.”

Standing right in front of Wolft, Mira stared at him with both Shingan and Magan. Staring back in those eyes, Wolft smiled faintly. His expression said that he accepted that he fought and was defeated by a truly powerful enemy, and he paid his respects.

The Dark Knight pulled out the great sword and poised it to the side.


Along with the last words, Wolft’s was beheaded by the black knight. The black blood stuck to the blade splattered to become a black spots on the ground which would not disappear.

The black body fell to the ground as if leaning forward. Snuggled up beside it, there was Wolft’s head looking up to the heavens.

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